What Questions Are You Asking?
Creating more possibilities
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It's been a while since I've written, but while I've been teaching and coaching, I've been thinking a lot about common perceptions and beliefs about work that drag people down. The focus seems to be on questions like:

How can I keep up with the workload and accomplish what's important?
How can I manage stress and have work/life balance?
How can I find a well-paying job that I enjoy?

These sound good, but I think it's time to move on to something better. What else is possible that we haven't imagined yet? I believe there are possibilities we could create if we start asking different questions. Here are some examples:
  • How could my day turn out way better than I expect?
  • What if I could make more money being me and doing what comes easy and is fun (not how much time I put in or how hard I work)? 
  • Where could I be a contribution and have a great day today?
  • What would change if my definition of work meant, "Play with a focus or goal that I get paid to do?"
The cool thing is you don't have to have an answer. In fact, it's better NOT to try to figure out an answer. Just ask these questions and notice what happens.
Want to read about an example? Visit my blog for the latest post involving 10 ducklings and a quick-thinking employee.


I look forward to sharing more soon.



Meanwhile, what would it take for you to have a 

wonderful holiday? :)


Live well, 

Christine Gust, MBA
Doctor of Naturopathy
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