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  • Greetings!

    On Wednesday, January 21st, at 7pm, Alaska Center Acupuncture will present a FREE 1-hour class on Midwifery.

    For thousands of years we've been giving birth without intervention. Come learn a bit about the chemical and physiological call and response of this process. We'll explore what we can do to support ourselves so that our bodies can do their most creative and efficient work during:

    • Pregnancy
    • Labor
    • Birth
    • Postpartum

    Following the presentation there will be plenty of time for questions and answers about natural and home birth so bring your questions.

    Please pre-register for this presentation by calling Alaska Center for Acupuncture at 745-8688. There are only a few spaces left, so call early.

    About the presenters: Rinn Mandevillle, CDM, CPM and Rebecca McKimmey, CDM are midwives licensed by the state of Alaska to attend out of hospital birth. They look forward to serving the community here in their recently opened office in Palmer, MotherRoot Midwifery & A Natural Beginning Midwifery. They can be reached at www.naturalbeginningsmidwifery.com or at 746-2212.

    For a printable flyer to hang in your office or forward to friends, please click the link below:

    Midwifery Presentation at ACA

    Pregnant Belly

    Sam and Kevin Upcoming Performances
    Folk music

    Sam and Kevin will be singing and playing guitar in two shows next week. We will do a 15-minute set for the Anchorage Folk Festival at UAA on Sunday, January 18th at 1:30 pm at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. On Monday, January 19th, at 7pm we'll be doing a 30-minute set at Vagabond Blues in Palmer.

    If you missed our performance in August, now is your chance to see the new, improved version. Our new band name is: Alpha Helix.

    To learn more about the Anchorage Folk Festival and Folk week - and to find the full schedule of events - click the links below. We hope to see you there!

    Anchorage Folk Festival

    Folk Festival Main Stage Schedule

    Folk Week Schedule

    The folk festival also features a variety of music education workshops - so come check it out!

    Workshop Schedule

    The Future of Healthcare
    Doctor's Office

    Back in December on KSKA, Line One host Dr. Thad Woodard did an interview with filmmaker and Oregon Emergency Physician, Dr. Paul Hochfeld. In Health, Money and Fear, a film about our Health Care System, directed, produced and edited by Dr. Hochfeld, he insists our health care system should be more about health and less about profits. Why does it cost so much? What does it say about us? And what can we do about it?

    Click the links below for a link to the Line One Interview as well as Dr. Hochfeld's site.

    Line One Interview with Dr. Hochfeld

    Health, Money and Fear - A Film About Our Health Care System

    Frontline, on PBS, also did an excellent hour-long review of healthcare systems around the world. The program follows T.R. Reid to five different countries while he tries to determine why the US is number 1 in healthcare spending but ranks 37th in quality. You can watch the whole movie on Frontline's homepage.

    Sick Around the World

    Letting Go of Myths About Aging and Decline
    Old Surfer

    Our traditional ideas about what is possible as we age are ALL outdated. Watch in this video as a 90-year-old Okinowan woman climbs trees.

    Getting Old in Okinowa

    If your goal is to live a full, healthy life into your 80's and 90's - the choices you make right now will determine if you can fulfill this dream. Check out this BBC documentary on longevity.

    The link below is for Part 1. Once the video loads, you will see links to the right for Part 2, 3, 4 and 5.

    How to Live a Long, Healthy Life, Part 1

    Community Announcements

    1. First ever singles night at Turkey Red in Palmer! Meet, mingle and make new friends in a casual relaxed setting. Come with old friends and leave with new ones!!!

    Saturday January 24th, 7pm to 9pm, $20 per person includes a drink and tasty tidbits.

    Turkey Red will also be hosting a Spanish Wine Tasting. Specialty Imports will be presenting a selection of Spanish wines

    Saturday February 7, 2009, 7pm - 9pm

    Sample both the fine wines& exotic tapas in a relaxed informal setting.

    Seats are limited, so buy your ticket Today - $30

    550 S Alaska ST, 100, Palmer AK 99645

    Turkey Red

    2. Winter Boot Camp at Anjali Yoga Studio in Wasilla Jump start your new year with Yoga!! Join Joanne for 6 days, January 12th-17th. We will rotate between Hot and Vinyasa Class every morning, Mon.-Sat. from 7:30-8:45 a.m. Cost: $75.00 plus tax. Pre-registration and payment needed to secure your spot. Space is Limited.

    Rise and Shine Yoga Invigorate your mornings with a flowing 'vinyasa' yoga class. Join Joanne for 4 classes Tue. and Thurs.January 20, 21, 27 &29 7:30-8:45 a.m. Cost: $48.00

    The Anjali Yoga room is located on Main St. in Wasilla below Cederholm Insurance. Contact info:

    Anjali Yoga Room Website

    373-YOGI (9644)

    3. Birth Video at Life Family Chiropractic in Wasilla - Life Family Chiropractic will show the video "Orgasmic Birth" on Tuesday, January 20th at 7pm. :

    To learn more about the video, visit:

    Orgasmic Birth

    For more information on this event, call Life Family Chiropractic at 907.373.HEAL or visit their website:

    Life Family Chiropractic

    4. Gluten Free Breads at the Red Beet Bakery! - The Red Beet recently opened a bakery upstairs from their restaurant. And, they offer a selection of gluten-free breads. Great news for all those people who are going wheat free and gluten free in their diets. We have tried their breads and they are fabulous! Call before you head over to find out what's available. The Red Beet also offers a daily fixed price menu for lunch. Selections change every day - you can join their email mailing list for news on the menu of the day. The Red Beet now offers delivery service.

    The Red Beet is located at 320 E Dahlia Ave in Palmer 745-4050

    5. Fresh USA Grown Organic Produce and other Organic Natural food and non-food items available in the Mat-Su Valley.

    Please call Ludie at: 715-8254 for more information.

    Ludie is the moderator for the local yahoo group Wolf Lake Wellness - formally the Green Parenting Alliance. This group is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to to learn more about locally available food, organic food, local alternative and complementary medicine, local schools, local cooking classes and much more. Ludie has also compiled lots of useful links on the site.

    Check out the group at:
    Wolf Lake Wellness

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