Tips for Winter and Solstice Treatments at ACA )
December 2008


In nature, Winter is the time for stillness and restoration as well as for concentrating and building resources.

At some point today, take a moment to notice the silence and power of Winter. As the darkest and shortest days of the season approach, it is important to spend some time honoring the wisdom of Winter.

The Chinese would say that time spent in the Winter months in meditation, contemplation, and restorative activity directly relates to the quality of potency and creative energy that will be available to us in the Spring.

This directly contrasts with the fast pace of the Holiday season. Thus we often see patients in our office in January, February and March with exhausted immune systems and frazzled nerves wondering why they keep catching every cold that's going around.

The secret to having a fantastic Winter and a productive Spring is is simple: Spend some each day time doing NOTHING!

Please click the link below for an article we wrote for the Frontiersman about self-care tips for Winter:

Wisdom for Winter

We'd also like to invite you to schedule a Winter tune-up treatment in the next few weeks. As we approach the Solstice, the acupuncture points that help to cultivate the powerful restorative aspects of the Winter have the most potency that they'll have in the entire year RIGHT NOW.

If you are feeling worn out, overwhelmed or stressed, please take advantage of the season and give us a call at 745-8688. We'll help you to turn things around.

We hope you and all your friends and family have Peace and Joy this holiday season!

Best Wishes!

Sam and Kevin


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