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FREE Class at Alaska Center for Acupuncture August 2008
Acutonics Workshop
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  • Greetings!

    On Wednesday, August 20th, from 7 - 8pm, Alaska Center for Acupuncture will present a FREE class on Acutonics with Guest Speaker Renee Howard, LMT

    Sound, music, rhythm, resonance and harmony are found within the universe and our bodies. Many philosophers, theologians, alchemists, mathematicians and astronomers have dedicated their lives to uncovering this mathematical, musical universe and its relationship with our human experience and physical well being. Designed by an Acupuncturist and classically trained Musician, Acutonics help attune the human body through sound vibrations. This system of Healing incorporates gongs, bells, bowls, specifically calibrated tuning forks and music, in conjunction with the meridian and chakra systems of the body to access greater states of internal balance and harmony.

    Please join us in a lesson of the healing art of Acutonics by hearing about:

    A brief history of the cross cultural uses of sound for healing
    Harnessing "Music of the Spheres" - What is Acutonics?
    Frequency and its effects on your body right down to the DNA
    Practical applications of sound healing in everyday life
    A group Acutonics "attunement" and meditation

    Please pre-register for this presentation by calling Alaska Center for Acupuncture at 745-8688 Space is limited, so call early!

    About the presenter:
    Renee Howard is a Certified Massage therapist in Palmer. She works out of her own office "Body's Wisdom Healing Arts" and also Soaring Crane Natural Health. She can be reached at 745-0264 or at bodywisdomart@live.com. She practices an Integrative style of Massage Therapy which incorporates Deep tissue, Swedish, Acutonics, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, and Polarity therapy. Renee was educated at the Heartwood institute in California and immersed in a year long, bodywork centered community specifically focused on Nutrition, Asian Healing Arts, and Holistic Health. A life-long Alaskan, Renee believes the purity and untouched wildness left in Alaska presents itself as one of the greatest healing tools left to draw from on earth.

    For a printable flyer to hang in your office or pass on to friends and family, please click the link below:

    Acutonics Flyer

    Tuning Fork

    Hiking Photos from Devils Pass Trail - July 2008

    Click the link below for photos of our hiking trip from Devils Pass to Cooper Landing last weekend.

    Devils Pass Hiking Photos - Sam, Kevin and Friends

    The trip is about 27 miles long and took three days. We stayed in a cabin at the top of Devils Pass and another one at Juneau Lake.

    It rained all of day one, and we couldn't get the stove at the Devils Pass cabin to work, but it sure was nice to end the day inside and dry! Cabin camping is the way to go.

    For more information about this hike which connects to the Resurrection Trail, check out:

    "55 Ways to Wilderness in South Central Alaska" by by Helen D. Nienhueser and John Wolfe Available at Fireside Books:

    55 Ways to Wilderness

    Community Events and Classes

    Lots of great community events and classes are going on in the next few weeks. Check out the links below to learn more. Please contact the the person listed on the individual flyers if you have questions.

    Special Events and Classes at Yoga in the Valley:

    Stress Management 101 - Turn Your Stress Into Bliss
    Wednesdays July 30th -Sept. 17th 6:15- 8:45pm

    Stress Management Flyer

    Spiritual Retreat - Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Labyrinth Walk & Sacred Dance
    August 22nd -August 24th - Friday eve., Saturday and Sunday

    Spritual Retreat Flyer


    4th Annual Renewable Energy Fair
    Sponsored by REAP - Renewable Energy Alaska Project
    Saturday, August 9th, 11am-9pm Memorial Block at Delaney Park in Anchorage:

    Renewable Energy Fair Flyer


    The Green Parenting Alliance is offering a Cultured Vegetable Class - Learn how to make your own cultured veggies at home!
    Wednesday, July 30th - 2pm or 6pm

    Cultured Veggie Flyer


    Summer Plant Workshops with local herbalist Stella Lyn:

    In the Midst of Chickweed - Get star- struck by the profound healing power of a (seemingly common weed). After you take this class, you'll never look at Chickweed the same way again! For example, did you know that Chickweed is a great herb for weight loss?

    Learn more on Saturday August 2nd from 11:00AM- 1:00PM or Sunday August 10th from 1:00PM- 3PM

    Each class costs $45 per person, which covers the cost of materials used in medicine-making.Classes will be held in Palmer at Stella's house. To register and get directions, or for a complete list of class descriptions send a request to Red Moon Rising at artemis@mtaonline.net or call 746-1353.

    The Truth About Coffee

    This is a gorgeous picture, but it's probably best to admire the coffee and NOT drink it. Follow the link below for a recent article about what the coffee industry does not want you to know:

    Where Starbucks Went Wrong

    Arctic Organics
    Arctic Organics Farm

    Organic Veggie Alert!! In the summer, we get our veggies from Sarah and River Bean of Arctic Organics. They are located on 1305 N. Smith Road in Palmer.

    Phone: 907-746-1087
    Email: Beans@alaska.com

    Arctic Organics features fresh produce available on Fridays at the farm from 5pm-7pm and subscription vegetable service in the summer as well.

    They are also at the Anchorage Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-2pm on Cordova Street and 15th Avenue

    Click here for Directions to the Farm

    Arctic Organics in the news:

    Photos and Audio Commentary - 2006

    Fun Link - Amazing Martial Arts Video

    Check out this YouTube video of choreographed martial arts fighting. The two guys in the video hardly seem to touch the ground:

    Amazing Choreographed Fight

    You can find more by searching for "choreographed fight" on YouTube

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