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FREE Class at Alaska Center for Acupuncture July 2008
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    On Wednesday, July 23rd, from 7 - 8pm, Alaska Center for Acupuncture will present a FREE class on Superior Nutrition with Guest Speaker Dr. Amy Chadwick, ND.

    Food is something we eat, talk about, study, grow, hunt, gather, buy, worry over, prepare, cook and enjoy. As humans, food plays a much larger role in our social structure, our families, our personal enrichment and our thoughts than any other mammal on Earth. As such, food can be a daunting topic. We no longer intuitively know what foods will nourish our bodies. Instead, we study nutrients, discuss ethics, mass produce, advertise, and spend a lot of time worrying about what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it. Not every person is benefitted by the same foods. Some foods, especially fabricated or manufactured foods, are potentially harmful.

    Dr. Chadwick will discuss:

    What constitutes good food
    What habits contribute to healthy eating
    How our food can truly nourish our bodies, minds and spirits.

    Dr. Chadwick will be sharing with you her philosophy on food - how we can sort through all the science, the nutrition, the labels and the advertising in order to find food that promotes health.

    Please pre-register for this presentation by calling Alaska Center for Acupuncture at 745-8688 Space is limited, so call early!

    About the presenter:
    Amy Chadwick, ND is a Naturopathic Physician and owner of Soaring Crane Natural Health Center in the heart of Palmer. Amy works with patients of all ages and stages of life and disease acting as a witness to the healing journey inherent in each person. She uses lifestyle changes, nutrition, bio-therapeutic drainage, homeopathy, flower essences, cell salts and herbs to bring about deep, lasting changes in a person's well- being, and encourages healthy choices for a lifetime. Amy enjoys sharing her passion for Natural Medicine and an alternative paradigm on health with her patients, her friends and her community. Amy can be reached at 745-3999 or by email at amy@soaringcraneclinic.com

    For a printable flyer to hang in your office or pass on to friends and family, please click the link below:

    Superior Nutrition Flyer

    Colorful Veggies

    Time for a Summer Tune Up!
    Summer Fun

    Every Alaskan knows what Summer is about: FUN, FUN, FUN and more FUN! According to Chinese medical theory, Summer - associated with the Fire Element - is also nature's season of growth and maturation. It's time to take the creative ideas that bubbled up in Spring and bring them into fruition or maturity. This is just like nurturing tiny plants and seeds into nourishing produce that can be harvested and used to sustain us throughout the rest of the year.

    Summer is also about re-connecting with our friends and family as well as forging new interpersonal connections in our lives.

    According to Chinese Medicine, individuals achieve health by creating dynamic harmony both internally and externally. Just as we strive to maintain our health and well-being via diet, exercise, rest and stress management, it is equally important to observe what is happening all around us in nature. Humans are not individual, isolated units - we each have our dance to play in the cosmos.

    As Alaskans, this comes acutely into awareness as some of us struggle to get good sleep with all the extra light. This time of year, many people come into our practice feeling sleep deprived, anxious, or over- stimulated. In fact, there is a sort of intensely manic energy in the air as we strive to get EVERYTHING done in the short but brilliant Alaskan Summer.

    In fact, the Chinese say that balanced energy in the summer has to do with the transformation from the anxiety driven, "gotta do it now" scattered mind-set, to something that they would call "propriety." Propriety is not uptightness, or "miss-manners" type etiquette. Rather it's about the ability to be present to exactly what is going on in the moment, RIGHT NOW.

    If you are completely focused in the present moment, you won't be wasting any precious energy worrying about what you should be doing or what you could have done yesterday. Propriety is also a state of being where you are so in tune to the currents moving around you that actions become effortless. It's clear in every moment what is called for, and there is no internal struggle about what comes next.

    Since we have just passed the Summer Solstice on June 21st, the acupuncture points that help us align with the energy of Summer will have the most POWER that they have all year round. Every one of our patients receives great benefits when we treat these points as close to the height of Summer as possible. If you want to manifest your potential this Summer, and get prepared for the next change of seasons, then it would be great to get in for a tune up treatment some time in the next few weeks.

    We hope to see you soon!

    gratitude heart

    Thank you for your continued referrals! Our Acupuncture Center has grown substantially this year and we've had the privilege to serve many more folks in the Mat-Su Valley and beyond. We want to truly thank you for helping us get our message of empowered, holistic, self-care out into our community.

    Please take a moment to read through some letters from our patients to see the impact your referrals have made.

    Alaska Center for Acupuncture Testimonials

    We are never too busy to help you and your friends and family. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email if you have questions about specific health conditions and acupuncture treatment.

    Phone: 745-8688
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    Summer Reading
    more summer reading

    What if you absolutely had to change? Could you do it?

    This month's book recommendation is:

    "Change or Die: The Three Keys to Change at Work and in Life" by Alan Deutschman

    Excerpt from a recent reveiw of this book:

    Change or Die. What if you were given that choice? If you didn't, your time would end soon-a lot sooner than it had to. Could you change when change matters most?

    This is the question Alan Deutschman poses in "Change or Die", which began as a sensational cover story by the same title for Fast Company. Deutschman concludes that although we all have the ability to change our behavior, we rarely ever do. From patients suffering from heart disease to repeat offenders in the criminal justice system to companies trapped in the mold of unsuccessful business practices, many of us could prevent ominous outcomes by simply changing our mindset.

    A powerful book with universal appeal, "Change or Die" deconstructs and debunks age-old myths about change and empowers us with three critical keys- relate, repeat, and reframe-to help us make important positive changes in our lives. Explaining breakthrough research and progressive ideas from a wide selection of leaders in medicine, science, and business (including Dr. Dean Ornish, Mimi Silbert of the Delancey Street Foundation, Bill Gates, Daniel Boulud, and many others), Deutschman demonstrates how anyone can achieve lasting, revolutionary changes that are positive, attainable, and absolutely vital.

    Click the links below for more information about this book:

    Change or Die - Purchase at Fireside Books in Palmer

    Change or Die - More information at Amazon.com


    As acupuncturists, we have been fascinated with this topic. Why do some people make lasting changes in their lives, and why do others choose to play out the same destructive life patterns over and over again? Why does the fear of the unknown often trump the knowledge that what's being done is flat out not working?

    Besides exploring the "why" issue, Deutschman's book actually lays out the steps of how to make lasting changes in your life and work. He says, "think of change as what you do to remain successful and keep growing, not as something you'll have to do when things go downhill. "

    In our practice, we are often confronted with this issue in the context of helping people let go of habitual, destructive or otherwise harmful behaviors. Some people believe that if they can just find the right magic bullet/pill/therapy etc., their problems will be readily solved without them having to make changes.

    Admittedly, it looks easier to go for the quick fix (mostly from pharmaceuticals) instead of working dilligently towards meaningful, long-lasting change.

    But if you have been tempted to go down this road, read the following article about Chantix - the supposed new "wonder drug" to help people quit smoking. This is one man's story of his not-so-wonderful experience on Chantix:

    This is My Brain on Chantix

    Arctic Organics
    Arctic Organics Farm

    Organic Veggie Alert!! In the summer, we get our veggies from Sarah and River Bean of Arctic Organics. They are located on 1305 N. Smith Road in Palmer.

    Phone: 907-746-1087
    Email: Beans@alaska.com

    Arctic Organics features fresh produce available on Fridays at the farm from 5pm-7pm and subscription vegetable service in the summer as well.

    They are also at the Anchorage Farmers Market on Saturdays from 9am-2pm on Cordova Street and 15th Avenue

    Click here for Directions to the Farm

    Arctic Organics in the news:

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