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November 2006
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  • Welcome to the Fall/Early Winter Edition of our Newsletter!

    According to Chinese Wisdom, Fall is the season for letting go of the old to make room for the new. It's a great time to clean the garage, throw out some ancient clothing or let go of one habit that has been getting in the way of your ability to live up to your potential. A practice we recommend to all of our patients in the Fall is to take stock of where you are, where you want to be and figure out what you need to let go of to get there.

    Fall is also the time of year to remember that the most valuable things in life are often the least substantial. As we head into the holiday season with the inevitable media-generated focus on materialism, it's helpful to ponder what we find to be most important aspects of our lives.

    Do you know what inspires you? Do you know that right NOW is the only moment you have - that the past and the future only exist as ideas your mind? Do you know how to live each moment as though there will never be another one like it? In our experience, health (or lack of it) is directly proportionate to the amount of presence people bring to their daily lives.

    With that in mind we offer some thoughts, recommendations and suggestions for the next few months. If you want to find out about how acupuncture can help you to bring a renewed sense of presence and purpose to your life, please call us at 745-8688 or visit us on the web:


    Kevin and Sam

    FREE Stress Reduction Workshop

    FREE Stress Reduction Workshop

    On Wednesday, November 29th from 7pm-8pm we will be offering a FREE workshop on Stress Reduction for the Holidays at Body in Balance Physical Therapy.

    For many people, the holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. It’s even more challenging to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep with all the added pressures of the season. Since it’s a well-documented fact that too much stress is the underlying cause of almost all of our modern diseases, NOW is a great time to give yourself a gift and commit to reducing stress in your life. Come join us for a lively discussion about stress, what it is, what it does in your body and how to moderate its effects. Participants will come away from this workshop with the knowledge and tools to begin to effectively manage stress, including the following information:

    1. Determining how stress affects your body uniquely 2. How to tell the difference between good stress and bad stress 3. Simple exercises and techniques to counteract stress 4. Resources – books and websites - to learn more about how to take control of the stress in your life 5. The role of acupuncture and exercise in managing stress and more.....

    Pre-register by calling Alaska Center for Acupuncture at 745-8688 or Body in Balance Physical Therapy at 746-0722. Space is limited, so call early!

    To view the flyer, please view the link at the bottom of this article.

    And our upcoming FREE January workshop will once again feature local herbalist Stella Lyn, speaking about herbal approaches to cancer prevention. Check back on our home page for more information on this workshop in the near future.

    Cold and Flu Season Again

    Cold and Flu Tips

    It's that time of year again when everyone is coming into the office with stuffy noses, sore throats, coughs and sneezes. If you are one of those people who suffers from frequent colds and flu, acupuncture can help boost your immune system so you don't get sick as often.

    If you are already a patient, call us at the FIRST sign of a cold or flu. The moment you feel the tickle in your throat or something doesn't feel quite right is the time to get in. Colds and flu are much easier to treat with acupuncture if we can get to them at the beginning of the illness. In many cases, we can help you to either not get the cold at all or at least have it move through your system faster. And if we can't get you an appointment, we always stock Chinese herbs that are fabulous for kicking out colds.

    If you can't get in for a treatment, don't forget to review our articles on colds and flu. We have detailed some of our best tips and tricks to dealing with colds and flu. Click the links at the bottom of this article to learn more.

    Considering a flu shot? You might think twice after reading these articles:

    6 Ways to Avoid the Flu

    Why I Never Get Flu Shots

    For those of you who missed Stella Lyn's fantastic workshop on preventing colds and flu with herbal medicine last month, don't panic. Stella is available for private consultations, so give her a call at 746-1353.

    Cold and Flu Article from the Frontiersman 11-10-06

    Fall Recipe

    Apple and/or Berry Cobbler

    Looking for a dessert that is easy to make and has no white flour and limited sugar? Then our seasonal recipe is for you. If you have a food processor, you can make this dessert in about 10 minutes. The recipe is from "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig. Visit the link below to view the recipe:

    Food Processing - What you may not know about your food

    Food Processing and your Health

    As most of you are aware, we are big proponents of people taking personal responsibility for their own health. While there are some aspects of our lives that we have no control over, what we chose to put in our bodies is absolutely under our control and one of the most important aspects to maintaining health. If you eat a lot of packaged, pre-prepared, restaurant or fast foods, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to take charge of your health. Click on the links below to learn about what is actually in some of common foods most americans eat. To learn more about what constitutes a healthy diet (not what the media is telling you) click the link at the bottom of this article to visit the Weston Price Foundation.

    Dirty Secrets of the Food Processing Industry


    Kevin and Sam in England


    As promised, here are a couple of links to photos from our trip to Northern England and Scotland last month. The first link is to our photos, the second is our cousin Erron's photos. Also for those of you interested in learning more about Hadrian's Wall, a link to the national trail site and the tour company we used:

    Sam and Kevin's Photos

    Erron's Photos

    Hadrian's Wall National Trail

    Sherpa Tours - Hadrian's Wall



    View the following links when you need some inspiration and perspective. The first link will literally help you to "see" differently. You will definitely want to watch the short video. The second link puts an interesting spin on failure. This comes wiith an audio commentary as well. Lastly, a movie rental recommendation. "Click" is perfect when you need to remind yourself of the preciousness of living the journey rather than holding out for the destination. If you ever find yourself wishing your could just "get through" some aspect of your life and move on to the good parts, this movie is for you. (Note: This is an Adam Sandler movie, which means you should expect some low brow humor - don't watch if you are easily offended.)

    Seeing with Sounds

    Failure is a Good Thing

    Click - the Movie

    Locally Made, Fresh Baked Bread
    Stonehill Bread

    Stonehill Breads

    Stonehill Breads are made from organic flours. The vegetable breads use organic vegetables when available. Other ingredients include Kosher salt, organic eggs (for glazing), live yeast culture, and cold pressed olive oil. Breads are made by hand.

    We do weekly, subscription bread orders. Orders have to be a minimum of two loaves per week. Our standard bread is Swedish Whole Wheat made from an old family recipe, brought form Sweden and passed on to Jay through his Mother. A specialty bread will be substituted for one loaf of whole wheat at our discretion (it's a surprise!) when we do specialty baking. This happens quite often, but not every week. Specialty breads include our veggie breads, cheese breads and herb breads. A weekly subscription is 4.50 a loaf (9.00/week), paid in advance monthly.

    Those interested in Stonehill Bread can call 745-7071 or email stonehill@gci.net to purchase a Bread Subscription. For a higher price we can do special standing orders for wheat-free bread such as all rye, rice, oat and so forth. We also will do single, bulk baking special occasions: a minimum of six loaves is required.

    Stonehill Breads are made locally by the owners of Stonehill Gardens, Jay Erickson and Sally Koppenberg. Sally co-authors the Dirt Diva gardening column with Brooke Heppinstall in the Frontiersman Newspaper.

    Community Announcements

    Coal Mining Lease in Chickaloon

    The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority has leased 22,600 acres around Chickaloon to a Canadian coal mining company, Full Metal Minerals, Inc., for $4/acre/year. The land is to be used for coal exploration. According to an ADN article, most Chickaloon residents do not want coal mining in their community. Read the full article at the link below. A link to the Chickaloon Community Council website is also included. This site has a list of who to contact if you would like to voice you opinion on this situation.

    Chickaloon Residents Protest Coal Exploration

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