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October 2006
  • FREE Workshop on Cold and Flu Prevention
  • Locally Produced Goat Milk for Sale
  • Beautiful Chalet Home Available to Rent for Winter
  • Greetings!

    Alaska Center for Acupuncture has returned from a fall break. We will be sending a link to view pictures from our trip to Scotland and England in our upcoming e-newsletter.

    Many people find that the transition into the winter months can be challenging with shorter days, changing schedules, holiday planning and greater susceptibility to colds and flu. If you want to sail through the season with less stress and greater focus, give us a call to schedule a seasonal tune-up treatment.

    Kevin and Sam

    FREE Workshop on Cold and Flu Prevention

    Local Herbalist, Stella Lyn, will be offering a FREE workshop on Preventing Colds and Flu with the wisdom of traditional herbal medicine. The workshop will be held at Body in Balance Physical Therapy (next door to Alaska Center for Acupuncture), this Wednesday, October 18th 4th 7pm-8pm.

    Our last 2 workshops were standing room only, so if you would like to attend, please call as soon as possible to reserve a space: 745-8688

    To learn more, visit:

    FREE Cold and Flu Workshop

    Stella will also be offering two workshops in Sutton at the Chickaloon Health Department Building.

    On Thursday, October 26th from 5:30 -7:30 pm Stella will give a more in depth presentation on Cold and Flu Prevention using the Wise Woman Ways, with a special focus on enhancing immunity. On Thursday, November 2nd from 5:30-7:30 pm Stella will discuss Herbs for Women's Health. Join your sisterhood for a lively discussion on herbs to nourish your feminine soul with techniques for staying well and addressing female health concerns using simple herbs. The cost for each of these workshops is $25 Please pre-register by calling Stella at 745-0704.

    Locally Produced Goat Milk for Sale

    Cottonwood Creek has fantastic fresh raw goat's milk & milk products, compliments of Daphne & Sierra, our two beautiful Alpine does. We also have farm-fresh eggs (brown and green!) from our flock of twenty laying hens. Milk products include yogurt, kefir, and gourmet ice cream (sweetened with sugar, honey, or your choice of sweeteners by special request). Weekly delivery is available to Wasilla and Palmer.

    If you've never tasted fresh goat's milk you are in for both a treat and a surprise. Some of the myths you may have heard about goats are: 1) Goats eat anything (on the contrary, they are very fussy and discriminating and won't touch anything they perceive as dirty or yucky). 2) Goats are stinky (only intact bucks have a musky smell, and only during the fall and winter mating season months. Our girls are housed well away from the buck, so neither they nor their milk smell like him). 3) Goat milk has a funky flavor (generally the opposite -- most people's faces light up in amazement at the fresh sweet delicious taste! Only milk that has been handled poorly, not cooled properly, or gotten old in the frig will develop an off-flavor).

    To read more about raw milk products visit:

    A Campaign for Real Milk

    Goat Milk Website

    Weston A. Price Foundation

    Each state has different laws regarding the sale of raw milk, generally depending on the political clout of that state's dairy industry and its lobbyists. Currently in Alaska, state regulations permit the sale of raw dairy products for pets, (of course there is no law prohibiting the consumption of dog food by humans!) or through a goat-share program, in which individuals desiring raw milk products sign an agreement similar to a lease with the goat owner, thereby entitling them to drink the milk from "their" goat. For more information on goat milk products call 863-1276, or email us at packnmilk@ak.net.

    Beautiful Chalet Home Available to Rent for Winter

    For Rent: furnished chalet for the winter months. 2 bdrm, 2 bath, full kitchen with D/W, washer/dryer. No smoking or pets. Superior quality living space in a quiet location with view 10 mins. from downtown Palmer, off of the Palmer Fishhook Rd. $1400/mth, utilities included. Available 10/5/06 through 5/07. Contact Diane at 745-8604 or email us at stay@roseridgebnb.com. To see photos, visit the link below:

    Chalet Photos

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