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June, 2012
Author Image Greetings!

Welcome to summer! Normally this would be a time where things slow down. Children are out of school and everyone is getting ready for summer vacations, however, things could not be busier here at the The Educated Franchisee.


Since our last newsletter, we have launched a brand new website with 10x more content and resources than the previous website. There are literally thousands of pages of reports, data and information available on the new website. We have also developed an exceptionally comprehensive, downloadable, Glossary of Franchise Terms. All for free. You may want to take a look for yourself. 


In addition to this, based upon the reputation of our books and website, we were recently contacted by National Public Radio (NPR) to join the Marty Nemko show. Mr. Nemko has been hosting a live business talk show for decades and we spent 40 minutes together on the show talking about franchising, taking caller's questions and having some fun. If you wish to hear the show, it is recorded. Please remember that the show is 60 minutes long and the franchising portion starts around 20 minutes into the show. 


There are a number of other exciting things going on but I think I will save those for the next newsletter.


Hope you all have an exceptional June.




Rick Bisio
Apple Image The Power of Failure.

When was the last time you failed?  


When was the last time you didn't complete an important project on schedule, fell short of achieving a meaningful goal, or simply didn't accomplish that which you set out to do?


If you haven't failed lately, that's unfortunate. Because accompanying every failing experience is an opportunity to learn...and to grow.  It's by failing that you learn to ultimately achieve greater levels of success. People who never fail are, for the most part, people who never take chances. Rather than set lofty goals that require them to stretch beyond their comfort zones, they set safe goals-ones they are assured of reaching.  


Most people don't set goals-lofty or otherwise. They fall into a routine-lead routine lives and perform routine jobs. They rarely suffer major disappointments, but at the same time, they rarely accomplish anything great.    


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Apple Image The Pros and Cons of
Franchise Investing 
Franchise would be at the top of any list of investments people consider a sure bet. After all, the thinking goes, an entrepreneur is buying into an existing company and opening an outlet where none exists. Surely, the money will just pour in.  Of course, it isn't that simple.

This would seem to fit in with the other types of nontraditional investments I have been writing about. But unlike investing in film, racehorses and restaurants, franchises, I found, tend to be an investment that is less exciting than the others.


For someone who really has a passion for managing a process, though, investing in franchises can be so lucrative that that extra spark may not matter.

Go to New York Times, Click Here 

Apple Image How Managers Become Business Leaders - and the
Seismic Shifts!!

Many rising stars trip when they shift from leading a function to leading an enterprise and for the first time taking responsibility for a P&L and oversight of executives across corporate functions. It truly is different at the top.

To find out how, I took an in-depth look at this critical turning point, conducting an extensive series of interviews with more than 40 executives, including managers who had developed high-potential talent, senior HR professionals, and individuals who had recently made the move to enterprise leadership for the first time.

Apple Image Franchise Opportunity
Alert !


Over the last decade I have researched thousands of franchises.  Sometimes, an exceptional franchise grabs my attention. 


Are you interested in a franchise with the following characteristics? 


This Exceptional Franchise is -  

  • Manager Run - Keep Your Job
  • Investment between $100 and $150K
  • Fast Break Even with Recurring Income 
  • Exceptional Return on Investment
  • Positive Impact on Children and Society

If this is the type of opportunity that might seem interesting to you, please contact me at 

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