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April 1st, 2012
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Welcome to the April Newsletter.


Q1 2012 is done and what a busy quarter it was. Whatever was holding people back seems to have gone away and folks appear to be returning to the business of building their future. I hope that you have been seeing the same type of positive momentum in your life and business.


Over the past decade, I have been honored to work with a large variety of people who are interested in becoming business owners. What a joy to work with so many unique and interesting people. Every individual comes to business ownership from a different place. They each have different skill sets, different ages, different personal histories, different financial resources and differing levels of expertise.


I am often asked, 'What kind of person is most likely to start a business and be successful?' People are looking for the secret. They want to know if there is a specific profile of skills and experience that tends to lead to business ownership and success. The answer is clearly 'No'. I have seen people with many different backgrounds successfully move into business ownership.


The propensity to become a business owner has little to do with the above mentioned structural or historical realities. The characteristics of business ownership and success are far more personal in nature. It has more to do with how the person sees the world and their role within it.


The kind of person that ends up starting a business tends to have the following characteristics -


1)      'Directed'.       People with a strong sense of personal direction are more likely to become business owners. These folks don't always have everything figured out but they know what is important and they are directed toward discovering ways to move in the chosen direction.


2)      'Doers'.            They are the kind of people that tend to 'do' things. The world is divided between 'talkers' or 'doers'. People that get into business for themselves are almost always 'doers'.


3)      'Success'.        They generally have a track record of success. If they had a paper route, they were successful delivering papers. If they are in sales, they did well. Engineering, the same story. Their past success tends to breed future success.


4)      'Pleasant'.       The people that I work with that become business owners are almost always pleasant people that you would like to have over for dinner. They are never Eeyore's. They are curious, pleasant and are able to find joy in others success.


5)      'Comfortable'.  People who become business owners tend to be comfortable within their own skin. They trust themselves to make good decisions and believe in their own ability to achieve.


A healthy dose of the five items on this list will clearly lead you toward greater success in life and make you far more likely to, one day, own your own business.


If you know people like this that are interested in exploring business ownership, send them to me. I would love to get to know them.


Have a great April and be sure to enjoy our first article this month!




Rick Bisio
Apple Image United States Government Begins to Franchise

WASHINGTON-Amidst continued deadlock over how to rein in the federal deficit, government officials announced plans Tuesday to increase revenue by offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs who wish to start their own United States of America.


Banking on the popularity of its original location, the country hopes to make millions by partnering with franchisees around the world, to whom it would license the trademarked United States brand name as well as the nation's flag, motto, preserved landmarks, college sports programs, movie studios, and bicameral legislature.


"Now, anyone interested in starting a new nation can open an official United States," said Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), co-chair of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction. "America already has a brand everyone knows and responds to. Now the time has come for us to grow that asset and monetize it."   .....


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Apple Image Economist Predict Economic Growth Through 2012


The world's largest economy will strengthen through 2012 as employment gains give Americans the means to withstand rising fuel costs, according to economists surveyed by Bloomberg. 


Gross domestic product will climb at a 2.5 percent annual rate in the final three months of the year, up from 2 percent this quarter, according to the median forecast of 71 economists surveyed from March 9 to March 13. For all of 2012, the U.S. may expand 2.2 percent, accelerating from 1.7 percent last year.


More jobs, increasing share prices, improving confidence and stability in housing will bolster the expansion. At the same time, unemployment will be slow to retreat, averaging 7.3 percent in 2014, showing why Federal Reserve policy makers yesterday said interest rates will remain low for at least the next two years.


Apple Image New Indicator Shows Franchise Growth

Following a period of steady decline in the middle of last year, the franchise industry has been growing consistently stronger over the last six months, according to a new economic index designed to track the ebb and flow of franchises' role in the economy.


On Thursday, the International Franchise Association published for the first time the results of its Franchise Business Index, which increased 0.3 percent last month to 107.7. The index has now risen for six consecutive months and currently stands well above its mark of 106.3 one year ago.


The IFA partnered with IHS Global Insight to build the index, which takes into account government and non-government data, including figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Federation of Independent Business, to evaluate the changing economic environment for franchise businesses. The index weighs more heavily data concerning those industries in which the franchising model is employed more prevalently.  


Apple Image The SBA's 3 Keys For Small Businesses  

According to the Small Business Administration, an agency of the United States Government, small businesses as defined represent 50 percent of non-farm GDP and 70 percent of net new job growth. Nine out of ten businesses are defined as small.


The Small Business Administration uses a guideline that defines small business as those with under 25 million dollars in revenues and under 500 employees. There is no hard and fast rule to define this powerful engine of the United States economy, but it is vitally important to cure the ills of small business in order to improve the jobs outlook and generate cash flow to reduce the United States budget and trade deficit.


Small Businesses need 3 things right now to reverse their fortunes:


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