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From The Editor




patty funder
Patty Funder

Retractions and Corrections



Last month's Compass came to you in a less-than-perfect state, and as the Managing Editor who looks at every piece at least three times, I take full responsibility for the errors. In considering my genuine apology, please review the corrections and the corrective action that we took so that it will not happen again:

  • In the President's message, we incorrectly identified Paula Lind as a newly elected Board member. Paula will fill a seat that is a one-year appointment. We also listed Kathleen Keegan as an already seated board member, when in fact Kathleen is one of the five newly elected Board members. Once we were made aware of the error, we sent a sincere apology to both for our mistake.
  • We inadvertently published the Connections column from the June newsletter as our July Connections, again in error. We have included all the acknowledgements and thank-yous that should have been published in July, in this (August) newsletter.


You have a right to expect that The Compass will show up in your Inbox as professionally done as any other newsletter. We will continue to push for an ever-improving publication that will meet your high expectations. Please do not hesitate to report to us when we have made an error of any kind or magnitude.







LaserLight for Men and Women

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Executive Director's Column


Katie Howard
Katie Howard

Dear Members and Colleagues:


As summer moves toward and into the fall, we continue our work to provide wonderful learning opportunities through our Professional Development Educational Series.


Upcoming programs include a two-part series on Blogging for Business in August and September; seminars on conflict resolution and leadership; and a workshop on uncluttering your life. All very important topics! See our Calendar of Events for more information and to register.


Ann Taylor at the Derby Street Shoppes will host a FREE Business after Hours on Thursday, August 23rd. Don't get left out of this "stylin' occasion."


As always we have sponsorship opportunities for all events. Contact me for details.


Let's do business with each other!




781-696-9901 *

Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.

About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon


Get Help with Divorce 


Frayed relationships, short tempers, lost
jobs, barrage of bad news ... all causes of separations and divorces. We have seen it time and time again.


Before you announce to your self, your spouse, your family and your friends that you are contemplating divorce, talk with a counselor, and absolutely talk with a lawyer.


All the rules change, and we keep up with the changes. Your friends and family and the Internet are not lawyers, and thus they are not trained professionals who know how to effectively look after your interests.

Call and talk to us, come in and see us. Give us the time to show you not only the possibilities that you can create out of divorce, but the consequences of not entering into this typically embattled action fully knowledgeable. We promise that you won't be overwhelmed: do not make the mistake of listening to the wrong people, those not so educated about the law.


Important Note: if you are in an emergency or physically harmful situation with your spouse or partner, do not hesitate to call your local police at 911, or the Domestic Violence Ended Organization (D.O.V.E.) at 617-471-1234, or Then call us when you are in a safe place.


Call me, Barry Gordon 


(617) 786-0800









Talk with us. We understand the emotional side, the financial side and the ever-important custody side.


SSWBN Connections

Kristen Ford- Hernandez




Thank you and Best of Luck to Diane Sargent of South Shore Elder Services


Hello Members!


I apologize for the duplication in last month's column ... but the upside is that it in an abundance of great connections and thank-yous to share!


Lisa Flashenburg of Legal Edge Real Estate submitted the following thank-you. "Thanks to Rosemary McLaughlin's Elements Therapeutic Massage, I had a great massage from Tara and would highly recommend their relaxing services to everyone!"


Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For, would like to Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros "for helping to direct me to finding photos for my website.


"Also, thank you to Lori Cook of Bryantville Deli for the referral to a sign company who did her window graphics. I also would like to send out a special thank you to Mary Emsheimer of Aflac, for taking an hour out of her evening to teach me how to compose a template on Mail Chimp...  We had both attended Bernie Heine'srecent presentation and she was kind enough to pass along the information to me, which is also saving me $16 a month that I had been paying to another Email service!  


"A big thanks to Nicole Peterkin of NY Life, my favorite financial advisor for the referral of her best friend, Will.  I believe we will help one another in the near future. Thanks Paula Lind from O'Donoghue Insurance Agencyfor her referral carpet company, a new client of hers for credit card services. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Anna Linzi ( and Matt Menapace of Light Heart Enterprises, and Stacy Mafera of Errands, Etc. for their continued support of my work.



Judy Rizzo of Rizzo Plumbing and Heating shared a big thanks to Lois Wood Graphic Designfor the work she did on her website:  "we already got two jobs from it! said Judy.  "Thank you to Kat Ogar of Infinite Health & Wellness and Stacey Shipman of Healthy South Shore for holding a free seminar on eating to boost your energy naturally. Also, thanks to Kat for running the 10 day cleanse- my sister and I loved it!"



Ann Finnie of Footprints Holistic sent in this wonderful email:   "I am very pleased to report that I have connected with a few members of the group ... and [as a result,] Terri Martini of Front Street Gourmet is going to provide the bartending/beverages for my daughter's bridal shower in August. I connected with three other SSWBN members in my two visits this past week to Terri's shop, and I have another member coming to see me for reflexology when I return from vacation next week ... the connections are happening already.  Oh, yes, and tonight I am hosting a Life is What You Make It Party for friend and fellow SSWBN new member Kathy Field!  So it's all good!   


Kathleen Regan of Insphere Insurance Solutions sent in a thank you to Kristen Ford Hernandez of Premiere Pros. Kathleen writes, "Kristen asked me to call a friend of hers who said that she and her husband were looking for health insurance and needed a plan right away. In talking with Kristen's friends they said they had a company with eight people but wanted to each have their own insurance..... I said they would get a better rate if they stayed together as a group. So the long and short of it is, I ran quotes for the company and met with the owner (who is the husband's father) and showed him all the options and that they could not only have a better, more comprehensive plan, but that they could save money on their monthly premiums. They selected a plan and we were able to save them $24,000 per year! So, thank you again Kristen, you are the best!!!'


.Alison Schirone of Yarn's End desscribed the guidancce she has received in launching her new business: "My South Shore Women's Business Network Roundtable served as our Board of Advisors.  And then we teamed up with the following Dream Team of business partners who helped us towards lift-off."  Thank you to the following people:"



-George Boerger of Boerger Law

-Linda Merrill of Linda Merrill Decorative Surroundings

-Alison Edmands of

-Nadine Pfautz of C.H.A.R.T. Consulting

-Tina and Teresa at Inspiring Windows

-Jane Ford of The JoyPath

-Marge and Doreen at Hanson Insurance

-Janet LaBerge of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


Diane Sargent of South Shore Elder Services expressed gratitude to the following: "I would like to thank SSWBNfor all the support it has shown me and South Shore Elder Services. After a long and wonderful career I am leaving SSES, effective August 2nd, but gratefully I am staying involved with SSWBN as chair of the Membership Committee. This is a wonderful organization filled with exceptional people to whom I am extremely grateful.

"There are several people I would like to acknowledge and thank for their spsecial generosity to SSES:  Katie Howard, SSWBN; Stacy Shipman, Healthy South Shore; Jane B. Ford, The Joy Path ; Nadine Pfautz, C.H.A.R.T. Consulting; Lynda Chuckran, WHRG; Tina Dwyer, SSVNA; Alison Schirone, Yarn's End; Lucille Sorrentino, Weymouth Health Care Center; and Janet LaBerge, Dirty Deeds. If you are reading this and you are not a member of SSWBN, get on board and reap the benefits of this great network!"


Wishing you all a productive and successful August!



Premiere Pros



 Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself.
Theodore T. Hunger

As you can see, wonderful connections are being made daily ... please keep them coming! Diane, I am so glad to know you will still be involved with the Network! 
Above and Beyond

lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold
Jean Donohue


(Editor's Note: so often in this newsletter and at events, you read and hear that the SSWBN excels at the collaborations that members enter into for mutual benefit. For the next few months this column will serve as an inspiring example of such a collaboration: new columnist Lynn Feingold will be joined by photographer Jean Donohue to generate the 'Above and Beyond' accomplishments of SSWBN members. This will give Lynn the time and space to get her health back to her previously 'Superwoman' level, while giving members two people to whom to send in your outstanding accomplishments and congratulations on behalf of other members.  - Patty)




Hello, My Friends!


It just makes sense that you would share with your friends and colleagues the news that you have reached a milestone along the path of your career or business.  It's not only a great way for them to get to know you better; it also serves to inspire them to stretch to reach their own milestone. 


In this column I'll be sharing great news with you every month!  If you have a story to share, I'd like to hear it!   Please email me at anytime - or to -- and mention SSWBN or Above and Beyond in the subject line.


Congratulations to Lisa Marie Williams, as her Lisa Marie's Boutique moves up to a new level of service and retail offerings. She lists several key new products, including casual, fun accessories, many with an ocean theme; custom-designed jewelry for special occasions such as bridal party gifts and anniversary commemorations; bridal head pieces, tiaras, petticoats, everything a Bride needs to accessorize her special day. "I am most excited to be adding high-end jewelry and accessories including Swarovski Crystals to our custom jewelry collection," said Lisa Marie. "I am now going to market with a daily post on Facebook, and I plan to use social media as a marketing tool in every way."


Congratulations to Anna Linzi and husband Matt Menapace of Light Heart Enterprises, who just finished an extensive photo shoot for their new web site, which is being designed by Lois Wood. "We discovered that our gift album program that helps business owners say thank you to loyal customers, employees and associates was not understood by many of the SSWBN members," said Anna. "So we tapped into the expertise in SSWBN and have begun to market it correctly. During the process, we were encouraged to share the rest of the remarkable product lines we have to offer, thus the Grand Reveal at the July breakfast." Anna added, "We have learned so much about how to run a business from the members and staff in SSWBN, that we are forever indebted. We feel so blessed to be part of this dynamic organization. We look forward to opportunities to do the same for others."



Jean Donohuehas elevated her photography business, recently drawing in a number of clients for her new Heirloom Restoration services. "One gentleman presented 25 photos covering 25 years of his family's photo Christmas cards, which I am turning into large format heirloom prints to be framed for his library," said Jean. "Also, thanks to a recent posting on Facebook, I have a new client in Tennessee and one in California, both of whom requested my services to restore old family pictures." Jean's process centers on the quality level of materials, including archival pigment inks and archival papers that can be certified for 200 years of life. She often hand-paints over black-and-white photos. She cautions people interested in restoring their photos from the 1970s to get it done soon, as the quality of photographs in that era are inferior to that of photos from the 1920s. Congratulations to Jean for adding this service to her photography business, and for recently selling a picture, "Swan Boat in Spring" at the Framers Edge Gallery in Braintree. She currently shows several pictures at the Fernwood Gallery in Norwell.




Lynn Feingold


Interior/Architectural/Portraiture/Business/Fine Art



Networking Nova
Each month the SSWBN Membership Team recognizes a member who exemplifies the qualities of a Networking Nova, a person who embodies the Network's core values of coaching, contacts and collaboration; someone who is visible at many SSWBN events and who treats others with respect and dignity. In addition, this person utilizes the Network to build his/her business and helps others do the


Lynn Feingold of Songs of the Colonial Days Discovers 'Network' in 'Homework'


lynn Feingold
Lynn Feingold



What brought me to the Network?


Attending a professional networking event was "homework" for my new role as a member of the Networking Committee of my day-job company's newly-formed Women's Integrated Network.


I put on my corporate nametag and I walked into the SSWBN breakfast that first time:  a roomful of smiling, hugging people who were making a racket! The energy and the joy was palpable - the room vibrated with it. Then Katie appeared from the crowd and introduced me to someone who in turn introduced me to about six people.


The meeting went quickly, the positive energy flowed - and I was hooked. I joined SSWBN the next month to get help with my second career, Songs of the Colonial Days.


I went to my first meeting with my business cards and handed out a few cards. It didn't take long for a SSWBN member to examine my card and ask: "Where's your website?" I sheepishly said that I didn't have one and had never really felt the need to have one. Their response was something like - "Well, if you're going to take it seriously, as a business you have to have a web presence."


I had never thought of my singing as a business before that moment. I vowed to challenge myself. I would take it seriously. By the next breakfast, I had new cards with a new website address for a website I had built myself. I don't remember my first hug because there have been so many.

That was three years ago and so much has happened. I continue to attend as many SSWBN events as I can. I attended three Professional Development Days, which are real game-changers. I have heard so many good ideas - for developing my business, not being afraid to ask for what I am worth, leveraging my internet presence, budgeting sensibly, giving back selflessly.


I learned that to really get to know people I would have to get involved - so I joined the 20th Anniversary Gala Committee and enjoyed my time with that team, and enjoyed the final outcome. I volunteered with SSWBN last year for D.O.V.E., Inc., the Friends of Mel Cancer Conference and the Spirit of Mel Cruise.


It didn't stop there - the influence of everything I was learning through SSWBN leaked through to every other aspect of my life. I began to reach out to other singers and joined them for song sessions. I joined the Board of Directors of the Folk Song Society of Greater Boston and volunteered to host traditional song swaps around the Greater Boston area.


I got professional photographs taken and upgraded my website to include a video and audio clip. I volunteered my time to sing at a vigil for victims of domestic violence for D.O.V.E., Inc. In January I collaborated with three new friends to perform onstage at the Boston Celtic Music Festival for the first time. In March I celebrated a quarter-century of performing at Blanchard's Colonial Tavern in Avon. In April I performed at the New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA) Festival in Mansfield, MA for the first time.


Now I get performance opportunities that I never could have dreamed of three years ago. Reaching further still, I joined the Randolph Historical Commission and the Randolph Historical Society to help them learn to connect with their audience and supporters through social media. At my workplace, I accepted a move up to the Leadership Committee of the Women's Integrated Network, served on the Grant Subcommittee of our company's charitable foundation, and now have secured a role in the local chapter of our company's charitable foundation. All of this happened within the past three years since I joined SSWBN.


I have been inspired by a network of courageous women and men who have shown me that doing what you love is key, and in giving yourself over to helping others you really help yourself, deep down inside, and windows open of their own accord.


The view from here is beautiful. I'm stepping up. How about you?


Lynn Feingold

Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. 
MA Ed Foundation


By Ava Glaser


This month, the Massachusetts Educational Foundation continues

to introduce you to the recipients of this year's scholarship awards, as presented at the SSWBN Celebration in June.


Barbara Broussard works toward an advanced degree in Social Services, her response of strength after she had been prevented from educating herself during her 23-year marriage. She had stayed home to care for her two children, and now that they are grown, she is focusing on her own dream to help other women in situations such as domestic abuse or life trauma, by becoming a therapist or counselor. She conveys a truly an intense passion to make changes in the lives of others, and participates in an international studies travel abroad program to immerse herself in other cultures to further understand the value of respecting diversity.


Forced to rethink her future when her family's business closed in 2006, Liisa Budge-Johnson found employment with the Plymouth County Sheriff's Department, becoming its Community Outreach Coordinator, a job she truly loves. She spends much of her time speaking to community groups, and she has uncovered in herself a real talent for public speaking. She uses her scholarship to obtain a degree in communications. One to always be giving back, Liisa co-founded Score for a Cure in 2009 after three women in her soccer team were diagnosed with breast cancer. As this organization has grown, it has raised thousands of dollars and expanded to 40 teams participating from six states, a remarkable accomplishment indeed.


Wendy Sheppard is a fighter. Having been the victim of domestic violence, she made the tough choice to protect herself and her three sons. She is strong willed, determined to succeed and to provide a solid home and life for her sons, stating she "will do whatever it takes." Now that her children are in school, she is pursuing her life's passion to be a nurse. Wendy anticipates obtaining an Associate in Nursing degree in January 2014.


The ability to help women like these through the Massachusetts Educational Foundation scholarships is possible only through the contributions and generosity of its supporters. The members of the MEF Board of Directors greatly appreciate that you remember our cause when you consider your giving plans, no matter what the level of gift you can manage.


Next year we celebrate our 15th anniversary, so we have set a goal to award 15 scholarships. Perhaps you will consider being a part of the planning for this great event -- if so, please notify me directly at avaglaser@ You may donate either online at, or by mailing your check to


Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 192
Accord, MA 02018-0192


As always, THANK YOU!


The Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women over 35, enabling them to transition to a more rewarding career, by providing scholarships for education, a place of empowerment and support, and the tools they need to create the life they desire for themselves and future generations. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.



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What is your name/position/title, and the name and location of your business?

My name is Cheryle Brady. I am a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial Services, 859 Willard Street, Suite 300, Quincy, MA 02169, just a mile from the South Shore Plaza.

 What are the top three things that separate you from your competition?

There are many things that separate me from my business competition - .

First of all my clients are like family to me. Every client is equally important to me, regardless of the size of their portfolios. Each client has a voice and I listen to what they need and want to achieve. I work with my clients one-to-one, helping them build confidence and plan for their future.


Secondly, I have a straightforward, easy to understand approach to helping clients meet their retirement needs. Through an ongoing relationship with clients, I provide an ear to listen to their dreams, a steady voice, and a clear vision of financial opportunities and pitfalls. That is how I identify and tailor solutions for your specific needs, plan for your dreams, and track progress toward your goals over time.

Lastly, not all financial companies are the same.   Ameriprise Financial has a unique approach to financial planning. Ameriprise is America's leader in financial planning and we've helped millions of Americans retire on their terms. For more than 115 years, Ameriprise Financial has been there when our clients need us. Through good times and through tough times, we've worked hard for generations of clients. The strength of our commitment is matched only by our

strength as a company.

 Describe my perfect customer:

My perfect customer is one that understands that solid planning will help them reach their financial goals. Whether it be saving for their children's education, protecting their families against life's uncertainty, or helping people secure a confident retirement, they understand the importance that planning has in impacting their future.

If I was not helping clients with their financial goals, what would I be doing?

If I was not working for Ameriprise Financial I would be involved in some type of fundraising capacity for a local charity. I would love to give back to the community and connect with people on a personal level. I would also like to get more involved in animal rescue and would love to work with Pugs. Three years ago I adopted my Pug, Eddie, a rescue dog from Tennessee.


Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. Some products and services may not be available in all jurisdictions or to all clients.  Editing for this article provided by  Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 




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