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Fresh Out Of The Oven - A message from our President
Terri Martini
Terri Martini

Oh, what a night! Celebration! rocked -- no, really: we rocked the house at the Cohasset Harbor Resort last Thursday, with a whole lot of singing and dancing.


Thank you, Tracy Remillard, who hosted us and worked the extra music logistics behind the scenes.


For my first column as your president, I am pleased to welcome to our Board of Directors the five new members whom you elected in June: Paula Lind of O'Donoghue Insurance; Lori Cook of the Bryantville Deli and Catering service; Rebecca Coletta, Esq., of the Coletta Law Office; Kristen Ford-Hernandez, Premiere Pros Painting and Carpentry; and Judy Walsh-Rodriguez, WatchAll Pest Control, whom you re-elected to serve another three years.

They have the challenge to fill seats vacated by outgoing Board members who have served the Network so well during their three-year tenure: Jackie Hurstak, South Shore Savings Bank; Attorney Geoerge Boerger, Boerger Law Offices; Adam Cupples, HarborOne Credit Union; and Loraine Fields of The Flower Mill. We thank them for their outstanding service and leadership.

The new members join me and seated Board members, who have one to two more years remaining in their terms of office: Christy Kendrick, Acme Auto Glass; Marguerite Salvucci, South Coastal Bank; Stacey Maferra, Errands Etcetera; Alison Schirone of ac associates and the new Yarn's End; Kathleen Keegan, Real Estate Rocks!; and of course your now Past President, Janet LaBerge, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

On behalf of the Network, I want to send a special "thank you" to Rayna Minder of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce. Some of you may remember Rayna from a few years ago, when she served in the SSWBN's office under a number of titles, making sure that things ran smoothly. The Chamber had held an event at the Cohasset Harbor Resort the night before, and Rayna had graciously left the potted flowers they used as centerpieces for the SSWBN to re-use.

I look forward to a busy and productive year for the SSWBN, and I am excited to lead this organization forward!


Terri Martini

The Front Street Gourmet




Executive Director's Column


Katie Howard
Katie Howard

Dear Members and Colleagues:


Have you taken a vacation lately? How about taken an afternoon off?


One of my favorite quotes is: "Find what brings you joy and go there."


I write this as I prepare for a two week vacation in New Hampshire with my family. I have realized that being with family, warm weather and some relaxation brings me joy. I have also realized that I LOVE what I do for "work" and wish my situation upon everyone out there who is in need of a little "love" in their professional life.


I am lucky to be able to go away but I find just as much joy in sitting outside in my yard or going to a local beach. I also find joy in talking with you, SSWBN members and friends, about your businesses, your challenges and how I (we) can help. South Shore Women's Business Network is about people helping people and offering business resources. We also exist to remind each other to enjoy life, find balance (if you can) and seek help if you need it.


P.S. -Speaking of finding joy ... please join us for fun on our Summer Harbor Cruise out of Hingham.


As always, we have sponsorship opportunities for all events.  Contact me for details.


Let's do business with each other!


Thank you,



781-696-9901 * khoward@sswbn.org.

Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.






About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon



No, this is not "who's on first?" as that is an old comedy routine. This is, in all seriousness, a question of priorities.

This question centers on how we spend our assets and income, and what do we do about the things that are not funded.

First, let's list some of the priorities that people have. This is not an exhaustive list and it is not specific to anyone in particular; so it includes daily expenses such as rent and food, healthcare, education, retirement, caring for parents and once in a while, a vacation. Certainly big enough as is, but for the rich, very rich and super rich the pile gets higher and often overwhelming. Add to these priorities the running of a business or dealing with extended illnesses and chronic conditions, and what or who  comes first then?

Who among us knows all the answers? I will go out on a limb and say, none of us.

Meeting with an attorney and a financial planner will often ease many of the frightening thoughts you may have about your pile of priorities. The comforting you experience from having someone you can talk to and rely upon might give you are few moments of sleep.

A word of caution: if you have a rigid need for self-reliance and do not think the government should help anyone, irrespective of their priorities for food, employment, making the next mortgage payment, assisted living when very old, etc.; then no matter what happens, I suggest you should never accept an SBA LOAN, FOOD STAMPS or an EFT CARD IF YOU ARE HUNGRY, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, MONEY FOR YOUR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE , MEDICAID or ANY OTHER 'SOCIALIST' PROGRAMS. Without these programs think how much more depressing and pessimistic choosing your priorities and managing your life would be.

So let's celebrate the 4th of July and then call us and see how we can help!


Call me, Barry Gordon
(617) 786-0800










SSWBN Connections

Kristen Ford- Hernandez

 Hello Members!


I would like to start this month's column with a sincere thank you to Janet LaBerge for her leadership and for being a shining example of what being part of a network truly means. Her reign as our president has been one that will be remembered for years to come, as she leaves us with a lasting impression of her 'pay it forward' approach to doing business. Thank you, Janet, for your dedication and commitment to the Network, and more importantly, for our friendship.



Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For, would like to thank Gwen Morgan of The What If Workbook for her referral of Beth Hadfield, the Activities Director of The Plymouth Council on Aging. She is planning a series of workshops to their community on eliminating pain and stress and becoming happier ... with more plans in the future! 



Stacy Mafera of Errands Etc shared the following thank yous: Thank you to Lindsay Rentz of Lindsay Rentz Fitness for hiring EE to help with your social media woes! Thanks to Ms. Lois Wood of Lois Wood Graphic Design for hiring EE to help with the housework, as well as offering EE's social media assistance to your clients. Thank you to Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros for hiring EE to help with running errands and doing laundry!  And last but not least, thank you Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For for hiring EE to help with Social Media -- best of luck with the fan page!



Janet Laberge of Dirty Deeds thanks Becky Coletta of Coletta Law Offices, for hiring Dirty Deeds to move their offices from Hanover to their beautiful new building in Hanson.  Dirty Deeds was also honored to be invited to cut the ribbon at Teresa Tavares and Tina's Inspiring Windows grand opening. Thank you to Laura Hoitt of the Quincy Career Center for referring a friend to Dirty Deeds for a basement/garage clean out.  Thank you to Courtney Newcomb of Arrange Boston for referring Dirty Deeds for a job with a client of Sowing Seeds in Marshfield. 


Thank you to Ann Finnie of Footprints Holistic Healing Center for providing a wonderful reflexology treatment and for not commenting on my stinky feet.  Thanks to fellow SSWBN members Paula Harris of WH Cornerstone, Katie Howard of SSWBN, Jane Ford of The Joy PathElizabeth Pineault of Pineault CPA (and husband Steve), Alison Charello Schirone of AC Associates and Yarn's End (and husband Bob) and Lois Wood of Lois Wood Graphic Design for attending the Speak for Thyself award ceremony. Thanks to Lois Wood for designing a rocking cool new logo for Dirty Deeds and for providing a referral for a part time worker. Thanks to Mal from the Mary Lou's News at Hanover Four Corners (the original Mary Lou's) for wearing a Dirty Deeds shirt to help to promote my business. Lastly, thanks to Barbara Case of Moors Cabot for allowing Dirty Deeds to clean out her mother's apartment and donate the items to a very needy older gentleman.


Katie Howard of SSWBNwould like to thank Terri Martini of the Front Street Gourmetfor providing a great sandwich platter and cupcakes for a recent party she hosted.


And a very big thank-you to Stacey Mafera of Errands Etcetera for taking some of the burden off my shoulders and allowing me to focus more on Premiere Pros. In two hours, she went to the bank, garage, then to the post office and folded some laundry for me! It was such a relief to check those things off my list that I hadn't had time for. Thank you so much Stacey ~ I will certainly be calling you again soon!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon and hearing more great connections being made!



Premiere Pros

Email: Kristen@premierepros.com


Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets. -- Henry Ford 

Above and Beyond
lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

Songs of the Colonial Days


Hello, My Friends!


It just makes sense that you would share with your friends and colleagues the news that you have reached a milestone along the path of your career or business.  It's not only a great way for them to get to know you better; it also serves to inspire them to stretch to reach their own milestone. 


In this column I'll be sharing great news with you every month!  If you have a story to share, I'd like to hear it!   Please email me at colonialsongs@aol.com anytime and mention SSWBN or Above and Beyond in the subject line. 

In our May newsletter, we told you that SSWBN new member Joyce McCormack Auguston, an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Skincare and Cosmetics had been working to complete her Directorship in Qualification by the end of May. She achieved that goal, and we congratulate her!


Congratulations to Lois Wood of Lois Wood Graphic Design, who proudly announces that she has reached her 20th Anniversary of being in business! What a milestone ... will you do 20 more, Lolo?


We also congratulate our new SSWBN President, Terri Martini of The Front Street Gourmet, for rising to the occasion at Celebration! to take the reins from Janet LaBerge (Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap) through song and dance. 


Lynn Feingold



Networking Nova
Each month the SSWBN Membership Team recognizes a member who exemplifies the qualities of a Networking Nova, a person who embodies the Network's core values of coaching, contacts and collaboration; someone who is visible at many SSWBN events and who treats others with respect and dignity. In addition, this person utilizes the Network to build his/her business and helps others do the
Jean Delaney
Jean Delaney

Jean Delaney, Job Developer for
Father Bill's and MainSpring

Father Bill's and MainSpring has been a member for more two years, and I have been attending on behalf of the company for one year.

The Network has afforded me the chance to meet up with many wonderful, intelligent and compassionate women who have taken me under their wings and opened their arms to taking the time to get to know me and the company I represent through Breakfasts, Lunches and After Hours Networking Events. I have made and continue to make friends and relationships that will last a lifetime.

I got involved with SSWBN when my Director mentioned to me that our company had been a part of the South Shore Women's Business Network, and he thought this may a good place to begin my journey in networking. So I did, and I have to say that the journey has been fantastic.  

With having to stand up and announce your name, position and company title in a meeting does a lot for your public speaking ability. I used to stand in the mirror reciting what I was going to say an hour before I got to the meeting and still wasn't sure of what I was going to say when it was my turn to stand up. Not only does the Network help with your confidence, the women are there to help spread your company's mission.

My advice to anyone who is contemplating joining the Network is to do so! Women need to stick together; we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for and there is strength in numbers. The ideas that are generated by all the members each month on what is presented is so helpful to a company's business. The speakers are influential, supportive and inspiring.

When I go over my monthly "To Do List" SSWBN takes priority. I make sure each month I take the time to schedule a morning, afternoon and evening event. The social aspect is a necessity to me and I will continue to represent my company and their mission each year.

Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. 
MA Ed Foundation


Dreams Coming True for Some Amazing Women


We hope you had the chance to attend Celebration on June 28th, and were able to meet the six amazing women awarded scholarships on that night from the Massachusetts Educational Foundation. Through our application review and interview process of the top 10 finalists, we are continually moved by their stories. It makes our jobs extremely difficult when we can't award a scholarship to all of them, as they all seem so deserving.


We got quite a range of applicants this year, including Ivanka Toudjarska who is an amazing scientist going for her MBA, Ann Reynolds who is going to college for the first time after her own children reached college age, Carla Elder, a single mother of three who wants to show her children that anything is possible. The common thread that runs through all of them is their passion and focus on giving back, and their desire to make an impact in the lives of others in their communities and the world.


Ivanka Toudjarska, originally from Bulgaria, has been working in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry on a variety of medical researches for a number of years. She told us that volunteering has always been a part of her life, and on top of work and her studies she somehow manages to be involved with the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, dedicated to furthering the advancement of women in healthcare worldwide. In order to follow her dreams to lead the business development of a company or to start her own, Ivanka knew she needed to go back to school for her MBA. Volunteering and mentoring is still high on her priority list.


After putting her four children first, they are now Ann Reynolds' biggest motivators in starting a new career. During her involvement in their school organizations and activities, she noticed the children who are falling through the cracks in the school system and decided that she wanted to give all children a fair chance to succeed. She is going for her Bachelors and Masters in Psychology/Counseling so she can become a middle or high school guidance counselor. In this position, she believes that she can be a positive influence in these children's lives, getting them to "think college" and prevent dropouts, something that is currently happening at an alarming rate.


Then there is Carla Elder, who has been a family advocate for several years, guiding them through difficult situations in housing, domestic violence, financial assistance and job readiness. She has now shifted her focus to the elders in her community. She hopes to become a Recreational Therapist to bring joy to this often overlooked and neglected group of people. We believe Carla's warmth and caring will shine through, and that her passion will guide her to reach her goals.


The Massachusetts Educational Foundation Board of Directors has ambitions of its own. We want to grow the organization and raise the funds to provide scholarships to even more incredible women next year. If you want to support this effort you can donate any time online at www.massedfund.org/donate.


The Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women over 35, enabling them to transition to a more rewarding career, by providing scholarships for education. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.

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Featured Business

 George Boerger

Name:  George Boerger, Attorney

Business name: Boerger Law

 Location:  161 Summer Street, Suite 4, Kingston  



 Attorney Uses Social Media to Reach Business Goals


What values did you bring tyo your business when you established it?

I grew up on a dairy farm and learned the importance of hard work, dedication to good processes, and the importance of human interactions. These are the traits that I carried with me when I started practicing law. For 20-plus years, these values have stayed with me, both when I worked for a large law firm and while in practice for myself.

What are the top three three things that separate you from your competition?

  • I take the time to listen to my clients' needs and explain their options in easy-to-understand terms;
  • I respect my clients' time and always return calls within 24 hours; and
  • I always give a FREE 30-minute consultation to clients so I can understand their needs right from the start of our relationship.

Describe your dream/perfect/best customer.

I like working with business customers who may have contractual needs, a need for representation in court, real estate requirements, and/or personal estate planning requests.


What changes are happening, or can you predict happening soon, within your industry?

The arrival of social communications has had a deep influence within the legal industry. Attorneys now use Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to communicate and to develop a following. Just this year, Boerger Law established a presence on Facebook, and we've been using Linked In for several years now to network. We have also been blogging in order to become established on legal topics, both within and outside our immediate geographic area. 

Where do you want you and your business to be in five years?

Boerger Law would like to see growth over the next five years, to be well known to the business community, and to be well-established as a destination for personal legal needs.


What benefit(s) have you received through your networking efforts?

I have met new clients and found resources for my own business to use; but most importantly, I have become acquainted with some really terrific people.


What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?

I get motivated through helping my personal and business clients. It always makes me feel good when I have helped a business work through a complicated legal issue, or have assisted a family in establishing their estate plan.


What is something that members may be surprised to learn about you?

I crochet and have made my children blankets when they were young.  I am grateful for Alison Charone's new Yarn's End store!


What do you do in your spare time for fun?

I am not so sure this is fun as much as it is simply important in my life, but I try to swim most mornings before I start my workday. It clears my head and I get a little exercise.


Do you want you and your business to be featured in this column?  It is a great way for people to get to "know" you on a whole different level!  Call Katie at 781-696-9901 for more information!

Thank you!

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