May 2012
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Pay It Forward - A message from our President
Janet LaBerge, Dirty Deeds

Every time that the Massachusetts Educational Foundation sponsors a breakfast, they always have the most inspirational speakers. I was blown away by listening to Siiri Morely, founder of Prosperity Candle.


Siiri demonstrates how to be a good citizen of the world and serves as an example that other small business owners can follow. I have always been a big fan of helping people less fortunate, but there are huge differences between women who are less fortunate in the United States versus women living in Afghanistan or Iraq. I can only imagine the impact that Siiri's kindness and business acumen has had for these women.


I am always struck by how a person arrived at the place in life where they currently are. What was their journey like? What road blocks did they encounter and how did they overcome them?


Siiri outlined her journey quite clearly and it made perfect sense to me why she is successful. She was not born into a wealthy family that provided her with educational opportunities or a path free of financial road blocks. She was raised by two teachers who understood the value of a good education. As parents, they made decisions that would allow their daughter to attend the best schools. Siiri did her part by being a good student and earning scholarships to pay for some of her education.


The educational nugget for me in all of this was that while all of us have different birth families with different resources and values, we can all still find a way to follow our hearts.


I believe we are much better citizens in our own corner of the world if we are doing things that make us happy and use the gifts we have been given to their highest potential. While it is sometimes difficult to figure out what our talents are and how best to use them, it is much easier to do that if we surround ourselves with people who support our ideas and value us for what makes us unique and special.



Personally, I did not come from a family that told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be. We were much too practical for that! My journey led me to this Network and I have met many women who inspire me and who believe that I can be whatever I want to be. If you want that kind of support in your life to achieve your goals, then jump on board. I'll save a seat for you.




Happy to lead with fun and humility,




Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Email Janet:


Pay It Forward Tip for May:

Many local animal shelters, churches, Boy Scout troops and libraries raise funds by having yard sales this time of year. Instead of just donating to a large donation center, consider taking your items to a local organization in your town. These fundraisers are often run by volunteers, so 100 percent of the money raised goes to the cause.



Executive Director's Column

Katie Howard


Dear Members and Colleagues:


Have you registered yet for our Professional Development Day on May 10th?  Join us for a great day of learning.  Or come for part of the day - we created many options to fit your schedule and interests.


This year's theme is: Invest in yourself: A healthy business starts with a healthy you. We have programs planned from cloud computing to stress relief.  We planned this day based on survey results from our members, and many have already let us know that they are excited about the offerings.  I look forward to seeing you there, too! Register now here.


As always we have sponsorship opportunities for all events. Contact me for details.


Let's do business with each other!

Thank you,



781-696-9901 *

Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.

Business Tip of the Month By Bernie Heine of Professional Business Coaches, Inc. 


It's time to Light the Fuse!

Bernie Heine
Bernie Heine,
Professional Business Coaches, Inc.


Who knows when the US economy will take off again?  Certainly not the politicians or talking heads.  This is within our 'circle of concern,' but we can only do things within our 'circle of influence'. 


So what are you doing? It is crazy to do the same things today that we did yesterday, and expect different results. We all need fresh ideas and new approaches for absolutely 'wowing' our customers. 


We need 'thinking outside of the box,' 'blue sky thinking' and 'lateral thinking.'  Choose your own euphemism, but it all comes down to the same thing: we need new ideas, so that we can do things differently and do different things.  Only then will we transform yesterday's 'OK-ness' into tomorrow's exclamation, "Wow, will ya take a look at that?!"


I describe it as a sales explosion and it is ideas and leadership that lights the fuse.  Finding a product or a service that goes above and beyond the norm as we understand it blazes a new trail and sets you apart from the competition. 


It is time to light the fuse on your sales explosion.  It is time to be proactive and lead.  Consider bringing your colleagues, your key customers, fellow entrepreneurs and your suppliers together for a 'Master Mind' session.  Employ strategies for new ways of thinking and problem solving.  Oftentimes the best ideas are right under our noses: it just takes open-minded leadership and diversity of thought to bring them out.  It will bring your business to new markets, or breathe new life into your current ones.


Nobody can predict what the 'next big thing' will be, but I'll bet I know where it will come from:  the collective ideas of your peer group. Download my whitepaper for many more details -- Light the Fuse! 


We are here to help light the fuse.   Let us facilitate the organization and structure of a powerful Master Mind group for you and your team!  Or to keep the fires burning and make a lasting change, join our on-going bi-monthly Master Mind group and let's end with a BANG: Brainstorming, Accountability, Networking Group.  Click here for more details: BANG


If you have any comments or questions, or if you need any assistance implementing these ideas, please contact me.



Professional Business Coaches, Inc. 
Bernhard Heine




About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon

 What is so hard?

What is so hard about facing facts? In fact almost everything!


 We all make mistakes, and we have all said things we later regretted.  We have made personal and business decisions that were not the best.  We have all been carrying baggage around for a long time.  We hate confrontation and bad news.


If you have business, legal or personal family issues that are gnawing at you, (unless you are planning to commit murder or mayhem) please speak with your lawyer as soon as possible.  If there is a medical procedure or business change that is upcoming in your future call us.  If there is a medical situation, talk with your doctor.  Lawyers are always willing to give advice but perhaps medical advice is not their forte.


At Gordon, Mond &Ott we are familiar with many varied legal, business and personal situations which may seem odd and confusing and overwhelming to you, but which we have seen in our practice.  In all likelihood we have dealt with the problems or at least with similar ones.


Each and every day the law changes and becomes more complicated -- and therefore your lives become more complicated.  We keep up with the changes and have the resources available to deal with your issues and give you possible alternatives.  We listen and give you the opportunity to weigh choices.


Invest in your relationship with your lawyer and if you don't have one who handles your type of problem, call Gordon, Mond & Ott.  Or for your peace of mind, call us for a second opinion.  The investment will produce significant returns and confidence in your decision-making.  We will work with you, your accountant, your financial planner and banker, and provide valid and transparent advice.


Barry Gordon
A practicing lawyer for 43 years.

SSWBN Connections

Kristen Ford- Hernandez


Hello Members!


I would like to start this month's column with a heartfelt thank you to the Network. I am impressed by the members I continually meet, the friendships that have grown and the leadership and guidance I have received these past five years.


So thank you SSWBN, for being an enormous contributor to the success of my husband's and my business, Premiere Pros! Now on with some other great connections!!


Stacy Mafera of Errands Etc submitted the following thank yous:


  • Thanks to Allison Guido of Almar for the great blog post, and also for the Yelp review!
  • Thank you so much to Marguerite Salvucci of South Coastal Bank for introducing me to Emily Salvucci -- we've paired up to create a new blog:
  • To Stacy Shipman or Healthy South Shore for sitting with me, and giving me some sound business advice and suggestions on the newest creation!
  • Also, to Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish For for hiring Errands Etcetera to work on her social media and blogging help!
  • Thank you to Katie Howard for referring Lindsay Rentz of Lindsay Rentz Fitness, and also to Lindsay for hiring Errands Etcetera to help grow your social media side of business! Thanks to Katie, too, for helping support G-Row and Alicia Golden's fundraising efforts via Errands Etcetera, by ordering dinners during Alicia's fundraising week!
  • Thank you Kat Ogar of Infinite Health & Wellnessfor the referral.  While I wasn't able to accommodate them, I did pass on the info to Courtney Newcomb of Arrange Boston and it looks like they will be able to help your friend!
  • Thanks to Kristin Forestall of Sweet K for providing such delicious and adorable treats for my engagement party -- they were a huge hit!
  • Lastly, thanks to Jennifer Mitchell of Senza Sole for the great tan a few weeks ago!  Everyone asked if I had been on vacation- also, special thanks to Megan Stewart for letting us tan in your office bathroom -- Jen really is super mobile!

Nicole Peterkin of New York Life submitted a heart-felt thank you to Rosemarie Lanchester of Everything You Wish Forfor introducing her to EFT. "The positive affirmations list she gave me is excellent and I find encouragement in them on a daily basis." said Nicole. "Also, EFT was a driver in removing the pain I was experiencing from recurring tonsillitis and strep.  It accelerated my recovery and helped me avoid surgery that would have put me out of work for two weeks."


Nicole would like to thank Terri Martini and her team at Front Street Gourmet for putting together an amazing gift basket for her to give to one of clients who retired at the end of March.  "I gave my pricing information and the client's specific tastes to one of Terri's team, and she assured me she would put together something great.  Terri later called me when she got back to the shop to confirm my order and to make sure everything was perfect.  My client is still raving about the Not Your Sugar Mama's Chocolate Bars!"  Nicole also thanks Bernie Heine of Professional Business Coachesfor the free business assessment he graciously raffled off at the April 10th seminar he held.  "I am excited to have won it and look forward to completing it and reviewing the results in the near future!" she said.


Washawn Jonesof Boston Business Journal thanks Cathy Follett of Renovisions for being one of her first sales since starting with BBJ in February!


Lisa Flashenburg of Legal Edge Real Estate thanks Jim Sharland at Copy Inks for his staff catching a design set-up error, informing her of the needed change and getting it printed in record time.  What a life saver!


Laura Hoitt of Quincy Career Center sent in a heart-felt thank you to Joe Hernandez of Premiere Pros. "Premiere came in to paint my great room. They were clean, efficient and a beautiful job.  When it was done, you never knew they were there."


Thank you all for these great submissions!


Kristen Ford-Hernandez

Premiere Pros



Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. 
~David Frost

Above and Beyond
lynn Feingold

Lynn Feingold

Songs of the Colonial Days


(Editor's note: please join me in welcoming new columnist Lynn Feingold -- aka the Tavern Wench - who will present you with some new ideas for the former Movin' On Up column. Please enjoy her regular submissions!)


Hello, My Friends!


It just makes sense that you would share with your friends and colleagues the news that you have reached a milestone along the path of your career or business.  It's not only a great way for them to get to know you better; it also serves to inspire them to stretch to reach their own milestone. 


In this column I'll be sharing great news with you every month!  If you have a story to share, I'd like to hear it!  Please email me at anytime and mention SSWBN or Above and Beyond in the topic line. 

Congratulations to these two SSWBN members who have recent achievements to share and celebrate with us:

Constant Contact, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than 400,000 small organizations worldwide, recently conferred to Lori Johnson of Your Best Image, a professional image consulting and coaching service, the 2011 All Star Award.  According to Constant Contact, "Lori has been one of Constant Contact's top performers and most prolific users of its tools, whether within Constant Contact's email marketing, event marketing, social media marketing, or survey products for three years running."


Lori invites you to learn more about her and Your Best Image at her website, where you can register to get image tips free with her email newsletter.

SSWBN new member Joyce McCormack Auguston, an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Skincare and Cosmetics recently earned her first free car with Mary Kay, but took the cash compensation instead of the car!  She's excited to be receiving a cash bonus every month for the next two years.  What an accomplishment!  Joyce says, "I plan to finish my Directorship in Qualification by the end of May.  I love my job 'Enriching Women's Lives'."

She reminds SSWBN Members to take advantage of special benefits she offers them. Call her for details.


Thanks to Lori and Joyce for coming forward with these success stories. Like the old American proverb, "Don't hide your light under a bushel!" If you have something to share, let it shine!


Lynn Feingold

Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. 
MA Ed Foundation
Scholarship Season Has Arrived!!!


This is the Massachusetts Educational Foundation's favorite time of year!

MEF defines its vision as being a principal resource center for women over 35 in Massachusetts by providing scholarships, a place of empowerment and support, and the tools they need to create the life they desire for themselves and future generations.


I am proud to be part of the MEF's Board of Directors. It has been another wonderful year of growth at the MEF: we have grown our Board of Directors, our college contacts, our outreach to woman-centric programs, and our donor base as well.

Our recipients come from a wide range of life experiences and events that have brought them to want to change the courses of their lives. The stories we hear in the interview segment of the scholarship process are amazing!  We all know women just like our applicants who have a dream to transition to a new career, and the determination to fully commit to the long road ahead.

It is no secret that education is costly and funding can impact anyone in this day and age.  For this reason MEF scholarships are not awarded based on economic need: we make the awards based on the applicant's ability to meet all of the MEF eligibility standards and her desire to take that step to a new career.  She must

  • Be a mature woman, age 35 or older, making a career change;
  • Reside in Massachusetts; and
  • Must use scholarship within one year of the award.

Since the scholarship season is in full bloom and since you may know of someone who may be qualified, you can find additional, pertinent information on the MEF website Go to to access the application.


Please note that the deadline for applications is on May 6, 2012.


Please share this information with potential MEF recipients you may know.


Remember that our scholarships are funded by the donations from people just like you and me! There is no donation that is too small or too large ... every dollar counts.  Thank you for your continued support and interest in the MEF!  Please contact us through our website,, if you would like to take part in working to achieve the MEF mission. We have committee openings as well as Board positions available.


Barbara Case, Treasurer - MEF



The Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women over 35, enabling them to transition to a more rewarding career, by providing scholarships for education. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.









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Featured Business

Name: Christy Kendrick
christy Kendrick

Position/title: Sales & Marketing Representative
Name of business: ACME Auto Glass
Location of business: Three store locations: Hyannis, Plymouth and Walpole.


ACME GLASS provides mobile service dispatched all over Southeastern Massachusetts including Cape Cod. We service north to Quincy and Boston, west to Taunton, Raynham, out to Wayland, Sudbury and beyond, south to Sagamore and Bourne bridges and all over the Cape down to Provincetown!

How did you come to be in this line of work?

In 2007, I had been working for a uniform company for 12-plus years and needed a change.  At a birthday brunch with three girlfriends, I asked them to please keep their ears open for an employment opportunity for me -- knowing that we all had different contact spheres -- and hoped that something would turn up.  A month later, the husband of one of the women, the owner of ACME GLASS, called me and offered me this job.  And here I am.


What are the top three things that separate you from your competition?

  • The owner is a regular guy who cares about, and allows us to cater to, our customers.
  • We are fortunate to have long-term employees: some have been with ACME for 18-plus years!! and
  • We make sure that our staff has the proper knowledge and experience to do the job correctly and to ensure customer satisfaction.

Describe your dream/perfect/best customer.

Our dream customer is one who understands how repair work can develop into more a time-consuming procedure than anticipated, and who understands that if it is raining outside, we will have to re-schedule unless they have a garage in which we can work. Another dream customer is one who has a fleet of vehicles and wants to sign a contract!

Our perfect customer is a satisfied customer who tells all of her/his family and friends about the great service they got from ACME GLASS.  Our best customer is a repeat customer.

And our favorite customer is YOU!


What is the most important message you have to communicate about your industry?

Most car owners carry insurance for glass replacement.  The most essential information I need to communicate is that you, the owner, have the right to choose who performs the work on your vehicle regardless of who is recommended by your insurance representative.  There are differences in the quality of auto glass installation -- quickest is not always best. You need to shop local and support local business owners, know the folks who work on your vehicle, feel safe and confident that you can ask questions and receive satisfaction.  We guarantee our work.


What do you regard as your greatest achievement in business to date?  

Mike McCloskey, owner of ACME GLASS, feels his greatest achievement is his re-incorporation of ACME in 1990 as the third generation owner.


My greatest achievement in this business has been proving to myself and to my employer that networking and forming relationships with others in business helps to build each other's businesses. Strategic partnerships are unlimited. Whatever business you are doing, if the provider succeeds in servicing you well, why not promote his/her business? That testimonial will come back to you in many ways.


Where do you want you and your business to be in five years?

We want to be not just surviving, but thriving and continuing to provide employment for the passionate staff of ACME GLASS.


What benefit(s) have you received through your networking efforts?

I have met lots of wonderful, interesting people and found that paying attention, being a good listener and asking a few questions will take you on a marvelous journey, making many great friends and doing some business along the way. I like to say it's the pebble in the pond ... the ripples keep touching someone.


What is/are your one or two toughest challenges?

My toughest challenges are time management and filling the gas tank. It is difficult with the large territory I cover to schedule account visits, new account contacts and networking, and still find time to manage email, social marketing, other communications -- and have a little home life, too. I am still trying to perfect that.


As to the filling of the gas tank: 

 lately that just hurts! But you gotta have it!!


What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?

I am driven to do my best. "Making the best better" is the 4H motto that I grew up with ... sometimes hard to do ... but it sure is something to work at. After five years of networking, I am in a great place to refer and recommend others and that is a HUGE motivator for me.


What is something that members may be surprised to learn about you?

My husband and I were full time antique dealers for many years, worked with historical societies and museums. We even loaned a major piece to a three-year long traveling Smithsonian exhibition. Also, I am very involved with nutrition, eating raw food (i.e. not cooked), mostly vegetarian and growing organic food, all of which has helped me control my weight and improve my health.


What do you do in your spare time for fun?

I garden, hunt antiques, make my own crackers and granola in my dehydrator, hike with my husband and dog ... and I read!

Interested in being the featured business? Contact Katie Howard at








































































Thank you!

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