January 2012
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Pay It Forward - A message from our President
Janet LaBerge
Dirty Deeds

Happy 2012! What a great year this is going to be for our Network. Join us at the State of the Network breakfast on January 26th to hear all about it.


This event will kick off our new breakfast location at Linden Ponds in Hingham. Some of our members are already doing business with the residents there, myself included. While we have had a great affiliation with Holiday Inn, I think it is important to have our members in a large residential community of folks who could potentially use their products and services.


I'm very pleased to announce that Terri Martini, owner of the Front Street Gourmet in Scituate, will be our new President in June. I am so excited to have someone so kind, smart and generous taking over the reins. As is tradition, the in-coming President runs the State of the Network breakfast. I hope that you will go and show your support. I will be doing my networking on the beach in St. Thomas that morning, but I know that other members will go to cheer Terri on.


Two thousand twelve will feature new luncheon venues, a new format for our professional development series, production of a 2013 SSWBN Women calendar and participation at a charity event. We always aim to keep important elements of our Network consistent, while changing things up in order to stay fresh and interesting.


If you are a seasoned member, I hope you'll check out what's new. We also have many new members who would love to hear from your experience how the Network can help grow their businesses. Let me, Terri or Katie Howard know if you are willing to connect with them, either at an event or via telephone.


Finally, when you're making your New Year's Resolutions this month, make sure you include some FUN. If you're having trouble finding enough laughter and fun in your life, then come to any of our events and I guarantee that you will find both.


Happy to lead with fun and humility,



Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

Email Janet:  Dirtydeedsddc04@hotmail.com


Pay It Forward Tip for January: If you got a new cell phone from Santa, consider donating your old one. Many organizations collect cell phones for soldiers or for victims of domestic violence. 

Executive Director's Column

Katie Howard


Happy New Year! I love this time of year. I always see it as an opportunity to recalibrate and take a look at different aspects of my life that could use some tweaking. I did that with the Network as well.


Change is constant and can brighten up the things around you. It offers new opportunities and allows for different experiences.


In 2012 (SSWBN's 21st year) expect to see:


NEW! Lunch locations: We will start off the year at BeerWorks in Hingham, and then in February we will meet at the Gourmet Gardens (formerly Asian C) in Norwell (Route 53) for an Asian buffet. In March you can find us at the Stockholders in South Weymouth (Route 18).


We will meet at each location four times throughout the year. Once a quarter we will also feature a NEW! short presentation on certain industry trends. February will start us out with Finance.  Make sure to check our calendar of events for topics and locations.


NEW! Networking breakfasts will now be held at Linden Ponds in Hingham. This is a bright location with a lot to offer. I look forward to kicking off SSWBN's 21st year at our State of the Network breakfast on January 26th.  


The SSWBN Professional Development Seminar Series will begin in January 12th with a healthy living seminar by Stacey Shipman, founder of Healthy South Shore. Seminars will now be 1 hour and 45 minutes each month and packed with content. Check here for monthly events.


NEW! Rewards Card! We will be distributing to all members a rewards card. Attend six events and get the seventh for FREE! Make sure to pick up your card at an event starting with the State of the Network breakfast. We will be mailing them to all new members after that.


Looking to build your brand? Call me. SSWBN has many Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities. Become known with SSWBN.


Let's do business with each other!


Thank you,



781-696-9901 * khoward@sswbn.org.

Dedicated to the success of our members through Contacts, Coaching and Collaboration - our mission.

Featured Business
Becky Coletta
Becky Coletta
Coletta Law

Name: Rebecca Westerlund Coletta, Esq.

Business: Coletta Law Office

Telephone: 781-267-6222

Website: http://www.colettalaw.com/

Address: 231 Broadway, Hanover, MA


Special to SSWBN: General Counsel Service Program


Do you wish you could act proactively to manage your legal risk, but don't know where to start or how to afford the upfront costs?


Coletta Law Office offers you the opportunity, at no cost, to evaluate the option of retaining an attorney to help you navigate the legal environment before you are in crisis.

Why would anyone tell you to hire an attorney if you are not in any trouble, or if life and business are going along smoothly?  To begin to answer that question, consider the following:   Read more.....

Business Tip of the Month By Bernie Heine of Professional Business Coaches, Inc.  

Bernie Heine
Bernie Heine,
Professional Business Coaches, Inc.

Don't you really wish we could all be like Ebenezer Scrooge?  In a single night, he is able to obtain a clear understanding of his past, have a realistic grasp on the present and see two paths for the future: 1) the dismal result of changing nothing, 2) the promise of a better future by making significant changes.


While hoping three ghosts may come and help us is an interesting thought, there is a more practical way to get down to business and make that happen for you in your business; and this is just the right time of year for such an exercise.  Did you know that there is a very high correlation between success in business and having written goals for what you want to accomplish?  Why not be part of that successful group of business leaders and write out your 2012 goals now.  Click here for a 3 step worksheet that will help you:

  1. Document the good and the bad from the past
  2. Analyze a realistic view of the current state
  3. Create meaningful and achievable goals for the future.

 Enjoy this exercise and may the spirits move you!!

About the Law - Barry Gordon, GMO
Barry Gordon
 A new year, a good time to get your legal house in order.  Here is a simple checklist:
  1. Prepare an estate plan, complete with wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and healthcare proxy. This is especially important if you are divorced or newly married. 
  2. Prepare a succession plan for your business.
  3. Protect your non business assets.
  4. Talk with your parents about estate and Medicaid planning.

Make three plans for yourself and your family to address each of these issues: a plan for this week, one for this month, and one for this year.  Make certain that everyone who needs to know what you want to do and need to do, are aware and will be there to help.


Think out what your plans are, be willing to adjust if that is possible. Finalize the plans and execute them. If you trip up a bit, then readjust and move forward. Don't take 'no' for an answer, if it is only because someone else said you cannot do what you want to do. Different professionals have different ideas.


Call me, Barry Gordon. I will meet with you promptly and answer your questions and respond.

Happy New Year!


P.S. we handle lots of refinances and make referrals to really good lenders.


SSWBN Connections
Kristen Ford- Hernandez


Hello  Members!


Happy New Year!  My sincere wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2012 to all!


Stacey Shipman of  Healthy South Shore sent in a big thank you to Laura Willis of Willis Works. "Laura connected me with Whitman Wellness center and I'm meeting with one of the owners after the holiday."  Thank you Laura!


Janet Laberge of Dirty Deeds sends a great big thank you to Jim Della Volpe of The Staffing Coach.  "Jim introduced me to the management company at an over-55 residence in Weymouth.  Thanks Jim!"  Also, thanks to Terri Martini of Front Street Gourmet who made me look like a million bucks when I gave a great fruit basket to Burkhardt Movers, who refers many clients to Dirty Deeds.


"I couldn't be more grateful than I am right now to Becky Coletta of Coletta Law Office," said Patty Funder of LaserLight for Men and Women.  "I had to produce documents through the due-diligence phase of selling my business, and not only did Becky help me to understand and identify what we had to do, she also guided me through a complex negotiation that led me right back to keeping LaserLight!"


Kristin Foristall of Sweet K Cookies sends a big thank you to Pat Lynch from Rockland Trust and Katie Howard of our network for their recent cookie orders.


Lisa Marie Williams of Lisa Marie's Boutique wishes to send Paula Linda of O'Donoghue Insurance a heart-felt thank you for recently being such a big help.


Barbara Case of Moors Cabot would like to thank Veva Johnson of  Professional Bookkeeping, Susan Hammond of scHammond Advisors, Phyllis Wenzel of Image Resolutions, Laura Willis of Willis Works, Jackie McCarthy of Coffee News, Ava Glaser, Market America (and Beth Harper-MacDonald)- the women of the Massachusetts Educational Foundation making a difference through education in people's lives.  

"What a wonderful group of women to work with on a great cause!" said Barbara.   "We are also helped incredibly by Paula Lind of O'Donoghue Insurance who goes the extra mile for you! Connections, conversations and camaraderies are endless! Thanks to all who have been a part of my business and personal life! "


Maureen Elliott of Camelot Enterprises submitted "... a big thank you to Courtney and Nancy of Arrange Boston who stopped by the office to pick up some catalogs and ask me to help them with some branded apparel.  Best wishes for 2012 to everyone."


I am looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year!  Please keep these great connections coming!



Kristen Ford-Hernandez

Premiere Pros

Email: Kristen@premierepros.com


Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful. - Mark Victor Hansen

Movin' on up
Roberta Sousa
Roberta Sousa, Rockland Trust

Greetings!  There are many exciting accomplishments from our members ... where is yours?


Although not yet quite ready to accept congratulations, Pauline Alighieri, Executive Director of the Friends of Mel Foundation, announced that the organization has so far raised approximately one-third of the $45,000-plus goal that it hopes to reach by May 1st in order to win the Pink Well Challenge for matching funds.  Check out the website http://www.friendsofmel.org/ for more details, and to find out how you can help with even a small donation!


Jennifer Mitchell, ownerof Senza Sole Mobile Sunless Tanning, is excited to announce the opening of her new business.  Her business is the premier mobile spray tanning service in the South Shore area of Boston providing custom airbrush tanning in your home, office, hotel room or anywhere your heart desires.  Senza Sole Airbrush Tanning is the faster and safer alternative to UV tanning. An airbrush tan can help disguise cellulite, stretch marks, blemishes, and give any skin type a natural looking glow.   No mess!  No streaks!  No orange!  They are dedicated to providing clients with a professional and confidential experience that leaves you looking your best.  Check out her link above and give Jennifer a call to welcome her to SSWBN!


Lynn Feingold singer from Songs of the Colonial Days has applied lessons she learned at SSWBN to network more effectively with other experienced performers, resulting in her recent collaboration with three other singers to form a new group called, "Dall-i-ance."  This four-woman group performed Irish and Scottish bawdy songs from a woman's perspective at a "Bawdy Breakfast" at the Boston Celtic Music Festival in early January.  In its 9th year, the BCM Fest features the best Celtic traditional performers from the Boston area.  Well done, Lynn!     

Do you have an achievement, accomplishment or award that deserves recognition?  (Of course you do.)  Wouldn't you love to see it published?  This is a great place to start, so let us know.  Give us the opportunity to celebrate with you!! 


Kristen Ford-Hernandez of Premiere Pros was recently featured in an article on Patch.com.  Please view article here.


As always, I look forward to receiving your announcements and sharing them with the members.  Please email them to me by the 18th of the month.



Roberta Sousa



Networking Nova
Kathleen Keegan 

Each month the SSWBN Membership Team recognizes a member(s) who exemplifies the qualities of a Networking Nova, a person(s) who embodies the Network's core values of coaching, contacts and collaboration; someone who is visible at many SSWBN events and who treats others with respect and dignity. In addition, this person(s) utilizes the Network to build his/her business and helps others do the same.


Congratulations to Kathleen Keegan from Real Estate Rocks!


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Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. 
MA Ed Foundation 

What a wonderful year it has been, and what a way to bring 2011 to a close!


On Monday, November 28, the Massachusetts Educational Foundation (MEF) held its annual shopping event at Summer Shack at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham.


Many of the supporters of our cause were present, along with some new faces as well from I-Network.biz who partnered with us. What a great group of enthusiastic shoppers who care enough to give back!! Not only did our guests receive exclusive discounts from the stores at Derby Street Shoppes - some as high as 50 percent off -- they also generously donated to the MEF.


All net proceeds from the evening go directly to the Massachusetts Educational Foundation scholarship program. We are thrilled to announce that enough funds were raised to cover an entire scholarship!


The Massachusetts Educational Foundation has expanded our scholarship sites to include all of Massachusetts, and we will be planning many events in 2012 to benefit our cause.


Keep a watch on our website for updates.


Remember, your future inclusion of the Massachusetts Educational Foundation in your gift giving will help us to achieve our long-range goals, too, as we work toward our 15th anniversary in 2013. (You will not want to miss that event either!)


The Massachusetts Educational Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of women over 35, enabling them to transition to a more rewarding career, by providing scholarships for education. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of IRS regulations.


Thank you!

SSWBN I P.O. Box 577, Hingham, MA 02018-0577 I  781-924-5160 I www.sswbn.org