Six Months Old & Pregnant

Greetings!Six Months Old & Pregnant  


Female kittens grow up fast on the streets of New York City.  


At six months old, they can give birth to their first litter, and in a single season, give birth to more than 18 kittens! 


Add to that the constant need to scrounge for food (for herself and all those hungry little mouths) and find safe shelter from people and storms. Is it any wonder that many of these moms die young?

You can improve the lives of these young mothers today and help reduce the number of young moms on the street.

With your online tax-deductible donation of $25 or more, we can spay more female cats in New York City this year, and relieve them of the burden of constant mothering. A $50 donation will help us provide critical vaccines and medical care to help our community cats live longer and healthier lives.



Save a Life. Donate Now. Without your help, kittens will continue to have kittens and will struggle to survive. Your donation today will improve their lives tomorrow. Thanks for caring!




Jane Hoffman, President

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals 




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