NYC Spring Forecast: 100% Chance of Kittens


(Photo by Urban Cat League) Are you ready for spring? 


Thanks to the support of cat lovers like you, we've already sprung into action!  


The warm temps we've been having in New York City lately not only brought us early blooms, but they also supercharged the ongoing kitten boom. Shelters are taking in hundreds of little orphans, but thanks to the support of people like you, we're confident there will be fewer than last year.


Previous donations helped us successfully trap, neuter, and return to their caretakers thousands of community cats in the five boroughs last year. With fewer cats giving birth as a result of our efforts, we hope there will be fewer kittens in New York City this spring.


Unfortunately, though, there will be many kittens who end up in our city shelters or out on the street. Your tax-deductible online donation of $25 or more will help us continue our life-saving work to reduce the number of kittens born on the street.


Save a Life. Donate Now. We hope you will join us in making spring a happy time for the tiniest and newest Little New Yorkers!




Jane Hoffman, President

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals 





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