Am I Your Little Girl?


Am I Your Little Girl?Greetings!


Spring is right around the corner, which means hundreds of orphaned kittens will soon arrive at our city shelters, alone and scared.


While these kitties will never know the comforting sound of their mom's purr, they can live the playful lives they deserve thanks to virtual moms and dads like you!



Become A Virtual Mom or Dad ---- Save a NYC Kitten!


Your tax-deductible online donation to the NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals will make you a virtual mom or dad today!


*$25 buys a can of powdered Kitten Milk Replacer, a starter package of kitten bottles, and a bottle brush. 
*$50 buys a lifesaving "Snuggle Kitty" ---- a surrogate mom for a single kitten (a stuffed animal that has a "heartbeat," an opening for a heated disk, and a microwaveable disk), to provide warmth and comfort to a single kitten.

*$75 pays for everything a bottle-feeder needs to get started raising a litter of healthy newborn kittens: Kitten Milk Replacer, bottles, bottle brush, electrolyte solution, scale, thermometer, heat source, towels (with no loops) for the nest, and cotton gauze.

$100 pays for the first veterinarian visit for a litter of kittens.



Save a Life. Donate Now. Please donate now.

NYC's homeless kittens need you!



Thanks for taking action!

Jane Hoffman, President

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals 




P.S. The more moms and dads, the merrier! Please so your friends can become virtual parents, too.



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