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April 2012

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Don't Be An "April Fool"
6Qs: Tana Thorne, Massage Therapist, Tennis Expert & Expectant Mom
Energy Snack Idea
Think About It...
Staying Active Tip - 12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work



Happy New Year to you! We hope you enjoy our April issue of STAYING ACTIVE. This month's newsletter is full of tips related to getting active for SPRING. 


Don't Be An "April Fool"


While the origins of April Fools' Day are sketchy at best, one of the more popular theories dates back to the 16th century. Prior to 1582, the new year began on April 1. When the new year was moved to Jan. 1 in 1582, there were some people who hadn't heard or didn't believe the change in the date, so they continued to celebrate New Year's Day on April 1. These "April fools" were often ridiculed by being sent on "fools errands" or were made the butt of other practical jokes.


Don't be an "April Fool" this season, get ACTIVE and get HEALTHY.  Here is a 12-week guide to Healthy Walking. Print it out and get started today!




6 QUESTIONS for Tana Thorne - Massage Therapist, Tennis Expert & Expectant Mom 

1. Where did you grow up? What school did you go to? I grew up in Oregon then moved to Montana my Junior year of high school which then lead me to Denver to attend the Denver School of Massage Therapy. Here I found my husband of 4 years. We will be expecting our first child in September. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters and between them I have 10 nieces and nephews.


2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a marine biologist. Growing up I loved dolphins, whales and all sea life but my father informed me it was a hard field to get jobs in so I would be better off doing something where I can guarantee a job.


3. What are your hobbies? Anything sports related (watching and playing), playing piano, hunting, hiking, biking, camping, (pretty much anything outdoors).


4.  Rumor has it you play tennis? Yes. I started playing tennis in middle school and from there I played throughout high school in both Oregon and Montana. I went to State both my junior and senior year of high school. Following high school I attended BYU - Idaho where I played tennis for 2 years and both years I took Champion. I ended up moving to Denver so it cut my tennis years short. Since I have been in Denver I teach tennis through the summer; mostly children because I love kids but I teach adults as well. I wish I had more time to play competitive tennis again but teaching is where my passion is now! 


5. What/who motivates you? My mother motivates me the most. She is an incredible woman who has fought through many difficult things in her life and made it look easy. If I could be half the woman she is I would consider myself lucky.


6. What is your top advice for taking care of your health? The first step is to control your mind. Once you do that, exercise and eating healthy will come easy!!




Get The Energy You Need to BE ACTIVE

energy bars




For all that spring activity, you may 

need a boost of energy.  Try these  

Fruit and Nut Energy Bars







"I have two doctors - my left leg and my right leg"

- George Trevelyan



12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work


Is your excuse for not exercising that you work too much? Well, we have some tips for you to help get you healthy and likely help your productivity too! Print it out and tape it to your desk.


Click here for 12 Easy Ways to Enjoy Activity at Work.



World Health Day is April 7th.
The topic of World Health Day in 2012 is Aging and health with the theme "Good health adds life to years". The focus is how good health throughout life can help older men and women lead full and productive lives and be a resource for their families and communities. Aging concerns each and every one of us - whether young or old, male or female, rich or poor - no matter where we live. 
Earth Day is April 22nd.
Our planet, our home is being neglected. Climate change continues unabated. It seems there's a new ecological disaster happening almost daily. This Earth Day it's time to mobilize the planet from the ground up to send a message that the Earth won't wait! 
Thank you for your interest in health and wellness. We believe Staying Active is important for WORK.SPORT.LIFE. 

If you like this newsletter, please send to friends and family and have them subscribe. If there is a topic you would like us to include in a future issues, please let us know.


Happy Springtime!


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