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August 2011

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school kids with backpacks

Backpacks come in all sizes, colors, fabrics, and shapes and help kids of all ages express their own personal sense of style. And when used properly, they're incredibly handy.


Many packs feature multiple compartments that help students stay organized while they tote their books and papers from home to school and back again. Compared with shoulder bags, messenger bags, or purses, backpacks are better because the strongest muscles in the body - the back and the abdominal muscles - support the weight of the packs.


When worn correctly, the weight in a backpack is evenly distributed across the body, and shoulder and neck injuries are less common than if someone carried a briefcase or purse.


As practical as backpacks are, though, they can strain muscles and joints and may cause back pain if they're too heavy or are used incorrectly. Click here for some tips about backpack safety:

6 QUESTIONS for Janet Incitti, PT & Sports Mom
Janet Incitti

1. Where did you grow up?  

I grew up in Trinidad, Colorado with two brothers but I now live in Golden with my 3 daughters. I attended the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where I earned my Physical Therapy degree.


2. What did you want to be when you grew up?  

I wanted to be various things when I was younger, including a pharmacist, doctor and a teacher. After observing several professions I decided that physical therapy would be a good fit and allow me to work in a health care profession and to teach on a daily basis.


3.What are your hobbies?  

In my free time I enjoy golfing, walking, bike riding and watching my daughters play sports.


4. What kind of injuries do you see in your daugthers' sports?

One common injury I see is sprained ankles. To treat a sprained ankle, I use ice, compression, soft tissue mobilization and elevation. I also use an ankle brace at times for soccer/basketball and I use custom orthotics for soccer cleats which decreases ankle pain.


Another injury my older daughter has had is patellar tendonitis. For this I used ice, tape to unload the tendon and I taught her hip strengthening exercises. Hip weakness was the primary reason she was landing from jumps incorrectly and increasing stress to her knees. She was able to participate in a 4 day basketball camp without knee pain when her hips were strong. 


For my younger daughter who plays a lot of volleyball, I saw shoulder pain due to stiffness in her rib joints. This responded to joint mobilization and strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff and scapular muscles.  


5. What is your favorite place in Colorado or the world?  

Steamboat Springs in the summer, especially when the balloon festival is in town. I really enjoyed Venice, Italy, because it was so unique. I also like Cinque Terre, Italy. It had great food, beaches and the views were beautiful .


6. What is your favorite quote?  

"If I can treat you, I can help you today, but if I can teach you, I can help you for a lifetime." 

youth baseball

Doctors often recommend physical therapy for kids who have been injured or have movement problems from an illness, disease, or disability. After an injury, physical therapists are often able to relieve pain and help kids resume daily activities. 


Physical therapists teach kids exercises designed to help them regain strength and range of motion, and also show them how to prevent a recurring injury. Read more about PT for kids by clicking here.




While we try to teach our children about life,
our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt


Balance Class Returns!

Due to popular demand, Balance Class is returning. To get in on the fun, join the next session. Balance classes are taught by physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. This is a unique program for back and leg strengthening, stretching for mobility, education and balance exercises. Come join a class to restore your balance, fitness and independence. Our next class will be starting August 8, 2011. Please call for more details.


Fitness Physical Workshop
Do you wonder how fit you really are compared to other people in your age group or do you want to know the specific areas you need to strengthen? Fall and winter are approaching fast, and if you are planning a marathon, skiing or just want to go walking without worrying if you can do it, now you can find out with our Fitness Physical!


Join PTIS for a "School Supplies Drive"

We are holding a school supplies drive for our local Bishop Elementary School. Bishop Elementary has a diverse population of children with diverse needs. Many children are on a reduced or "free" lunch program. Why not help us help them by donating school supplies at one of our 3 clinic drop-off sites.


Bring in 10 school supplies and register for a chance to win a FREE MASSAGE. All you need to do is bring in your items by August 22nd and fill in a donation form at the front desk to enter.


For more information about Bishop Elementary, please visit their website at



youth soccer kids


If you've ever watched kids on a playground, you've seen the three elements of fitness (endurance, strength and flexibility) in action when they:


ONE: Run away from the kid who's "it" (endurance)

TWO: Cross the monkey bars (strength)

THREE: Bend down to tie their shoes (flexibility)


Parents should encourage their kids to do a variety of activities so that they can work on all three elements.


Endurance is developed when kids regularly engage in aerobic activity. During aerobic exercise, the heart beats faster and a person breathes harder. When done regularly and for continuous periods of time, aerobic activity strengthens the heart and improves the body's ability to deliver oxygen to all its cells.




Fruit Salad Cones 

Fruit Salad Cones

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