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"Music 4 Life®:

Change Sales

from NO to YES"

Downtrodden and ready to quit? Dissolve negative moods into vital positive attitudes to win the "YES!"

"Executive Order: Maximize Productivity"

Stress kills productivity: neutralize stress and re-charge effectiveness.  

"Transform Your Life, Job & Relationships with the Power of Music"

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World's Leading Expert in
Music-Based Stress Management 

One-of-a-Kind!  Entertaining!  Researched!  Effective!  Life-Transforming!


That's what people are saying about the World's Leading Expert in Music-Based Stress Management. Now, more than ever before, people want Judith Pinkerton's Music 4 Life® do-it-yourself approach. Why?


Stress is the #1 killer, increasing heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and blood sugars. Anxiety disorders alone affect 40 million Americans (1 out of 8) who are six times more likely to be hospitalized, driving costs to $42 billion annually.


Music 4 Life® reduces anxiety.


"Pain attacks started after my husband died of cancer. Music 4 Life® music eliminated these attacks and the need for Xanax within three weeks of daily listening. I know that if I don't listen to my Music 4 Life® music the attacks will start again."      N. Inman, personnel analyst


Founder and President of Music 4 Life, Inc., Judith Pinkerton developed the Music 4 Life® mind-body-spirit health system over a two decade journey through clinical trials, case studies and audience participation.  A board-certified music therapist, Judith dislodges old beliefs about music's healing power, declaring new research-based methods that may save thousands of dollars in healthcare costs. 


Disclaimer: Music 4 Life prevention and wellness programs and products are not intended to replace medication nor your health practitioner. Consult your physician to determine best course of action.



Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops


Judith captures the hearts and minds of all audiences as she sets the stage for self-exploration, validating participant experiences with interactive music demonstrations and research-based evidence to build bridges between cultures and generations. Based upon two decades of clinical work and public speaking, Judith's motivational message provokes audience reflection and energizing action, changing mindsets by upgrading their instincts. Her mood regulation message is: reduce stress, anxiety, anger, depression or grief now.  Equipped with PowerPoint, iPod, and a variety of music healing tools, education is mixed with fun, using voice, violin and drum circle rhythm instruments. Presentations are customized in advance and delivered spontaneously as Judith continually meets audience acclaim.


"Outstanding! One-of-a-kind, unique observations that help me personally and through me, all my clients. I will use music in the sequence tension/centered/positive expression in order to help the client release emotions rather than just mood alter."     D. Fitzpatrick, alcohol & drug counselor

 Radio Show Host 


Music 4 Life® Radio show host Judith Pinkerton stretches your mind to wrap around leading-edge discoveries using the arts for healing. Creative resources explore inner rhythms that may create peace or war. Judith introduces her guests' favorite music to reduce stress, or heal from trauma, as she takes them on a journey, weaving their musical story into their life story. What is their music saying about them? Judith also links featured music into the Music 4 Life® mind-body-spirit health system to educate listeners' use - or not - of the music in their life.


"Judith's unusual presentations with music cut across all age groups."

- R. Fisher, President/CEO, Nevada Broadcasters Association


Join Judith in her Mission:

Transform Our World - One Person at a Time! 


"Music 4 Life was a miracle for me. I was able to face my barriers head-on, and break through them to achieve the emotional balance I needed to reach my goals."     - G. Moses, Business Executive


Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC

Judith Pinkerton, MT-BC