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Save 50% on both the 2012 North American Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar and the 2012 Stella Natura Calendar. Each of these calendars includes background information on the relationship between plants, earth, and the cosmos, as well as practical instructions for using the calendar to plan your farming and gardening.

A recommended and popular introductory book on biodynamics by Wolf D. Storl, this eloquent and inspiring book gives a deeper philosophical and practical understanding of biodynamic horticulture. 
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Get ready for your garden harvest or CSA share with Louise Frazier's informative guide to creating your own culinary adventures. The first week of May, for example, is the time to celebrate spinach, and Louise's Leaves gives inspiration for steaming, sauteeing, adding to soups and pasta, finding complementary herbs, and more. 
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GMOs: What's Happening

Lawsuit Against Monsanto Appealed 
Farmers and organizations involved in the lawsuit challenging Monsanto's GMO patent rights appealed the case on March 28. This appeal seeks to overturn a dismissal ruling issued on February 24. As Jim Gerritsen, President of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (the lead appellant in the case) explained, "We're not asking for one penny from Monsanto. Ultimately, our fight is for justice and is waged to defend the right of the people to have access to good and safe food." Plaintiffs in the case include a number of Biodynamic farmers and Biodynamic certifier Demeter USA. The Biodynamic Association has been supporting the plaintiffs as an amicus curiae, or "friend of the court." Read the full press release here.

Just Label It! Petitions the White House 

Just Label It!After receiving a record-breaking 1.1 million signatures in support of labeling GMOs from the Just Label It campaign, the FDA stated that it had no comment and had not made a decision. In response, the campaign launched a petition to the White House with the goal of getting 25,000 signatures in 30 days. They achieved this goal in just five days, which means the White House must respond. The Biodynamic Association is proud to be a partner in this collaborative effort, and we're thankful to our members and friends who have supported it and continue to spread the word. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updates.

On Our Blog 
Stegman Hall at Rudolf Steiner College A New Inspiration for Education
By Stephen Payne: The Western Waldorf Educators Conference of 2012 at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, artfully wove practical craft skills, movement, and lectures into three days entitled 'A New Inspiration for Education'. 
Anise Swallowtail on EchiumThe Study of the Life of Bees from the Standpoint of the Soul
By Michael Thiele: Historically, living with bees was ritualized, ensuring harmony between bees and apiculturists. In our de-ritualized world, we face the challenge of finding the means to reconnect with core aspects of life and of finding guidance for being with the bees. Read more....  

The following is a sample of opportunities posted on our website. For a full and current list of opportunities available, or to submit a post, please visit our forums
Biodynamic apprentice opening: S&S Homestead Farm on Lopez Island, WA, is looking for an apprentice serious about biodynamics for an initial 3-month commitment
Whole farm apprentice sought: Hawthorne Valley Farm, a Demeter-certified farm in NY, seeks apprentice through at least Thanksgiving 2012
Farm intern sought: Black Bear Farm, a micro-farm in the Mendocino foothills in CA using biodynamic and permaculture practices, seeks a couple or single person

Seeking farmer: Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY, is adding a farming component to Waldorf community
Upcoming Events

This is a sample of upcoming events on our website calendar, where you can submit an event or find details for these and other events in 2012.
May 5: Awakening Nature Perception - Flowers, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
May 5: AGM for BioDynamic Society of BC, Abbotsford, BC
May 10-13: Biodynamic Spring Course, C Dar Lodge, Squamish, BC
May 11-13: Pfeiffer Center Plant Sale, Chestnut Ridge, NY
May 12: Pests and Insects: Friends, Foes, and the Honeybee, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
May 20: Ashing Workshop - Chitinous Insects, Josephine Porter Institute, Woolwine, VA
May 25-28: 3rd Annual Spring Fling, Old King Farm, Benson, VT
June 2: Care of the Hive, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
June 2: The Role of the Horse in the Farm Organism, Pfeiffer Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY
June 2: How to Harvest, Make and Use the Valerian Preparation, Josephine Porter Institute, Woolwine, VA

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