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If you're not part of the BING facebook group yet, here's a taste of what you're missing:

From Kevin: "I'm working on the CSA farm at the Eco village in Clougjordan,County Tipperary, Ireland and wondered if anyone could give me some advice as to how the internship process works in the states as we would like to start something similar here."

From Darcy:

From Tammy: "I am trying to figure out some kind of biodynamic remedies/energetic preparations for my dense, dead, heavy clay soil. I have done the mechanical remedies (adding manure, mulch, cover crops...) but am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences (or resources for info on such things) on infusing clay soil with sandy energy (jokes, but not really ;))"

From Justin: "is there any fellow Portlander's (OR) on here that would like to join me in creating a small BD urban farm?

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Occupy Our Food Supply


Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together the Occupy, sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental movements for a global day of action on February 27, 2012. Inspired by the theme of CREATE/RESIST, thousands will come together to creatively confront corporate control of our food supply and take action to build healthy, accessible food systems for all.


Visit the website at to find an event near you or organize your own. Let us know if you participate! 


Biodynamic Beekeeping Training


Renowned biodynamic beekeeper Gunther Hauk is offering a new  two-year Sustainable/Biodynamic Beekeeping Training at Spikenard Farm in Virginia, beginning this June.


beesObjectives of the training are to deepen the understanding of the honeybees and the laws of nature, which are the laws of life, in order to arrive at appropriate beekeeping practices able to strengthen the honeybee's compromised immune system and restore health to the extent that external factors of our environment and culture permit.

The training will go beyond traditional/organic/natural beekeeping methods, and will explore beekeeping methods that will bring us and the Honeybees into the future. A new way of relating to the animal kingdom is dictated by the needs of our times. The overarching goal of healing will lead us into a deeper understanding of the most holistic way of enlivening the landscape and forage for the pollinators: biodynamic agriculture.

Each session will include practical experience with our bees as well as artistic activities, in order to train our sense of observation, a necessary tool for rising above 'recipes'. After completion of the four sessions, including their requirements, the training will finish with a certificate for biodynamic/sustainable beekeeping.  

Course dates:
2012: June 21 - 23 & August 30 - September 1
2013: June 20 - 22 & August 29 - 31

For more information about the training view the brochure (PDF) or visit the Spikenard Farm website


spikenard workshops This year Spikenard Farm will also offer four Sustainable/Biodynamic Beekeeping Workshops which can be taken alone or as a series.  


March 10: Introduction to Beekeeping

April 28: Towards Saving the Honeybee: Principles of Sustainable/Biodynamic Beekeeping Practices. 

May 26: Expanding the Apiary Naturally: Swarm Management and Working with Naturally Raised Queens

August 18: Honey Harvest, Mite Treatments, Winter Preparation


For more information about the workshops view the brochure (PDF) or visit the Spikenard Farm website.   




Impulse Festival  


Leslie Loy posted in the BING Facebook Group: 


Dear friends...the Impulse Youth Group in Fair Oaks is getting ready to host its second annual conference on White Feather Ranch in Placerville, CA. We're excited to bring young people out to the land, to experience biodynamics and community engagement through the work of Nancy Poer and Edgard Gouveia Junior. Please join us!  


Impulse Festival: Metamorphosis (April 26th-29th, 2012) is a four-day community awakening that invites people of all ages to come into creative and imaginative play to transform themselves and the world. Through dynamic and diverse workshops, participants will be able to explore the relationship between themselves and others. Activities will be designed to explore how to sustain ourselves, the community and the world. An impulse is that which flickers and flames alive in each of us; it is the inspiration to do something, create, share; it is a unique and magical experience that has the power to ignite movements and to unite groups and  birth community. We honor our impulses as great moments to be explored in order to see what might come towards us from the future. Join us as we explore themes of metamorphosis-of transformation from one way of being to the next.


Learn more at



Learn-Work-Share Youth Conference 


girl with veggies For young people ages 16-30, this summer at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan: 


Learn: July 4-8 (all participants must attend the Learn portion)  

Learn about basic anthroposophy, anthroposophic medicine, nursing care, therapies, nutrition, lifestyle, biodynamic agriculture and community building


Work: July 9-15  

Work at an anthroposophic health retreat, putting what we learned into practice, according to your interests and abilities


Share: July 15-21  

Share healthy nutrition and lifestyle approaches with pre-teen girls as an investment for the future.


There is no cost to attend and meals and housing will be provided. Applications due by February 29. Please see visit the youth conference website for more information and to apply.



Land Opportunities


For more listings or to share an opportunity, please visit our forums.

200-acre farm for rent - New Jersey
Beautiful 200-acre preserved farm for rent. Current CSA farmers moving from the farm, creating an excellent opportunity for a progressive, ecologically minded farmer. Ideally located in one of New Jersey's most scenic rural areas, within easy reach of the New York metropolitan area. Land suited for pasture and vegetable production. Existing quality fencing, barns, farm buildings, and house.

Caretaking/farming opportunity in New York
Sunbridge Waldorf Teacher graduate seeks live-in intern, individual or couple to help caretake and begin farming on 80 acres in Greene County one hour west of Hudson, New York. Starting this Spring.

Farmland for lease in Media, PA
16 Acres under Preservation Easement with The Natural Lands Trust
2 Spring Streams, Springhouse, Woods, Pasture and a Flat Orchard Field. Looking for a farmer who feels that this location could fulfill and sustain their vision.


Job & Internship Openings 


For more details, additional openings, or to share an opportunity, please visit our forums.

Riverglen Biodynamic Farm seeks Interns - Ottowa, ON
6-month internship on a Demeter certified, biodynamic farm located in the West end of Ottawa's Greenbelt producing vegetables, eggs, chicken and honey. The farm also has a new permaculture orchard with fruit trees, shrubs and medicinal and edible perennials.

Opportunity for Biodynamic Farmer / Educator (Essex, NY)
Lakeside School (a Waldorf initiative in Essex, NY) is seeking a farmer / educator to sublease the farmland around our school to create their own farming business and work with the school in an education capacity as well.

Waverly Farms seeking two interns in Virginia
Waverly Farms, located in Burkeville Va, is seeking two interns to round out our staff to help us expand our second year CSA. Our CSA manager has over fourteen years of experience in biodynamics and will be bringing that aspect of farming to the Waverly Farms CSA. In addition to vegetables, we raise cows for beef (we are currently looking for our first milk cow), goats for breeding, milk and meat, llamas, chickens for eggs and hogs. There are also some horses on the farm.

Seasonal Assistant Gardener in Healing Gardens - NY
Biodynamic Healing Garden programs at the Center for Discovery, care provider for individuals with severe disabilities and autism. This position's responsibilities are: to assist the manager with the gardens, greenhouse and herbal workshop; have specific gardens under direct management and care; assist teachers in involving the individuals cared for in the gardening work.

Thanksgiving farm is owned and operated by the Center for Discovery, which is a not-for-profit provider of educational health and residential services for children and adults with severe disabilities and medical frailties. The herdsperson should have 5 + years experience in animal husbandry, be knowledgeable of all aspects of forage production (pasture and hay), and have interest in using organic/biodynamic methods.

Estate Gardener Wanted
This is a permanent, year round, salaried, professional gardening position on a private residential estate which is part of a historic working farm using low impact, sustainable land management practices. The gardener is responsible for the care and maintenance of the gardens, greenhouse and indoor plants.

Horticulture Manager at Montessori Farm School Northern New Mexico
Horticulture Manager at Camino de Paz School & Farm is responsible for 2 acres of year-round produce production (includes 5,000 sq ft of greenhouses), 2 acres of fruit, 4 acres pasture and wildlife. Directs a daily work crew of 2 to 4 adolescents for 1 hr of field work and 30 minutes of related classroom instruction -- students rotate every 8 weeks. Working closely with the Farm Director, the manager and students develop the farm planting plan, and do the cultivation and harvesting.

Biodynamic/Permaculture Training in Ecuador
Join us in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador close to Vilcabamba, the Valley of Longevity and Tranquility. We are looking for four interns to join us on our farm. We have a milk cow and will soon have goats, chickens, horses and bees. We are in a pristine river valley, off the grid, but do have internet and Skype. We live simply and everything is done by hand.


Upcoming Events


For details on these events and more, or to share your event, visit our calendar.

February 29: New York Small Farms Summit, Hempstead, NY

March 1-4: Fellowship of Preparation Makers Annual Conference, Hotchkiss, CO

March 3: Biodynamic Agriculture Lecture and Workshop at The Waldorf School of the Peninsula, Mountain View, CA

March 7-11: Biodynamic Solutions to the Nutria Problem in and Around New Orleans, LA

March 10: Introduction to Beekeeping, Floyd, VA

March 14: Sex in the Garden: The Lower Plants (Workshop in Biodynamics and Alchemy, with Dennis Klocek) Petaluma, CA

March 14-15: Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Fairbanks, AK

March 17-18: Wise Traditions London 2012

March 22-24: HMI's Beginning Woman Farmer Conference: Exploring Whole Farm Planning, Amherst, MA

April 8: Introduction to Biodynamics, Fair Oaks, CA

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