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Biodynamic Research Program Coordinator Sought 
The Biodynamic Association is accepting applications for a part-time Biodynamic Research Program Coordinator who will help launch the research program of the Association and facilitate a planning process for a long-term collaborative research project. 
Read the full position announcement here. 
You can find out more about the Biodynamic Research Working Group here and about the collaborative research project here.

GMO? Just Label It!


Just Label It!An unprecedented coalition of individuals, organizations, and business has formed to advocate for labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Biodynamic Association has joined as a partner in this effort, and we encourage you to visit the new Just Label It website to find out more and make your voice heard. 


Read more about the biodynamic approach to the challenges posed by genetic modification in the upcoming issue of Biodynamics, arriving in mailboxes later this month and available for member-only online viewing by November 15. (Not a member? New members can join now for only $20!)

Action Alerts                            

Michael Schmidt delivers keynote at our 2010 National Conference
Michael Schmidt delivers keynote at the 2010 Biodynamic National Conference
Urgent Raw Milk Action Alert

In an effort to mobilize against governmental interference with property ownership rights and food freedom, Canadian biodynamic farmer Michael Schmidt has been on a hunger strike since a September 28 ruling that reversed a decision confirming cow share members' right to obtain raw milk products. He is encouraging supporters to contact governmental officials to ask them to open a dialogue with him. Click here to find out how you can do to help. 

Biodynamic Farm Threatened by Neighboring Corporate CAFO
Long Hungry Creek Farm
Long Hungry Creek Farm
Biodynamic farmer Jeff Poppen (aka "The Barefoot Farmer") of Long Hungry Creek Farm in Tennessee, with support from community members and friends of the farm, is mounting a public relations campaign about the negative impacts of a neighboring Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) to the farm and to the rural community. Long Hungry Creek Farm is a prominent biodynamic farm and educational center and home of the much-loved annual Biodynamic Celebration. Click here to find out what's going on, how the community is responding, and how you can help.

Live Next to a Thriving Biodynamic CSA!


BDA Property

The BDA is still seeking a buyer for its beautiful 35-acre property in Oregon where a wonderful biodynamic CSA has begun to thrive. We welcome interest from buyers who would want to live in the stunning 4000+ square foot Victorian home on the property, as well as those who would want to rent out the whole property. There is plenty of space to accommodate both the current farmers - Jonah Bloch and Amber Lippert - as well as a new owner and their family. This is also a perfect opportunity for someone wanting to start a biodynamic bed and breakfast! For more information please click here or contact Robert Karp at 


The following is a sample of opportunities posted on our website. For a full and current list of opportunities available, please visit our forumsTo submit employment, internship, or other opportunities, please email
Interns/Apprentices Sought: Spirit of the Earth farm in Kauai, HI is looking for interns and apprentices who are interested in biodynamic agriculture, permaculture, and localization.


Biodynamic Farmland for Sale: 44 acres in Elk, CA that were Demeter certified Biodynamic from 1996 until last year. Includes house, barn, greenhouses, dairy, apiary, water systems, orchards, and more.
Biodynamic Research Program Coordinator Sought: The BDA is accepting applications for a part-time coordinator who will help launch the research program of the Association and facilitate a planning process for a long-term collaborative research project.
Upcoming Events

We have a new website calendar
You can now submit events yourself on the main calendar page; see the brief directions at the top. You can now also add photos or documents to your event description by clicking on "additional event info." If you'd prefer to have us list your event for you, please email with text and details (no PDFs, please).  
You can also view events in different ways: by region (choose "event region" and then click "apply") or by year, month, week, or day. We realize some of you may prefer the prior "list" format, so we are working on developing that as an alternative view.
Selected November Events
Visit our calendar page for all events in 2011-2012.
Nov. 5: Awakening Nature Perception - Leaf Color, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
Nov. 9-13: JPI Annual Fall Workshop - Session 2, JPI, Woolwine, VA
Nov. 12: Animal Pests Ashing Workshop, JPI, Woolwine, VA
Nov. 14-15: 7th Annual Sustainable Ag Expo, Paso Robles, CA
Nov. 19: Compost, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA
Nov. 19: Beekeeping for the Future, Pfeiffer Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY
Nov. 20: Food Rights Film Festival, Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, NY

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