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From Your Mayor
An EarlyCity Hall Front Door Spring!

Normally when I write the Spring Mayor's letter we are still watching snow melt and contemplating the accuracy of ice out predictions. This year as I write, my dock is already in and many boats have sped by on this sunny afternoon.

Spring is also the time of year we receive our property valuation statements from Hennepin County. Not surprisingly, this past year showed, on average, declining property values for Spring Park. Single Family homes showed the greatest property value decline of approximately 13%. The value of our condominiums and apartments stayed flat this year. Commercial and industrial property values stayed constant as well. Townhouses were the only property category to show an overall increase of 2.4% this year.

The last several years I cringe as I have watched our home equity shrink smaller and smaller. Since 2002, the overall property value growth for Spring Park is a mere 3.5%. The news keeps getting grimmer. Since 2008, property values in Spring Park have declined a whopping 34.6%.

Unfortunately declining property values does not always equate to lower property taxes. Each individual property owner's share of the tax levy amount is based on your property value. Generally, if your property value decreases more than the rest of the property in Spring Park, your share of city tax levy will also decrease. Conversely, if your property value decreases less than the rest of the property in the city, your share of the city tax levy will increase.

Open Book Meeting: Property Values

If you have questions about your property value or feel it is incorrect, I encourage you to attend the Open Book meeting on Wed. April 18 from 6:00pm-7:30pm at city hall and visit with the county assessor. It is helpful if you call in advance and they can have your property information readily at hand. Please call (952) 472-0619 if you plan on attending the meeting.

How about some tidbits of good news?
Sharon Farniok, our Office Assistant/Utility Billing Clerk recently completed the 3-year city clerk certification course. Congratulations Sharon on this wonderful accomplishment. The basketball court at Thor Thompson Park will be getting a facelift thanks to a grant from the Hennepin County Youth Sports Commission. Lastly, Three Rivers Park District and the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District are partnering to add additional parking stalls for trail users at city hall using a pervious pavement system. This is an environmental project, demonstrating how pervious pavement decreases run-off into our Lake.  


The grass is green, the trees are budding, enjoy our early Spring!

Your Mayor~

Sarah Reinhardt

From City HallGreen Leaf 2
Spring Park Welcome Sign

Want to serve your community? Be an election judge! Election judges ensure that the voting process goes smoothly and honestly. Serving as an election judge is a great way to meet your neighbors and protect one of our most cherished freedoms--the right to vote.

Judges are needed for both the state primary (August 14) and the state general election (November 6). This is a paid opportunity and training is provided.  

For more information call Wendy or Sharon at 952-471-9051.


Rules for Dogs  

The city is currently reviewing its dog licensing ordinance to determine whether licensing accomplishes its objective of verifying current vaccinations and identifying lost or stray dogs. Meanwhile, during this time of review, please continue to follow the ordinance currently in place. A condensed version of Chapter 8 reads: (See the full version here)

  • Dogs in excess of three months of age must be licensed in the city of Spring Park;
  • The keeping of more than two dogs over the age of three months is prohibited;
  • Dogs are not allowed to run at large and must be under restraint;
  • Any female dog in season must be confined indoors or impounded for the duration of her season;
  • Any person in control of any dog shall be responsible for the removal and cleanup of their pet's waste.

Also, please remember your pet needs the same care a human does when it's extremely hot or cold weather. Please provide plenty of water and adequate protection from the elements.


Office Assistant, Utility Billing Clerk, Sharon Farniok, for achieving her Certified City Clerk distinction at the 2011 Clerks' Conference in St. Cloud this past March.


Rockvam Boat Yards for 50 years of serving the Lake Minnetonka boating community.

House From the Planning Commission


What does it Mean?

By Jeff Hoffman, Planning Commission Chair  

The dictionary says a volunteer is "Someone who has freely offered to serve." Often times when I tell someone that I am actively involved in my city they respond, "I didn't realize you were involved in politics." When I tell them I'm not, I am a volunteer, I am usually prompted to explain. Even when I served on the city council, which is an elected position, I still didn't feel like I was a politician. In my mind I was someone who had freely offered to serve.


Read more


Volunteer, it's simply a way to give back!

City Council - elected position.

Planning Commission - appointed by the Council

Long Range Planning Committee - ad hoc committee, as needed for alterations to the 30 year comprehensive plan

Election Judge - assist with conducting election duties performed every-other-year. Training provided.

Fire Department - Mound Fire Department

Police Reserves - Orono Police Department


For more information on what it takes to volunteer please contact city staff at 952-471-9051.

Meet Your City AdministratorGreen Leaf 2
Dan Tolsma

Getting to Know Dan Tolsma    


Q& A with Dan Tolsma,  Spring Park City Administrator.

We sat down with Dan Tolsma, new city administrator for our fair city, to talk with him about his background and interests so Spring Park residents can get to know him a little better.

What are your goals as City Administrator? It's my goal to make sure our staff offers the highest level of service possible. I am especially passionate about keeping the City clean and attractive, helping the City and residents mitigate negative impacts on Lake Minnetonka, and helping the City provide improved services while making the City more resourceful with residents' tax dollars. I am really interested in improving the living quality of Spring Park residents through better parks and recreation facilities.


Find out why Dan chose Spring Park, where he's from, why he is uniquely qualified for our fair city, and what he does in his free time.
Read  more  about Dan on our website

From the Utility DepartmentGreen Leaf 2

Spring Street Sweeping & Yard Waste Notices   


Spring street sweeping has been completed due to the early spring.

The yard waste drop-off site (The Mulch Store) at 4275 Creekview Circle in Minnetrista is open for Spring Park Residents. There is no cost to use the site, although a form of identification showing that you are from Spring Park will be required by site staff. Allowable materials include leaves, garden waste, weeds, mil foil, grass clippings, and brush.

Call City Hall at 952-471-9051 if you have questions.



Clean-Up Day

Don't forget:  Clean-Up Day -- Saturday, May 19! Spring Park residents only.


Property Tax Open Book Meeting

Hennepin County Property Tax Open Book Meeting, Wednesday, April 18 6-7:30 PM, City Hall


Medicine Drop BoxDispose of Medicines at Free Drop Boxes

Medicines from households, including prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, supplements and pet medicines, are accepted. 

Who: Hennepin County Sheriff's Water Patrol

Where: 4141 Shoreline Drive in Spring Park

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   

LMCC offers Free TV, Studio, & Digital Production Classes:

The LMCC offers a variety of television production classes to people who live in the Lake Minnetonka area. These classes are designed to teach anyone the basics of Studio Production and Final Cut Pro Editing.  Classes are free, but space is limited, so contact LMCC today and make arrangements to take a class!  

Find out more @ www.lmcc-tv.org, or contact Productions Manager Chris Vogt at 952-471-7125 or email: [email protected].


Watch Council meetings online:

Watch your council in action online @http://www.lmcc-tv.org/spring-park.html 

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