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Hello and welcome to the March 2012 edition of The Rose Garden Newsletter! We're excited to bring you our latest news and updates monthly now. Please be sure to forward this newsletter along to any who may be interested so they may sign up to receive the Newsletter as well.
Up Above The Sky!!!  


The twins Ana Cecilia and Ana Ruth were in shock when they read their names on the list of students who were chosen to participate in the Student Exchange that Holy Family Bilingual School has with St. Mark's Episcopal School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, as part of a cultural exchange. Students are chosen because they have good grades and good behavior coupled with maturity and an excellent attitude. That was the good news!


The most difficult part of the trip was about to begin.

Tia Brenda immediately scheduled an interview with the Juvenile Court to get permission to allow our two minors to leave the country for a cultural exchange program to the United States. This is a very complicated and difficult process because the girls were orphaned and under the legal protection of Our Little Roses. Juvenile Judges are reluctant to allow permission to extend authorization for passports to minors who have been in situations of risk because of the high instances of child trafficking and abuse that has been prevalent over the past several years in Central America. 


Finally, after much checking and investigation one of the judges took the responsibility and initiative of signing the authorization and immediately the passports were able to be obtained. The first hurdle was overcome but the second one was crucial for the trip to become a reality. Tia Brenda and the girls traveled to Tegucigalpa to the American Embassy for the interview with the consul who would either grant an entrance visa or deny it. All the papers that OLRM's obtained were placed in an envelope to be given to the consul before the interview. On the day of the interview, the adrenaline level shot to its maximum level when their names were called and the interview started. After checking the papers and asking some questions, the consul said: "Your visa is approved"!! The girls were so excited about getting the visa!! It was a joyful and happy trip back to San Pedro Sula full of anticipation for the upcoming trip.


Ana Cecilia and Ana Ruth were able to represent Holy Family School at the Student Exchange and during the week they attended St. Mark's Episcopal School as any other student. Ana Cecilia says: "I loved the Spanish Class. In the classroom I was asked to come-up in front of the classroom to read in Spanish. It was so easy for me, but not easy for them." "I used to think that Spanish was an easy language, but I realized that it was not because I heard how the students were struggling with pronunciation". Ana Cecilia also said "I loved the trip to Epcot. It was a learning experience and I got to know cultures of many other countries."  "I saw two monks! I only had seen monks in the movies, but they were real".    



Ana Ruth said: "I felt the butterflies in my stomach when the plane was taking off and then when it was landing"  "This was an experience that I was waiting for and I just can only say to the other girls from OLR that they have to study hard and behave, so they can have this opportunity." said Ana Ruth.


Our Little Roses congratulates Ana Cecilia and Ana Ruth and challenges them to keep up the good work.

Board Meeting   

The Board of Directors of OLRFMS (Our Little Roses Foreign Mission Society) meets in Honduras once a year in order to see firsthand the changes and accomplishments that have occurred during the past year.  


It is a time when the board members also have an opportunity to share and spend some time with the residential girls and staff. The board meeting this year ended with a beautiful celebration where the girls performed typical dances as well as some personal testimonies from girls currently in the transition process. In conclusion, the girls expressed their gratitude for the Board's support and loyalty  to Our Little Roses Ministries. The celebration ended with a party and dancing choreographed by Brenda which put everyone on their feet to join in the celebration!


This year, the Board Meeting took place on March 14 and 15 and the girls presented a yellow rose to each board member, the sweet voices of the little girls sang "Jesus Loves Me". Everyone enjoyed the Folkloric dances which highlighted an important part of the Honduran culture.



The girls also drew roses out of construction paper and elaborated chain necklaces which were placed around the necks of each board member in gratitude.       
Sixth Grade Graduation


 Ismelda, Aylin and Diana are the three girls that this coming June 21 will be celebrating their Sixth Grade graduation at the Hotel Copantl in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Ismelda and her sister Rosenda arrived to OLRM when Ismelda was 7 years old, now Ismelda will be part of the Quinceañera celebration in November and because of her hard work, she is about to finish her 6th grade!!  


Aylin is a talented and dedicated girl, she has a beautiful smile and she always says: "This smile is to show everybody how happy I am". Aylin dreams of becoming a Lawyer, her eyes bright when she says: "I will be a lawyer to help children to be as happy as I am". She loves to live at OLR and she looks happy when she says: "This is a big family for me. I hope that everybody who read this newsletter can come and I am sure that they will love the girls and this place". When she was asked what is her favorite food, with a charming smile she responded: "I love Chinese rice". CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
~ Margaret Mead



With Love,


Our Little Roses Ministries

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There are many ways to support Our Little Roses, but one of the most valuable is to sponsor a girl. This gives the home an assurance of a steady source of support for a girl for several years -- hopefully until she becomes an adult. Sponsorships are $720 per year, which may seem like a lot, but paid quarterly ($180) or monthly ($60) is quite manageable.


If you sponsor a girl, you will receive a certificate and a photo. You are encouraged to correspond with the girl you sponsor, and she will reply. 


Another possibility is to accept responsibility for tuition for one of the girls at Holy Family Bilingual School or at university.

For More information please call Beverly Allison at 1-800-849-9252; (540) 832-5141 or email to OLRFMS is recognized as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and contributions are tax-deductible.