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Newsletter No. 20 - July 19, 2010     Forward to a Friend
       Festival Dates:                              Expo Dates:
10/10/10 - 10/24/10          10/23 & 10/24
Wanted: Volunteers for the Expo!

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Volunteers will be an essential part in making the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on the National Mall and surrounding areas a success.
Please sign up now if you would like to help. Assignments vary, and are designed to work with your schedule: sign up for one shift on one day, or for multiple shifts throughout both days.
Please note: You must attend a volunteer training session in the afternoon of Sunday, October 17. The training session will be held on the National Mall from 2-3:30pm for those of you who will be assigned to working on the National Mall. For those of you who will be assigned to working in the Wilson Plaza/Penn Ave. section of the Expo, the training session will be held from 4-5:30pm in Wilson Plaza. You will be notified in due time. Training will be held rain or shine. If you are unavailable at that time, you must participate in a conference call the week of October 18- date and time TBD.
As a volunteer, you receive our undying gratitude, a Festival T-shirt, and the satisfaction that you helped make the biggest celebration of science in the US a huge success!
Please read descriptions below. Click here to sign-up
Two women setting up exhibit boothStrong Guys and Gals needed for Exhibitor Move-in
Number of Volunteers needed: 100
When: Saturday, October 23, 6am-10am
What: Help exhibitors transport items from their drop-off location to their booths; help hang banners or provide other assistance as needed
Profile: Must be able to lift and carry heavy boxes and/or operate hand-trucks
Sign up here!

Guys and Gals needed for Exhibitor Move-out Sunday evening
Number of Volunteers needed: 100
When: Sunday, October 24, 5:30-6:30pm
What: Help exhibitors take down signage, carry items from booths to vehicles, assist with breakdown as needed
Sign up here!
Friday evening Move-in Assitants Needed
Number of Volunteers Needed: 25
When: Friday Evening October 22, 5:30-10:30pm
What: Assist with monitoring traffic in/out of National Mall at 4th Street & Penn. Ave, assist with exhibitor set-up as needed
Sign up here!
Smiling Faces needed for Information Booths
Number of volunteers needed: 44 per day (4 per shift for the 5 info booths plus 2 per shift for the T-shirt stand)
When: 4-hour shifts throughout Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, Volunteer Circle10am-5:30pm
Shift 1: 9:45am-1:45pm
Shift 2: 1:30pm-5:30pm
What: Provide general Expo information to attendees; hand out maps, answer questions etc. - this is a fun job if you are a people-person!
Sign up here!

More Smiling Faces Needed as Ambassadors
Number of volunteers needed: 200 per day (100 per shift)
When: 4-hour shifts throughout Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, 10am-5:30pm
Shift 1: 9:45am-1:45pm
Shift 2: 1:30pm-5:30pm
What: Stationed throughout the Expo grounds and at shuttle bus stops, Ambassadors will provide general info to Expo-goers, hand out maps, and direct people to nearest restrooms, medical tent or info booth for more information
Sign up here!

Assistant Stage Managers Needed
Number of Volunteers Needed: 16 (1 per stage per shift)
When: 4-hour shifts throughout Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24, 10am-5:30pm
Shift 1: 9:45-1:45
Shift 2: 1:30pm-5:30pm
What: Assist Stage Manager, assist performers with set-up, assist with crowd control
Sign up here!
Additional Volunteer Opportunities: You CAN do the Rubiks Cube
The You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube Team is in need of 10 volunteers to help with the preliminary tournament on Wednesday, October 20 and/or Thursday, October 21, 2-8pm.
Where: National Electronics Museum, 1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum Heights, MD.  21090

You Can Do the Rubik's Cube is also looking for 6 volunteers (3 per day) to help at their booth- you do not need to know how to solve the Rubik's Cube to help. Click here to sign up.

Smiling Volunteer
If You Could Make One
Scientific Discovery or Invention What Would It Be?

It's time for round two! Tell us what scientific invention or discovery you'd like to make and we will turn your answers into a beautiful Word Cloud!
Submit your answers and see the results in the next newsletter! Deadline to submit is DATE.

An image of our first Wordle which asked: Who is your favorite scientist of all time?
First Wordle, Favorite Scientist
Help us spread the word:
    • Forward this question and link to your friends or post it on Facebook.
    • Collect your students' answers and enter them into the form.
Have ideas for questions we should ask the nation? Submit them here.

To find out more about Wordles and to create your own clouds go to
You CAN Do The Rubik's Cube Tournament:
Free Teacher Workshop Just Announced!

Register now for the YCDTRC contest and attend a free teacher/coach workshop on August 14th from 1pm - 3:30 pm at The National Electronics Museum. Student names are not due until October 1st!

The Rubik's Cube Tournament will place K-12 teams in competition for the fastest time to collectively solve 25 Rubik's Cubes. The top six finalists will compete for the championship at the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on the National Mall on 10/23. Prizes range from $100 to $1,000 and will be awarded by Dr. Erno Rubik, inventor of the Rubik's Cube

To learn more about the tournament click here.RubiksCube_Girls_3

A Perfect Partner: Double Feature!
A Perfect Partner: From the Civil War to Modern Day - NMHM Takes Festival Goers on an Insightful Journey into Medical History

NMHM Doctor and Child

Trauma surgery...emergency medicine...forensic anthropology. We know them today as invaluable fields in medicine and science - fields that save lives or provide important insight into the circumstances behind a traumatic death. What you may not know is that these professions, in many ways, were literally born under fire on the battlefields of war - from the Civil War to the conflict in Vietnam - where physicians and other medical professionals, working under dire conditions, often had to make quick decisions in diagnosing and treating severely wounded soldiers.

Take a look at this intriguing part of military medicine history and other compelling aspects of medicine's past and future with our most recent Festival "Perfect Partner" -- the National Museum of Health and Medicine/AFIP (NMHM), a Department of Defense museum located on the campus of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Through its three engaging Expo exhibits this fall, NMHM experts will not only take you back into medical history, but will also show how the past has contributed to progress in contemporary medical science.

NMHM Forensics Workshop w border1However, the Museum's participation in the Festival does not stop there! In October, it is also hosting the Nifty Fifty school presentation of Franklin Damann, anatomical curator at NMHM, and the performance of the Cosmic Tenors, a dynamic singing trio comprised of noted astrophysicists - James Gates of the University of Maryland, Larry Gladney of the University of Pennsylvania, and Herman White from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

"Having the opportunity to share the excitement of medicine, medical history and science with students, teachers and the public through the Festival and Expo is particularly exhilarating for us at the National Museum of Health and Medicine," says Adrianne Noe, Director of the Museum.

In fact, she says, the Museum began in March promoting the Festival when NMHM sponsored an Albert Einstein dramatization event during their celebration of Brain Awareness Week. "We announced the Festival there and started to get people interested in attending this fall," she says.
NMHM Plastinates Cart
Tim Clarke, NMHM Deputy Director of Communications, adds: "The Museum's Expo presentations will especially give visitors an interesting look at how things have changed in the last 50 or 100 years in the way, for example, diseases are diagnosed and treated, how broken bones are healed and how surgery is performed." Festival goers will also learn some great things about anatomy, pathology and the inner workings of the human body, says Tim (who has been doing a great job spreading the word about the Festival and Expo through Twitter and other social media!).

Don't miss these NMHM exhibits:
  • Visibly Human - About the Human Body. Explore the inner workings of the human body while interacting with intriguing plastinated human organs, real human bones and other specimens and artifacts from the Museum's Historical and Anatomical Collections. Images from the Museum's vast photographic archive will illustrate the advances in modern medicine.
  • Binding Up the Nation's Wounds - Military Medicine From the Civil War to Today. Learn the origins of the NMHM - the nation's renowned medical museum. Watch a demonstration of a Civil War-era amputation, and look into the future of military medicine as you learn about technological advances that are improving medical care for our nation's military personnel.
  • Connect the Bones - Forensic Identification of War Dead. Become a forensic anthropologist for a day! From a set of bones, determine such information about the person as estimation of age, sex, height, race and the type of trauma that caused death. Learn about the history of using forensic anthropology to identify war dead.

We thank the National Museum of Health and Medicine and our other valued Sponsors as they join us in our goal of inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers!

NMHM Museum Logo
A Perfect Partner: DC WeatherFest Coalition Uses 'Common Thread' to Link Multiple Institutions in Exploring Weather, Water and Climate

The DC Weatherams eventFest Coalition is a partnership of government, scientific societies, private enterprise, and institutions in education which focuses on serving as an important resource for information on weather, water, and climate, and how these impact our lives.
Recognized as a "Perfect Festival Partner" for its noted efforts in the event, the Coalition is especially cited by the Festival for assembling an impressive array of exhibits -- including those by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the American Meteorological Society -- all under the common theme, or strand, of atmospheric and oceanic science. This "common thread" concept is a great way not only to add depth and excitement to exhibits and presentations, but also to allow Expo visitors to explore related topics from different perspectives.

Using this approach to examining the wonders and mystery of weather, water and climate certainly adds intrigue and excitement to the many hands-on exhibits sponsored by DC WeatherFest Coalition partners, says Elizabeth Mills, a Coalition representative who serves as Associate Director, Education Programs at the American Meteorological Society.
WeatherBug Mascot
wbug weatherfest

For example, she says, "visitors in one area of our exhibits can be interviewed on camera, in another explore a weather station, and in others learn about the latest in weather research," and in other exhibits, "they can see, first-hand, the instrumentation used in the ocean and understand the way climate is changing, or watch their kids being entertained by the WeatherBug mascot."

Ron Gird, NOAA National Weather Service Outreach Program Manager adds, "Visitors will take away knowledge of how to access critical weather, water and climate information to protect lives and property. Information on careers and educational opportunities will also be available."

Organizations with exhibits in the WeatherFest Coalition include: the American Meteorological Society (with AWS WeatherBug, WJLA-TV, and News Channel 8); Alliance for Climate Education; American Geophysical Union; American Society of Limnology and Oceanography; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Weather Service; George Mason University; and National Earth Science Teachers Association.

The DC WeatherFest Coalition is also represented by organizations and institutions on its Festival Executive Committee (many which will have volunteers at booth areas).  These include: CSC, Federal Aviation Administration - NextGen Integration & Implementation; Howard University; HowThe WeatherWorks; ITT; Johns Hopkins University; Lockheed Martin; NASA; Noblis; Raytheon, and the University of Maryland.

We have noticed that Festival partners, in addition to the DC WeatherFest Coalition, have also made use of use of the "common thread" concept in their exhibits, such as the "Evolution Thought Trail" in its exhibits covering evolution. If your institution or organization would like to sponsor a "common thread" track for the Expo, or if you have ideas for a track, please email
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