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Newsletter No. 2 - October 5, 2009     Forward to a Friend
Special Announcement: 
The USA Science Festival is now the
USA Science & Engineering Festival

You gave us feedback and we listened: while engineering was always part of the Festival concept, it's now officially part of our name. We thank the many engineering organizations who participate in the Festival for their enthusiasm!

Become a Partner or Exhibitor today and join more than 75 organizations who have already signed up including
American Chemical Society
American Physical Society
American Society of Human Genetics
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science
Carnegie Institute Center for Minority Achievement in Science and Technology (CMAST)
Mad Science
Museum of Science, Boston
National Museum of Health and Medicine
Princeton University
San Diego State University

Featured Partner

Generating Grassroots Enthusiasm:
COPUS and the American Institute for Biological Sciences (AIBS)

Since learning about our plans to have a National Science Festival in Washington DC, colleagues at the Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) have been helping to forge connections on behalf of the USA Science Festival planning team.  For example, COPUS leveraged its very successful DC Hub Facebook page to quickly share information about the Festival with a wide assortment of scientific organizations in the DC area, many of whom have since expressed an interest to get involved - among them the American Physical Society, NOAA, National Geographic, NEEF, and Georgetown University. All told, nearly 100 individuals learned about the Festival in one click through the Facebook interface.  Creating these connections really helped the USA Science Festival to hit the ground running. 
"This is what COPUS is all about" says Sheri Potter, a network manager for the Coalition, "strengthening the voice of science through collaborative activities that will help reinvigorate public enthusiasm for science." 

AIBS LogoSheri is also spearheading the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) exhibit at the Festival Expo titled "Biology -- The Science of Life!" The AIBS exhibit will explore exciting and adventurous careers in the basic biological sciences, using hands-on games and fun activities.  "AIBS is excited to participate in the USA Science Festival Expo .  We typically do not connect with the public through hands-on, face-to-face activities, so this gives us a chance to start a new practice. What a wonderful opportunity!"  Potter manages AIBSs Membership and Community Programs.
AIBS has been a supporting sponsor of COPUS since its inception in 2006, alongside the University of California Museum of Paleontology, the Geological Society of America and the National Science Teachers Association.   This multidisciplinary approach has forged many new initiatives - locally, regionally, and nationally -- through the celebration of the Year of Science 2009.  COPUS is excited to see the USA Science Festival come to fruition in 2010 and looks forward to seeing the community grow and explore the impact it can have as a collective group working together.
Leading Translational Scientists join
Advisory Board:
Dr. Eric Lander
President and Director, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
Dr. George Poste
Regents'  Professor and Del E. Webb Chair in Health Innovation, Arizona State University
Mr. Dean Kamen
Founder & CEO, DEKA Research & Development Corp.
Founder & CEO, FIRST Robotics
Dr. Richard A. Meserve
President, Carnegie Institute
Dr. Robert Tjian
President, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Dr. J. Craig Venter
Founder, Chairman and President, J.Craig Venter Research Institute
Featured Advisor: Dean Kamen 
"Society gets what it celebrates"

Dean Kamen

 "You have teenagers thinking they're going to make millions as NBA stars when that's not realistic for even 1 percent of them. Becoming a scientist or engineer is."  - Dean Kamen
Society gets what it celebrates and Dean Kamen, the newest Advisor to the USA Science Festival, thinks society needs to celebrate science and engineering.  That's why he has joined us in our goal of creating the largest science party the world has ever seen. 
Dean is an inventor, an entrepreneur and a tireless advocate for science and technology.  As an inventor, he holds more than 440 patents and his inventions include the first wearable infusion pump, the first insulin pump, the portable dialysis machine, a staircase climbing wheelchair, a bionic arm for wounded soldiers and the  Segway.  For these inventions, Dean was awarded the National Medal of Technology by President Clinton.

Dean's proudest accomplishment is founding FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization dedicated to motivating the next generation to understand, use and enjoy science and technology.  FIRST will be a major exhibitor at the USA Science Festival showcasing their incredible robotics.
Would you like to meet Dean? He will be the host of a Dinner Gala in San Diego speaking about Innovation on Thursday, October 22nd at the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center. To register and find out more details go to: or contact: Maria Sheperd at

Featured Performer

Dumbledore's Transfiguration Class: Scintillating Science and Magic from Harry Potter

San Diego State University Professor, National Science Teachers Association President-Elect, and Muggle Dr. Alan McCormack will take center stage at one of over forty stage shows at the USA Science & Engineering Festival to explore the Science of the Magic of Hogwart's Academy.

Alan McCormack

You will be mesmerized with his wizardry in this special performance.  Dr. McCormack has been a full-time science teacher and part-time magical performer for more than 30 years. His life-long quest has been to find ways to incorporate theatrical magic techniques into science teaching to motivate, stimulate imagination, develop science concepts and invent mind-warping simulations. He will use episodes from the Harry Potter books as starting points for his incredible science demonstrations. Moaning Myrtle and Fawkes the Phoenix will open doorways to understanding of thermal convection currents. Unicorn Fur will be used as an entree into static electricity concepts. Professor Snape's Potions will provide opportunities to illustrate principles of chemistry. And higher-order thinking skills will be stimulated in a demonstration of The Enchanted Teapot. He will dazzle the audience as he shows how story telling, showmanship and the use of highly-visual apparatus can enhance motivation, concept development, and overall fun in merging science lessons with children's literature.
 "I had a great time working with kids and teachers at the recent San Diego Science Festival, and I very much look forward to the even bigger-and-better USA Science Festival - what a great opportunity this will be for all ages to be amazed by science!" said Dr. McCormack.
Dr. McCormack is developing two books on Imagineering and Discrepant Events for Science Teachers through Shell Education Publishers.

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