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How does this sound: Black Eyed Pea Cakes, Squash Chowder with Roasted Corn, Grilled Seitan Steaks with Mushroom Gravy, and rich desserts by Vegan Treats Bakery? That's not even half the delicious chow you'll be enjoying if you're quick enough to purchase tickets for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary's legendary ThanksLiving!  Plus there'll be inspiring words from speakers Bruce Friedrich and Jenny Brown, jokes from Dan Piraro, and chillaxing live music from Warren Defever/His Name Is Alive. And stuff to win like Olsen Haus Shoes, a weekend at the Waterfall House, a retreat at Kripalu Center, LUSH gift bags, Arbonne Cosmetics, a private airplane ride over the Catskills, a Vaute Couture coat... and more! Get all your holiday shopping done without even leaving the heated tent (although to enjoy over 200 rescued farm animals you will need to leave the tent at some point)!

Remember, it's THIS SUNDAY, October 10th, at 1pm, and the weather is predicted to be nice!  It's held more than a month before the actual holiday to take full advantage of the gorgeous leaves and warmer weather. And to give you ideas to take back to family and friends for your own meatless celebration. For the car-challenged NYC-types we're timing it so you can take a bus!

Tickets for our most essential fundraiser of the year are $100 for adults and a limited number of $60 child seats, or $150 for reserved-seat VIP tickets.
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