Most Excellent Happy New Year Message 
It's Not Too Late So PLEASE DONATE!
This is your last chance to make a
tax-deductible donation to WFAS in 2009!


In Woodstock, NY -- "the most famous small town in America" -- we have the incredible opportunity to educate our many visitors about the plight of farm animals while getting to know them one-on-one. Our grassroots activism is driven by our passion to bring awareness to the suffering of farm animals behind closed doors.

Donate NowYour support for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary means EVERYTHING to the 200+ rescued farm animals living at our sanctuary -- and the billions of others suffering in factory farms for whom we strive to be a voice.

Happy New Year from the 2 and 4-legged, furred and feathered, happy and rescued critters at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary and please GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

Jenny, Dylan and Doug

Jenny Brown & Doug Abel (and Dylan the rescued veal calf)
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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