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Blessing of the Animals

SUNDAY OCT 4: This is the only day each year that we open the sanctuary up to well-behaved dogs, cats and other companions for a special celebration of all animals! Dozens of monks from Zen Mountain Monastery will participate in the ceremony, and there'll be amazing overtone singing by the group Prana.  The weather is predicted to be nice and the unusually cool summer has caused the leaves to turn early -- so come for the visual as well as spiritual beauty!  The event starts at 1pm SHARP, refreshments will be served, and admission is a suggested $10 per adult.   >more info

Blessing the steer

Cat Lady

Blessing the dogs

ThanksLiving Sold Out
3 Weeks Flat...
...is how long it took us to sell out this popular event.  If you're bummed you missed it, mark your calendar for next year, late August, when tickets will go on sale for 2010. 
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Escape from the Dinner Plate

Over 200 animals rescued from an illegal slaughterhouse in NYC - homes desperately needed for 80 young roosters.

Julia, a "spent layer"Working with the ASPCA, last week we took in 120 chickens seized from an illegal facility in the Bronx. Camouflaged in the urban landscape, these storefront "live kill" markets are peppered throughout the NYC area, serving the needs of those who want to select their meat in living form. See Pix from the Rescue

A variety of chicken breeds were found, including a dozen hens like Julia pictured above.  She's a "spent layer" -- a hen who lived up to 2 years in a cage for the egg industry, and whose battered body was acquired to sell for cheap "stew meat."  >read more about the rescue

Market SignThanks to an emergency grant from the ASPCA, we'll be able to build a new coop and fence in a pasture for some of these rescued birds, but homes are desperately sought for 80+ roosters. Contact us if you'd like to permanently adopt a rooster buddy or two (or 10!). 

With many broken bones and infections to contend with, donations are needed to help cover the influx of large vet bills, medications, feed and bedding.

Please Make a Donation to our Emergency Rescue Fund

Woodstock Sanctuary LogoBunny Business

Sweet, handsome Yim Yames was hiding under a neighbor's truck -- for a domestic bunny this the wrong place to be! Sometimes people tire of their "pet" bunnies and let them loose outdoors, mistakenly thinking they can fend for themselves. They die of starvation, freeze to death or fall prey to predators. Yim is now seeking a family or individual to care for him and provide a loving home. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting him.

Got Pollution?

Cows on manure pile
The New York Times reports on how the dairy industry pollutes the groundwater

An excerpt:  In Morrison, Wisconsin, more than 100 wells were polluted by agricultural runoff within a few months, according to local officials. As parasites and bacteria seeped into drinking water, residents suffered from chronic diarrhea, stomach illnesses and severe ear infections.

"Sometimes it smells like a barn coming out of the faucet," said Lisa Barnard, who lives a few towns over, and just 15 miles from the city of Green Bay.

>Read the whole article

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Our membership perks keeping growing! New York City's Candle Cafe and sister restaurant Candle 79 now offer a 10% discount to WFAS card-carrying members!  See here for a list of other NYC and NY State restaurants.

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