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October 1, 2011
Announcing ET CompuTrainer Classes
An indoor bike program that will move your cycling to the next level. Want to get faster on the bike for next race season? ET CompuTrainer can help!

Proven by professional triathletes, cyclists and age groupers to improve speed and pedaling efficiency, the CompuTrainer MultiRider system provides a new, exciting and technically superior way to stay motivated through the long winter months. Coach-designed interval workouts will improve your power output and race speed.  MORE


9-11 American Challenge: A Journey of the human spirit by Lynn B.
Lynn ride2recovery
The journey has come to end.  A journey that began on 9-11 at Liberty Park, NJ and ended on 9-18 at the Pentagon, a culmination of 530 miles on the bike along with 350+ riders, civilians and veterans riding side by side to raise financial assistance to meet the rehabilitation needs of our wounded veterans.  This American Challenge took us through some of the most historic sites in our country while commemorating the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on American soil: Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Shanksville (where Flight 93 crashed), the Pentagon.  MORE  


I'm a Groupie! by Jeff P.
jeff at hyvee

For those of you just beginning your journey into the world of triathlons or thinking about taking up the mantle of a tri lifestyle, I will have to admit there will be times you will say, "What in the world did I sign up for?"  Early morning workouts, sore knees and hips, black toenails, deprivation of favorite junk food and adult beverages, bike crashes, extremes in weather conditions, dehydration and saddle sores are just a few of the things that come up in discussion amongst triathletes sharing their battle stories at social events.  MORE 

Price reduction - Masters swim classes
Masters Swim

Miss the start of our fall session? Ready to start now? We've just reduced the price of our adult swim programs so you'll only pay for the remaining weeks in this session. ET Masters is a great way to improve your swim endurance and technique in a fun group setting.  USA certified coaches provide high quality workouts along with tips to improve your stroke. Come join us!!

Click here for Naperville area program

Click here for Schaumburg area program


New ET wear items
ET visor

We've recently added customized ET visors and ET dri-fit shirts to our online store. Thanks for "flying the ET colors" and supporting our great team!


Click here to check out these and other items in our online store  


It's all about the form by Coach Judie
judie bio square

If you've ever spent time in our Masters Swimming programs, you know how much time we spend working on form in the pool, drilling in good technique to make your swim faster.  Good form isn't just for swimming, though, it's for everything you do as an athlete and extends even into your regular non-athlete life.


"But wait a minute," you say, "I've been running since I was 2 and riding a bike since I was 6.  What's to know?"


Just like swimming, there is such a thing as proper form for cycling and running.  Form is also crucial to strength training.  Good form will actually reduce your risk of injury, as proper form is based in good biomechanics.  MORE

Want to learn to swim, get faster on the bike, or run longer?  Experience Triathlon can help you reach you goals.  We provide private and group coaching for all aspects of endurance training such as swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, nutrition and strength conditioning.  MORE 

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