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August 11, 2011
Breakthrough Performance - Embracing The Pain
Coach Joe 2011
Beating The Demons - Chapter 6 by Coach Joe

Why do we repeatedly throw ourselves into painful training sessions and races?  The answer to this question in one of the biggest secrets to Beating the Demons.  Our competitive and survival instincts are deep in our gene code.  For millions of years, we have pushed ourselves to improve.  To win the game of life.  Our ego system is designed and hard wired to lean us this way.  It knows that without this drive, without this willingness to fight and maybe even die for what we believe in, life will soon be over. MORE 

ET Masters at Central Park Lisle
New CP pool
Fall session starts August 15. Registration open.

Group swim and instruction for all abilities


ET Masters is a weekly swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers.  USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement instruction at each one-hour group session.  Fall session focus will be on stroke refinement, building endurance, and improving speed. MORE
95th Vierdaagse by Marge P.
Finishers Medal

"You walk the Vierdaagse because it is there-to see if you can.  It's the Mt. Everest of walking; a 100 mile peak laid out flat and decked with windmills."


I'll bet when you saw the word Vierdaagse you thought it was a typo.  It's not, it's a Dutch word.  Literally translated, it means "four dayer," but the Dutch will tell you it translates to The International Four Days Marches held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. MORE 

Fall Social Outing - September 23
An evening of fun with the ET crew!

It's not all about training and racing at Experience Triathlon.  Come share an evening of fun and fellowship.  This event is not just for our Team athletes, but for all the friends of ET. MORE
Breaking Through In Madison by Drew R.
summer camp 2011
2011 ET Summer Camp Recap

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the highly popular ET Summer Camp, and once again the Experience Triathlon athletes and coaches made the journey up to beautiful Madison, Wisconsin, for three days of workouts, seminars, and camaraderie.  The theme of the 2011 Summer Camp was "breaking through," and Coach Joe made sure that there were plenty of opportunities for the ET team to challenge themselves on this sunny - and very hot - training weekend. MORE
Not Offensive and Fine to Drink by Laurie Schubert
Laurie bio photo
PhD RD LDN, Team Dietitian

Experience Triathlon athletes are used to drinking.  I almost never see them without a water bottle full of water or a sports drink.  But what sports drink do they choose?  And how do they know if their choice is appropriate?  To encourage hydration and explain the differences between beverages, I held a sports drink taste test for participants of the 2011 ET Summer Camp in Madison, WI. MORE
New Website Page - Athlete Stories Archives

Greg at IM 2006

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then our athlete stories are priceless!  Check out our new Athlete Stories archive page.  Over 50 amazing stories that will most certainly Touch, Move and Inspire.


Want to learn to swim, get faster on the bike, or run longer?  Experience Triathlon can help you reach you goals.  We provide private and group coaching for all aspects of endurance training such as swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, nutrition and strength conditioning.  MORE 

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