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News From Experience TriathlonJuly 15, 2011
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I Started The Race With A Smile by Sarah F.
sarah PP cropped

The race plan was simple.  Do this short little run around the lake, for the sole purpose of getting back to my bike.  Bike my heart out.  Then drop my bike off so I could go out for another run around the lake, and hopefully not screw up my back in the process.  Without a swim included in this plan, it made for a lower-than-usual anxiety morning, and I was able to soak in the morning a little lighter-hearted than my typical pre-race state of mind!  MORE


Emergency Repair and Bike Maintenance Clinic
bike clinic

It's most riders worst nightmare - a problem with the bike.  A flat tire, broken chain or cable, bent gear shifter, torn tire, bent rim or no spare tube can ruin your day. We love to ride, but many of us just don't know what to do when our bike breaks on the road or during a race.  The secret to getting rolling again as soon as possible is preparation.  It's important to have the right repair items with you and know how to use them.  MORE


It's all about the chat!
Picnic 2011

We often joke around about how athletes show up for our Club workouts just for the chat.  It's actually kinda true!  Most weeks after our Monday night swim, Tuesday group track, Wednesday group ride, Saturday group run and Sunday group ride, athletes seem to hang around for sometimes hours to have coffee, smoothies, food and spend time socializing.  It's one of the big benefits of being part of the ET family.  We have some nice peeps!  MORE


Triathlon: A celebration of Life by Coach Sarah

Does this happen to you?  A full day passes you by, you finally lay down to sleep at night, and you barely remember what you did....actually, what you FELT, all day long.  I might be an oddity (though I think I'm not), but life all too often whizzes right past me, often because I am too busy thinking about what's already happened, or trying to take care of things that are yet to come.  And suddenly I realize that the current moment is gone forever, and I've missed it.

I've recently turned back to a CD on meditation that was recommended to me by a chiropractor a few years ago, entitled "Wherever You Go, There You Are" written (and narrated by) Jon Kabat-Zinn.  The general nugget of the CD is that the beauty of life is in each passing moment, not the moments that preceded this one, or the moments that are coming, and that we live each moment non-judgementally. Yet in daily life, it is just so darn easy to fall prey to numbness, and letting moments slip right past us, for whatever reason that might be.  MORE


Want to learn to swim, get faster on the bike, or run longer?  Experience Triathlon can help you reach you goals.  We provide private and group coaching for all aspects of endurance training such as swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, nutrition and strength conditioning.  MORE 

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