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News from ET December 21,  2010
Hello Friends,
Coach Joe 
As 2010 comes to a rapid close and 2011 is upon us, I'm reminded of one of my favorite Daughtry songs, "What About Now."  For me, these three simple words when put together shout out a profound call to action. There is no better time to get on the field of life and achieve your dreams. Not tomorrow, not someday, but today, right now!

Every day at ET we witness athletes getting it done, moving one step closer to their goals. This action creates a highly charged environment of can-do and we just get it done, period. As you plan out 2011 and your resolutions, we encourage you to come join us. At EXPERIENCETriathlon, we believe anything is possible!

Coach Joe

Current Activities

Click here for program details and locations.

Note: Ride start time listed below is the actual ride start time.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to ride start time.

12/21TueMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am.
12/21TueMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
12/22WedMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
12/22WedCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  9:30am & 6:00pm.
12/23ThuCardioRun.  Central Park, Lisle.  5:30am.
12/23ThuMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am & 6:30pm
12/23ThuMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
12/24FriMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
12/25SatNo Run Club today.
12/26SunCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  7:30am & Noon.
12/27MonMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:30pm.
12/28TueMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am.
12/28TueMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
12/29WedMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
12/29WedCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  9:30am & 6:00pm.
12/30ThuCardioRun.  Central Park, Lisle.  5:30am.
12/30ThuMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am & 6:15pm.
12/30ThuMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
12/31FriMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
1/1SatRun Club. Starbucks, Naperville.  8:00am.
1/2SunCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  7:30am & Noon.
1/3MonMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:30pm.
1/4TueMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am.
1/4TueMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
1/5WedMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
1/5WedCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  9:30am & 6:00pm.
1/6ThuCardioRun.  Central Park, Lisle.  5:30am.
1/6ThuMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  10:30am & 6:30pm.
1/6ThuMasters Swim.  LifeTimeFitness, Schaumburg.  6:30pm.
1/7FriMasters Swim.  Central Park, Lisle.  6:00am.
1/8SatRun Club. Starbucks, Naperville.  8:00am.
1/9SunCompuTrainer.  Wheaton.  7:30am & Noon.

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Upcoming Events
2011 Events 
ET/Spokes Time Trial Series - Jan 15, Feb 19, Mar 26
Great Western half marathon
Kansas 70.3
Naperville Womens Triathlon
Batavia Triathlon
Horribly Hilly Hundreds
Pleasant Prairie Triathlon
Schaumburg Triathlon
ET Family Picnic
Evergreen Triathlon
Racine 70.3
ET Summer Camp
Bangs Lake Triathlon
Hy-vee Triathlon
Big Shoulders
Chicago half marathon
Ironman Wisconsin
USAT Nationals
Chicago Marathon
Sycamore 10K
Naperville Turkey Trot 5K

computrainer Indoor Time Trial Series
                Presented by
  spokes left column     ET Coaching Services

The Indoor Time Trial Series offers great off-season competitive bike racing. Riders race on their own bikes on laboratory matched CompuTrainers. The riders feel exactly the same loads they would feel on the road at the same speed, grade and gear.

Riders will line up side by side facing a large screen showing the course profile, each rider's position on the course, and each rider's race data including distance, elapsed time, and power. The industry standard CompuTrainer 10K Time Trial course will be used for the series. Medals will be awarded for the top 3 overall Males and Females along with the top 3 Masters (40 years old and older) Males and Females.

Dates:January 15, February 19, March 26
Time:7am - first wave.  Waves will continue through 2pm
Location:Spokes Wheaton CompuTrainer Studio
Cost:$20 per race date
Awards:Top 3 Overall Male/Female, Top 3 Masters Male/Female
Registration:Click HERE to register for January 15 event
Questions:Click HERE

GloriaI am a runner now!
  by Gloria R.

Today, I am a much stronger and more confident person for having become a runner.


I met Coach Joe through another trainer about seven months ago.  At that time, I had just completed a couple of months of circuit training, had reached losing 15 pounds through a weight loss program provided through work and felt it was time for another challenge.  I felt the next logical thing to do was to run.  Running had always been my biggest challenge.  I never really liked running or tried to incorporate it into my workout routine.  I was always an elliptical or stationary bike type of person.  I remembered trying to join a running club a few summers ago.  However, I always felt like I was never progressing or had the time required to become a strong runner.


Things changed when I met Coach Joe last February.  When I met him I was upfront and told him I had three days a week, at most, to dedicate to running or working out in general.  I knew being a single mom, working in the hectic IT field, in downtown Chicago, with a son preparing to go off to college would leave me with just a few hours a week to dedicate to my work out routine.

Click here to read the rest of Gloria's story.

ET Indoor Tri 2010 ET Indoor Triathlon Series
                Presented by
     ET Coaching Services      lifestart

One Hour, Any Skill Level, Have Fun!!

The Indoor Triathlon presented by EXPERIENCETriathlon and LifeStart Central Park is a great way to become a triathlete in one hour. It's fun and enjoyed by athletes of all levels - from first timers to veterans. You set your own pace. It all happens at LifeStart Central Park in Lisle, IL.

Dates:February 6 and March 13
Time:7am - first wave.  Waves will continue through 2pm
Location:LifeStart Central Park, Lisle, IL
Cost:$30 per race date
Awards:Top 3 Overall Male/Female, Top 3 Masters Male/Female
Registration:Click HERE to register for February 6 event

Questions:Click HERE

The one hour event looks like this:

10 minutes of swimming in the lap pool
10 minute easy transition from the pool to the spin room
30 minutes of bike riding on the studio spin bikes
5 minute easy transition from the spin room to the treadmills
20 minutes of treadmill running

Results are measured by how far you go in each of the three events.

Main Sponsors:

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ET swimET Masters Swim Class
Winter session open for registration
"ET Masters has been an amazing help to me with my swim technique...every time I swam Masters Class, the coaches were able to pinpoint one particular area for me to work on, and with those minor changes and their encouragement, I was able to take my swim to a whole new level! Thank you, ET!!"

Group swim and instruction for all abilities
ET Masters is a weekly swimming program designed for triathlon and fitness swimmers.  USA certified coaches will provide structured workouts and stroke improvement instruction at each one-hour group session.  Winter session focus will be on off-season training including stroke refinement and building base endurance.  
Swimmers can attend one, two or as many sessions as they would like per week!!  
Membership at LifeStart Central Park is not required.  Class fee includes entry to the club each class.

Cost:$195 for all 12 weeks!
Day/Time:Wed and Fri at 6:00 AM
Tue and Thu at 10:30 AM
Mon and Thu at 6:30 PM
Dates:Dec 13, 2010 - March 4, 2011
Location:LifeStart at Central Park
4225 Naperville Road
Lisle, IL  60532

Click here to register.

Great Job, Coach Karli

Thanks, John. for taking time to share your feedback.

"Kudos to Coach Karli. She improved my swim stroke by 50%. Made the rest of workout a lot easier. Thanks, Coach Karli!" - John W.

Has an ET Coach helped you achieve your goal?

Click HERE to tell us about it.

computrainerET CompuTrainer Classes

An indoor bike program that will move your cycling to the next level

Want to get faster on the bike for next race season?  ET CompuTrainer can help!

Proven by professional triathletes, cyclists and age groupers to improve speed and pedaling efficiency, the CompuTrainer MultiRider system provides a new, exciting and technically superior way to stay motivated through the long winter months.  Coach-designed interval workouts will improve your power output and race speed.  Class will include occasional rides on simulated race courses such as Ironman Wisconsin, Racine 70.3, Steelhead 70.3, and USAT Nationals.

Winter Session II will start January 19, 2011 and finish on March 27, 2011 (10 weeks).  There is a maximum of 8 athletes per class, and each athlete will ride their own bike.  You can choose to attend one or two sessions per week.  Session times are:

Mondays6:00-7:30pmAvailable - New Session!
Wednesdays6:00-7:30pmSold out
Sundays7:30-9:00amSold out
SundaysNoon-1:30pmSold out

Winter Session II Cost:
      1 session per week = $180
      2 sessions per week = $360
Location:  Spokes.  69 Danada Square East, Wheaton.

Click HERE to register.

Click HERE to ask a question about the program.

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ET gift certificate ET Gift Certificates
Give the gift of fitness! 

Did you know that EXPERIENCETriathlon offers gift certificates in any denomination?  You let us know what you're looking for and we'll customize the certificate to meet your gift-giving needs!  Click here to purchase a gift certificate. 

Laurie bio photoCoach's Corner

By Laurie Schubert
Team Dietitian

Getting Back to the Basics:
Healthy Eating

It's the new year, and all of last year's dietary transgressions must be overcome! Sound familiar? It's so easy to let the holidays take over our eating habits as once-a-year treats appear in our homes and offices. Now it's time to regain control and get back into healthy eating. Since goal setting has been covered in Coach's Corner, I'm going to focus on the basics of healthy eating, both healthy habits and a healthy diet.
Click here to read the rest of Laurie's article.

Are you ready to Experience Triathlon?
At EXPERIENCETriathlon we believe that anything is possible! Triathlon is so much more than a race - it is a powerful, profound life experience that can help you unleash your unlimited potential to change your life in amazing ways, long after you cross the finish line. 
Whether you are a first timer or a veteran athlete, come work with EXPERIENCETriathlon coaches who provide education, workouts and a training plan that is safe, healthy and fun.
Make new friends who share your enthusiasm and encourage you on the journey. Arrive at the starting line prepared, confident and injury-free. Get ready to transform your dreams into reality.
EXPERIENCETriathlon - where being a winner is as important as being the winner.
Click here for information about our coaching services and programs.