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Upcoming Events
Summer Camp Registration Closes July 15
A Smile On My Face
Getting My Feet Wet
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News from ET  July 8,  2009
Upcoming Events
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7/9     Thu    ET Track. 5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations
7/11   Sat     ET Run Club.  Herrick Lake.  8:00am.  Park here.
7/12   Sun    ET Bike Club.  Fermi Labs.  NOON.  Park at Batavia Rotolo
                     Middle School.
7/13   Mon    ET open water swim clinics. Centennial Beach.  5:00pm
                      (click here for rainouts & cancellation status)
7/14   Tue     Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
7/15   Wed    ET Lake Mich swim clinics. Gilson Beach, Wilmette. 5:30am
7/16   Thu     ET Track. 5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations
7/17   Fri       ET Youth Club.  Tri Training Camp. 8:30-11:00am. Register
7/18   Sat      ET Run Club.  Herrick Lake.  8:00am.
7/19   Sun     ET Bike Club.  Commissioners Park, Naperville. 8:30am
7/20   Mon     ET open water swim clinics. Centennial Beach.  5:00pm
                      (click here for rainouts & cancellation status)
7/21   Tue     Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
7/22   Wed    ET Lake Mich swim clinics. Gilson Beach, Wilmette. 5:30am
7/23   Thu     ET Track. 5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations

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Upcoming Races
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summer camp bike clinicET Summer Camp 
 Registration closes July 15

Our 2009 ET Summer Training Camp in Madison, Wisconsin is almost full.  Don't miss your chance to benefit from this great weekend of training, education and fun with fellow athletes.
Click here for more information and registration. 
 michelle at napervilleA Smile On My Face
 by Michelle H.

My journey started over one year ago.  Last year, around February or March 2008, I decided that I wanted to do a triathlon.  After all, I had watched the Ironman competitions on TV and recalled how all the athletes just looked like regular everyday people.  After being around all the triathletes at the run club, it sounded like fun and something I wanted to try.  I wanted to know what all the hype was about.  There was one problem though.  I didn't know how to swim.  Sure, I swam as a child, but I never had any formal swimming lessons.  As a child, I used a nose clip when I swam.  I asked Coach Joe for a swim lesson to explore this crazy idea I had about completing a tri.  I wasn't afraid of the water, I just didn't like getting my face wet.  I couldn't go under water without holding my nose.  Coach Joe was very patient and had me floating on my back for our first lesson.  I knew based on my fear and anxiety I had a lot of work ahead of me if I was to overcome my demons.

Read the rest of Michelle's story on the ET Blog
sarah FGetting My Feet Wet
 by Sarah F

I had the brilliant opportunity to get my feet wet, both figuratively and literally, sooner than I expected by experiencing the 2009 Naperville Women's Tri as part of a relay team.  My relay partner, Agniezska, roped me into the challenge a mere week before the triathlon, under the guise that she would bike, I would run, and we would somehow find a swimmer.  (Or else she would swim...swimming was not/is not my forte!)  Things didn't quite work out that way, and I instead found myself prepping for my first (outdoor) triathlon as both swimmer and runner.  To put it in Agniezska's exact words, "You swim and run.  I do fun part."
The unfortunate complication to this was that I had never swum in open water before.  I'd had plenty of pool swimming under my belt to at least feel confident that I knew HOW to swim...I just didn't have any idea what to expect in open water!  And my one opportunity to partake of ET's Open Water swim clinic prior to the triathlon was thwarted by a babysitting snafu.
Read the rest of Sarah's story on the ET Blog
et youth swim camp ET Youth Tri Camps
  Now Open for Registration

These half day training camps are designed to introduce youth to the fun and exciting sport of triathlon.  As one of the fastest growing sports in America, triathlon offers a great way to stay healthy and fit in a safe way.  The combination of various types of cardio training coupled with the strength built during swim, bike and run workouts is a scientifically proven method to build high levels of fitness.
All levels of participants from first timers to seasoned junior athletes are welcome.  Athletes will work on drills, games and workouts in all 3 sports (swim, bike, run) and the all important transitions from segment to segment. 
Nationally certified and experienced coaches from EXPERIENCETriathlon will share their expertise and mentor each child on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle. 
Jul 17     8:30-11:00am      Register
Aug 11   1:00-2:30pm       Register

Youth Tri Youth Triathlon Race
  Registration is open

EXPERIENCETriathlon, in partnership with the McGaw YMCA and Northwestern University, presents the first annual McGaw Youth Triathlon on July 26, 2009.
The race will be held at Northwestern and is open to youth ages 7-14.
ET coach Craig Strong is the race director of this exciting new event.
Click here for additional information and registration
McGaw Y

craig bioCoach's Corner
  by Craig Strong

Floating Forward
Take your swim to the next level, Article 2 
Here's an interesting fact: the average swimmer's efficiency in the water is less than 3%.  One study found that in a given amount of time, champion runners can go about three and a half times farther than champion swimmers, but that the swimmers burn 25 percent more calories than the runners.  Why this considerable difference?
Water is approximately 1,000 times denser than air, creating considerably more resistance.  But water is not dense enough to support us against the force pulling us to the bottom of the pool and so we sink.  These two constraints - drag (resistance) and gravity - are not going anywhere, so the best we can do is work within them.  Maintaining a balanced position is the key to efficient swimming.  This is why I will continue to emphasize balance in all of my discussions.  

Click here to read the rest of Coach Craig's article.

Are you ready to Experience Triathlon?
At EXPERIENCETriathlon we believe that anything is possible! Triathlon is so much more than a race - it is a powerful, profound life experience that can help you unleash your unlimited potential to change your life in amazing ways, long after you cross the finish line. 
Whether you are a first timer or a veteran athlete, come work with EXPERIENCETriathlon coaches who provide education, workouts and a training plan that is safe, healthy and fun.
Make new friends who share your enthusiasm and encourage you on the journey. Arrive at the starting line prepared, confident and injury-free. Get ready to transform your dreams into reality.
EXPERIENCETriathlon - where being a winner is as important as being the winner.
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