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Upcoming Events
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News from ET  June 8,  2009
Upcoming Events
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6/8    Mon    ET open water swim clinics.  Centennial Beach.  5:00pm
                      (click here for Rainouts & Cancellation status)
6/9     Tue     Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
6/10   Wed   "Meet Coach Joe" seminar at Heritage YMCA.  6:30pm.  Register
6/11   Thu     ET Track.  5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations
6/13   Sat     ET Run Club.  Herrick Lake.  8:00am
6/14   Sun    Naperville US Womens Triathlon.  7:00am
6/15   Mon    Adult Tri Training Class at the YMCA.  9:30am.  Register
6/15   Mon    ET Open water swim clinics.  Centennial Beach.  5:00pm
6/16   Tue     Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
6/17   Wed    Adult Tri Training Class at the YMCA.  6:30pm.  Register
6/18   Thur    ET Track.  5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations 
6/20   Sat      ET Run Club.  Herrick Lake.  8:00am
6/21   Sun     ET Bike Club ride.  Beecher Center, Yorkville.  8:30am
6/22   Mon    Adult Tri Training Class at the YMCA.  9:30am.  Register
6/22   Mon    ET Open water swim clinics.  Centennial Beach.  5:00pm
6/23   Tue     Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
6/24   Wed   ET Lake Mich swim clinics. Gilson Beach, Wilmette. 5:30am
6/24   Wed   Adult Tri Training Class at the YMCA.  6:30pm.  Register
6/25   Thur   ET Track.  5:45am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations 
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Upcoming Races
2010 Race Series
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Adult Triathlon Training Class 
8 week outdoor classes start the week of June 15

The Heritage YMCA group and ExperienceTriathlon have joined efforts to deliver triathlon and endurance programs to adults and youth in the Naperville, Aurora and Oswego communities.  We believe that triathlon is a great way to make new friends and develop a healthy lifestyle.Heritage YMCA
Our first program is an 8 week summer outdoor triathlon training class for adults.  Two class times are available.  Mondays at 9:30am and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. 
For additional information and registration click here
 PP youth swim startAnnouncing Youth Triathlon Race
ExperienceTriathlon in partnership with the McGaw YMCA and Northwestern University announce the first annual McGaw Youth Triathlon on July 26, 2009.
The race will be held at Northwestern and open to youth ages 7-14.
ET coach Craig Strong is the race director of this exciting new event.
Click here for additional information and registration.
McGaw Y
erick memphiFriday Night Feeling
  by Erick O.

I want to start off and explain why I named my story Friday Night Feeling.  In the first part I will explain what the Friday Night Feeling is and later on in the story, you will understand completely why I chose to name my story this.  This is my story, a story about a person who never thought that completing a triathlon was possible, and ended up crossing the finish line in Memphis in a time of 3:55:12. 
I grew up in the world of traditional sports.  As a kid, I grew up playing football, baseball, and basketball.  I even did a short stint in wrestling, only to find out that I started so late in the game, and I was so terrible, that there really was no hope for me.  I am also not that violent of a person, which did not help me on the mat. 
As I came into my own during my teen years, it was apparent that football was going to be my sport of choice and I focused my attention on that.  I ended up getting signed out of high school by a college in Minnesota and so went my football career.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  It taught me what it meant to be part of a team, commitment to excellence, and taking pride in one's work.  I think I chose football because nothing compared to Friday nights just before you took the field.  The juices were flowing at a level that was scary at times and all you wanted to do was jump out of your skin because you were so ready to hit the field and bring home a victory for your school.

Read the rest of Erick's amazing journey on the ET-Blog
Summer Camp 2007ET 2009 Summer Camp Registration Opens
An exciting weekend of training and coached clinics in a small group setting presented by the USAT certified ET coaching staff. 
Designed to move your training to the next level and to accommodate athletes of all ability levels, from 'first timers' to veterans. 
Location:    Madison, Wisconsin
Dates:        July 31 - August 2, 2009
Clinics will cover a variety of key topics of interest to all athletes.  Workouts will include open water swimming, group bike rides, and group runs on portions of the Ironman Wisconsin course and University of Wisconsin campus

Click here for more information and registration. 
Coach JoeCoaches Corner
   by Joe LoPresto

Beating the Demons
What would you attempt to do if
you knew you could not fail?

How many times in your life have you missed your goals and been frustrated?  If you're like most of us, it's been many, many times.  So how do those few athletes that seem to be successful on most days do it?  They do it by beating the demons!

Demons are the voices we all have in our head that hold us back.  Those "I can't do it!" voices that take our head out of the game before we even start.  They are the voices that compare us to others and convince us that we are not as good.  That we are not worthy of success.  We just have not earned it.  Those demons make us fail.

Successful athletes know how to slay the demons and maintain a "can do" attitude at all times. So how do they do it?  Are they gifted mentally as well as physically?  The answer is No!  All they've done is set proper goals and stay focused only on those goals.  They don't set unrealistic goals or focus on things that are not within their control.  Can it be this simple?  Yes!!

Click here to read the rest of Coach Joe's article. 

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At EXPERIENCETriathlon we believe that anything is possible! Triathlon is so much more than a race - it is a powerful, profound life experience that can help you unleash your unlimited potential to change your life in amazing ways, long after you cross the finish line. 
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