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Devil's Tri - Brrrr!
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News from ET  May 5,  2009
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Upcoming Races
Upcoming Events
Click here for program details and locations

5/7     Thu    ET Track.  6am, 9:30am, 6:30pm.  Locations click here
5/9     Sat     ET Run Club at Herrick Lake.  8am
5/10   Sun    ET Bike Club group ride.  Beecher Center, Yorkville - 8:30am
5/12   Tue    Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
5/14   Thu    ET Track.  6am, 9:30am, 6:30pm. 
5/16   Sat     ET Run Club at Herrick Lake.  8am.
5/19   Tue    Masters Swim at Life Time Schaumburg.  6:30pm
5/21   Thu    ET Track.  6am, 9:30am, 6:30pm. 
5/23   Sat     ET Run Club at Herrick Lake.  8am
5/24   Sun    ET Bike Club group ride.  Commissioners Park, Naperville. 8:30am
 Summer Camp 2007Announcing ET Summer Camp
Madison, WI

An exciting weekend of training and coached clinics in a small group setting presented by the USAT certified ET coaching staff.  
Designed to move your training to the next level and to accommodate athletes of all ability levels, from 'first timers' to veterans. 
Location:    Madison, Wisconsin
Dates:        July 31 - August 2, 2009
Clinics will cover a variety of key topics of interest to all athletes.  Workouts will include open water swimming, group bike rides, and group runs on portions of the Ironman Wisconsin course and University of Wisconsin campus.
Look for more details and registration information in a future ET newsletter.
 ET-Youth Tri Training
Now open for registration

ET-Youth triathlon training class is a 6 week program designed to introduce youth to the fun and exciting sport of triathlon. As one of the fastest growing sports in America, triathlon offers a great way to stay healthy and fit in a safe way. The combination of various types of cardio training coupled with the strength built during swim, bike and run workouts is a scientifically proven method to build high levels of fitness.
All levels of participants from first timers to seasoned junior athletes are welcome. Athletes will work on drills, games and workouts in all 3 sports (swim, bike, run) and the all important 'transitions' from segment to segment. The ET coaching team will share their expertise and mentor each child on their journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

Wed     10-11am      Starts Jun 10    click here to register for Wed
Sun          2-3pm      Starts May 31Fox Valley Park District   click here to register for Sun
Devil Tri 2007Devil's Triathlon - Brrr!
by Jeff P.

It's the last race of the season for me (my 6th race) and I have discovered that the Devil didn't go down to Georgia but came up to Baraboo, Wisconsin for a little race called the Devil's Challenge Triathlon - the last of the Wisconsin Triathlon Series.  This time the prize wasn't a golden fiddle but a chance to boast triumph over the hills of Central Wisconsin.  Throw in the addition of cold temperatures and the race became a memorable one...
Read the rest of Jeff's icy adventure on the ET-Blog
 Raindrops and Rainbows
by Sara B.

naper tri 2008What am I doing?  How did I get here?  Can I really do this?  All of these questions and more run through my head as I drive towards the race, as I set up my transition area, as I stand and wait during the rain delay, and even as I talk with my friends and ET members....
Read the rest of Sara's great story
on the ET-Blog

Are you ready to Experience Triathlon?
At EXPERIENCETriathlon we believe that anything is possible! Triathlon is so much more than a race - it is a powerful, profound life experience that can help you unleash your unlimited potential to change your life in amazing ways, long after you cross the finish line. 
Whether you are a first timer or a veteran athlete, come work with EXPERIENCETriathlon coaches who provide education, workouts and a training plan that is safe, healthy and fun.
Make new friends who share your enthusiasm and encourage you on the journey. Arrive at the starting line prepared, confident and injury-free. Get ready to transform your dreams into reality.
EXPERIENCETriathlon - where being a winner is as important as being the winner.
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