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News from ET  April 22,  2009
Announcing Youth Triathlon Program
We are excited to announce a partnership with Fox Valley Park District.  ET will provide youth triathlon training starting May 31.  Look for more details and registration information in our next newsletter. 
Fox Valley Park District
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4/23   Thu    ET Track.   6am, 9:30am, 6:30pm
4/25   Sat     ET Run Club.   8am
4/25   Sat     Coach Joe and Coach Suzy at lululemon.   1-4pm
4/26   Sun    Tri 101 Seminar with Coach Joe and Coach Suzy.  4:30pm
4/28   Tue    Masters Swim at LifeTime Schaumburg.   6:30pm
4/30   Thu    NO Track this week.
 5/2    Sat     ET Run Club.  NEW Location - Herrick Lake.  8am
 5/3    Sun    ET Bike Club group ride.  Beecher Center, Yorkville - 8:30am
 5/3    Sun    Tri Transition Seminar with Coach Joe and Coach Suzy.  4:30pm
Lynn at Naperville I Can Swim 
Featured ET-Blog Story by Lynn B.

I can't believe it has been a year since my very first triathlon. Last March, after going through a divorce, I needed some goals and direction in my life. Being a former athlete and since many of my patients (I oversee 3 physical therapy clinics) were competing in this small triathlon in Naperville, I decided to take the plunge and try a triathlon. Never mind the fact that I could hardly swim out of my turtle pool. After training (yeah, right) for several months and floundering, I decided to sign up for a triathlon class. Unfortunately, the class was canceled due to low turnout. However, divine intervention occurred and I met Coach Joe. He invited me to see what triathlons were all about and reassured me that I would be able to finish the race in June. For the 3 weeks of training with Joe prior to the race, never once did he imply that I couldn't do this (even though I couldn't swim, only side stroke). He gave me confidence every day.
Read the rest of Lynn's amazing story on the ET-Blog


Are you ready to Experience Triathlon?
At EXPERIENCETriathlon we believe that anything is possible! Triathlon is so much more than a race - it is a powerful, profound life experience that can help you unleash your unlimited potential to change your life in amazing ways, long after you cross the finish line. 
Whether you are a first timer or a veteran athlete, come work with EXPERIENCETriathlon coaches who provide education, workouts and a training plan that is safe, healthy and fun.
Make new friends who share your enthusiasm and encourage you on the journey. Arrive at the starting line prepared, confident and injury-free. Get ready to transform your dreams into reality.
EXPERIENCETriathlon - where being a winner is as important as being the winner.
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