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2010 was nothing short of one exciting ride as U! Creative continued to be afforded the creative opportunities that make any design firm go gaga! On the heels of several successful Monster-sized projects, they began the year with U! Client, Monster Cable (San Francisco) engaging them to take part in a writing assessment to deliver "GaGa speak" for the new Heartbeats by Lady Gaga "Haute Couture" Ultra High Definition Headphones packaging. "Left! Right! Beautiful! Listen closely: what you hear is the drumbeat of future fashion."

The next stop on this coast-to-coast Magical Mystery Tour was 'The Big Apple,' as in March U! Creative was tapped to design the new apparel merchandise for NYC's Central Park & Conservatory Waters... which believe it or not, draws more visitors each year than Disney.

Heading into Spring, U! Creative was bracing themselves for lift-off as their talents were called on to develop a really cool personalized Child's 'Experience' Book concept for NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

As Summer arrived the U! Team was honored to be asked to design the Official Congratulations Ad for co-founder, Lynda Weinman who was 2010 recipient of the South Coast Business & Technology "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award. Congratulations Lynda... Here's to your vision! Here you can check out the Official Press Release and Video of Lynda receiving this prestigious award.

The firm would go on in the year to earn their stripes... developing an entire new fashion-focused apparel line to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of righteous rock band, Stryper. The line has grown from some original concepts into a vast line spawning a licensing deal and an entirely new way of merchandising which will debut in Q1 2011.


The Social Farm

Group Shot


The U! Team has always been about taking a leadership position as it relates to both current and emerging marketing tactics from QR Codes and Widget Development to iPhone/Portable App Development and Bluetooth Marketing. So it was no surprise that U! would venture out over the summer and give life to an entirely new concept in Social Media Marketing... The Social Farm™

The Farm (as they call it) is walking distance from U! HQ above The Second Street Cafe. The concept for The Farm has been in the planning stages since 2008 as U! Creative could forsee a Social Tsunami coming and began to make preparations for when it would hit the marketing world. Managed by U! Creatives own Social Media Navigator, Carole Baker, The Farm is (for lack of better terms) a communications center of College Bloggers, Mommy Bloggers, along with Recruited Bloggers (Farm Hands) who are on-brand with the customers message to serve as 'brand enthusiasts.' "We're going deeper into the stream than just Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and YouTube," says U! President, Ron Campbell, "We offer results-oriented solutions across a variety of communications streams and our process establishes more meaningful relationships between our customers and their followers. We're able to manage all of these social touch points for any type of brand or product and authentically be their voice."

Since opening, The Farm has experienced groundbreaking success with such brands as Starbuck's, AXE Cologne, Under Armor and Samsung spreading the news of what their doing for brands who have enlisted this U! Creative service.


Building Mommy Bloggers

Cassanos All Edge Ad

Cassanos All Edge Ad







It's not every day that a creative firm gets the opportunity to develop the next big communication channel in Social Media... Social Surfers allow us to introduce you to the next powerful and fun tool in your arsenal, eLoveHate. eLH is a place for you to let the world know just how you feel about any subject. Hate spiders? Say it. Love board games? Say it. Let the world hear your voice. But brands watch out... as eLH is "Power to the People" on steroids having already caused some of the world's most influential brands sit up and take notice of this global megaphone to the boardroom.

A tool like eLH is one that needed a team who could deliver on it's promise. So eLoveHate Limited (based in Anguilla, British West Indies) enlisted U! with the entire task of bringing this exciting idea to life. With almost a year of planning, designing, and development, U! Creative was charged with Branding, Identity, Design, and Interactive Development to all the Social Media Management and Marketing.

The site is currently in BETA as the eLH team prepares for an official launch in 2011 with more robust features and enhancements. We invite you to Register Now and give it test run... make sure to tell others about it and "Fan the Flame!" And if you love U! Creative... show us some LOVE!


London Bobby London Bobby

Cassanos All Edge Ad Vic King Memorial London Bobby


As with any year there are extreme highs and extreme lows... and 2010 was no different. The year started off with a bang as the team embarked on an exciting new partnership (and more importantly friendship) with Vic Cassano Jr. and his family's legacy pizza brand, Cassano's Pizza - The Pizza King. This iconic 57 Year old Pizza pioneering brand was well ready to take some game-changing strides and wasted no time putting things into motion. U! Creative immediatley began by refreshing the brand as well as introducing them to new ways to communicate their message in going to market.

Vic also immediately enaged the U! Team to assist in him in bringing his life story to fruition... following years of inquiries and letters from loyal fans wanting to hear about his journey. This 6 month process included bi-monthly private interview sessions with Vic, documenting his memiorers. As this process concluded, exciting plans began for introducing new product offerings as well as revitalizing strong concepts from the past.

On Thursday, May 27th the U! Team was in meetings most of the day with the entire Cassano family planning for the future. And on Friday, May 28th was awakended with a call that their dear friend, Vic Cassano Jr. passed away in the night. "I will never forget this moment the rest of my life" says U! President, Ron Campbell "It was surreal. It didn't even make sense. He had truly become like a second father to me... as just the day before he was insistant that I get to the doctor over a cold I had been fighting." Following this tragedy The Cassano family and Team U! knew that Vic would want them to forge ahead with the plans he had played such a key role in putting into motion.

The team went to work and in June opened the Cassano's Pizza Kitchen Exhibit at The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. Introduced the All-Edge™ Pizza which provided edges on every piece for those who like those outer pieces. Launched a flagship line of Bake-At-Home pizza's called "Cassano's Home Edition" for orders nationwide. And brought back their original London Bobby Fish & Chips restaurant concept which kicked off with a Grand Opening featuring nationally recognized Beatles Tribute band, The Apples. And there's no slowing down... be patient many more exciting things to come from The Cassano Family and Cassano's Pizza! Vic, our dear friend, "You The Pizza King" and you are and will always be missed! "La prova e nel gusto! The Proof is in the Taste!"

London Bobby London Bobby London Bobby

Cassanos All Edge Ad Cassanos All Edge Ad Cassanos All Edge Ad


Throughout 2010, U! Creative continued building on their friendship and creative partnership with the The Great Von Glitschka. In April, the U! team was honored to be invited by Von to be featured in his third book for HOW Books officially titled, "Flourish.Banner.Frame." Available June 2011 via Amazon and Vonster Books this latest book features over 600 pieces of art cataloged and all provided in vector form on the books DVD. Like Von's other two books, this new one will include artist features showcasing some of the creative industries best talent utilizing a piece of art from the book in their own unique way. "I'm honored they've agreed to be part of this publication." says Von, "I knew U! Creative would be able to leverage the art as it's intended, a creative resource you can utilize in any type of creative project. I think the solution U! came up with is a good example of how designers and illustrators alike can use this books resources to facilitate their own creative pursuits." U! chose to share this high profile spotlight by featuring U/V Client and fashion brand, Beloved Virus Originals. And just in time for Christmas, BVO is offering a 25% discount to U! Creative friends and followers... so go SHOP BVO and use the Coupon Code "JOLLYU25".


Then in May, Von interviewed U! President, Ron Campbell for his Presentation "Creating 5ive-Alarm Concepts" to the How Design Conference June 6-9 in Denver. The Sessions focused on idea generation and "How to think through ideas in the early stages of concepting." Whether you were able to make it to the HOW Conference or not, you can experience the presentation now. DOWNLOAD the entire Presentation Package, go through it at your own pace and hopefully glean something you can integrate into your own creative pursuits.


London Bobby London Bobby

Cassanos All Edge Ad Cassanos All Edge Ad Cassanos All Edge Ad


All over the place seems to be the best answer these days... as the U! Creative team continues to appear in a lot of cool places. In March, they were mentioned by U! Creative/Overdrive Development race car driver, Shannon McIntosh on The Show which broadcasts from McGilvery's in Speedway, Indiana! Check out the AUDIO or VIDEO of the interview.

Then in early July, U! President, Ron Campbell found himself in the middle of the enraged city of Cleveland as Lebron made the shot heard round the world. Ron was outside The Q as the city began removing the building size 'We Are All Witnesses' Nike Banner where he was approached by Amy Basista of Cleveland's FOX Affiliate CH 8 for an interview on the controversy.

Ron again found himself in front of the Camera in late July for an Interview for the School of Advertising Art 2010 Recruitment VIDEO.

Then in August Ron and Jay found themselves in the presence of Director, Michael Bay and Actor, Shia LaBeouf on the closed set of Transformers 3 - Dark of The Moon at Chicago's Navy Pier. Check out this "Behind the Scenes" clip from the U! Cam.

The guys then made their way on to Comic Con where they hooked up with U! Art Director, Adam Limbert. The guys were jazzed to get a meeting with Ashley Eckstein creator of the new "geek chic" Star Wars line from Her Universe.

As the year wrapped up... the U! Team was stoked to see Adam's characterization of The Totally Rad Show hosts, Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata end up being featured as an episode background. The Totally Rad Show highlights the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and everything rad... Way to Go Adam! Closing the year, U! Designer Jayson Weidel launched an Intergalactic online gallery called "Planet Pulp" to showcase monthly themes around Pulp Culture!


London Bobby London Bobby

Jeff Louderback Tampa


As many of you know, this past Summer U! Creative added Jeff Louderback's talents to our team to head up our PR Services. An award-winning writer, editor and publicist for over 20 years, Jeff has written countless press releases, story pitch letters, personality/entrepreneur profiles, travel-lifestyle-health/wellness-sports and business features. His work has generated coverage for clients in local, regional and national media outlets as: Forbes, Fortune, New York Times, USA Today, InTouch Weekly, Inc., Entrepreneur, and the Wall Street Journal. Jeff also has a deep knowledge of the foodservice industry, having started the PR division of what is now the nation's largest restaurant Marketing/PR firm.

The relationship with Jeff has continued to grow which fostered conversations in the fall about U! opening a satellite office in Tampa, managed by Jeff. With U! having such a strong presence in the Theme Park and Attractions business throughout Florida, partnering with such brands as SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Parks, Discovery Cove, Aquatica, Adventure Island and NASCAR the timing felt right. So Florida Buckle Up as a new Attraction is coming to town... and it will be one wild ride starting January 2011.


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