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WIRC-CAA Scholarship Awards
New Federal E-Scrap Policy
Rehab Grand Application Cycle
Energy Efficiency Programs
Are You a Bucket Filler?

WIRC-CAA Regionwide
Scholarship Program Awards 


During May, the WIRC-Community Action Agency awarded six scholarships through the 2011 Regionwide Scholarship Program.  Each recipient received a $1,500 award based on scholarship potential, commitment to civic and public affairs, and career goals.  Funding for the program was provided by the Community Services Block Grant Program of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  The recipients are:


Allison Troy and Jade Shelby -



Chloe Li - Colchester


Andrey Tarasov - Carthage


Aaron Sikorski and Jose Rosado -






Tri-County Resource &

Waste Management Council  


New Federal E-Scrap


Policy Announced 




e waste guy   


A set of new policies based on recommendations made by the Obama Administration's Federal Electronics Stewardship Working Group were recently announced.   


Representing a partnership between the federal government, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)  and e-scrap processors, some highlights from the new policy directed the government to do the following:


Encourage the development of more efficient and sustainable electronics and direct federal agencies to procure and recycle their electronics responsibly.


The federal government is the largest single consumer of electronics and wields enormous purchasing power.  Using the new guidelines, the General Services Administration (GSA) will remove products from its purchase contracts that do not meet environmental and efficiency guidelines - specifically, products that do not meet Energy Star and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) requirements, and/or ones that are not designed for recycling.  The GSA is also directed to use certified electronics processors or manufacturer take-back programs for all non-functional equipment disposal.  A landfill ban is also in effect for all federal IT equipment.   


Support recycling options for consumers. 


Dell, Sprint and Sony were all on-hand when the announcement was made emphasizing their commitment to electronics recycling options in the consumer space.  With half the nation's states now implementing electronics recycling programs, and all of those - except California - relying on some form of extended producer responsibility, the participation of OEMs and retailers is critical to successful electronics recycling expansion.  The new policies encourage companies to voluntarily adopt similar environmental and efficiency guidelines for their consumer products, to those used by the GSA.


To read more about new federal strategies to promote electronics recycling go to the Resource Recycling website at  








Suzan 30




"...I developed roots in this community

 and grew to love the people, the Midwestern values and found the challenges in this Agency that I needed."


DIRECTIONS - Suzan Nash, Executive Director 

You may or may not know that this July, I celebrated my 30th anniversary as Executive Director of the Western Illinois Regional Council (WIRC).  I have to say that I don't know where the time has flown!  Thirty years, while not out of the ordinary to work in one place for that long, it is not something that I had intended to do.  When I began my career here, I thought that I would get some very good experience and then move on to a bigger city/region with more challenges and opportunities.  I never expected to assume the role of Executive Director after having worked here for only 18 months, but events were such that this is what occurred.  Assuming that role was not an easy decision for me however.  When offered the position, I had to think about it for quite a bit.  But then with my "Gee, what have I got to lose?" attitude and knowing that I would be surrounded by the wonderful staff of Gary Ziegler, Kevin Wiehardt and Rose Elam, who remain with me yet today, I thought why not.  Read more...

Housing Rehab Grant Cycle

The entire process of preparing a rehab grant application

is lengthy and time consuming when submitting a  

competitive grant application, and time is of the essence. 

survey 2
The WIRC will begin preparing Community Development Assistance Program grant applications for housing rehabilitation programs.  The program is part of the state's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and provides grant funds to cities/villages for the rehabilitation of income eligible single family owner occupied residences.  Rehabilitation work addresses building code violations, lead hazards, energy efficiency, and health and safety issues.  At this time, a date for applications has not been announced by the state,  however, staff anticipate mid-February to mid-April 2012. 


  Communities See Energy Savings   

  Through Energy Efficiency Programs 

public works
The City of Macomb Public Works Department installed several air conditioning units in its facility through the Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG) Program, saving them hundreds in energy dollars.


The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) Illinois Energy Office is working with electric and natural gas utilities throughout the state in order to offer a portfolio of energy efficiency programs to achieve annual energy savings.  Incentives are available to customers in Ameren Illinois and ComEd electric service areas and Ameren Illinois, Nicor Gas, North Shore Gas and Peoples Gas natural gas service areas. The incentives offered through the program called Illinois Energy Now can be utilized by the following: public schools, community colleges, public universities, local, state and federal government facilities.  Read more... 


  Communities Benefit From

  Energy Efficiency Programs 


By saving on energy costs, The Elms in McDonough County can re-direct more money towards nursing home resident care.

In 2010, the Western Illinois Regional Council was awarded funds to be used in eight counties to construct energy efficiency improvement projects on public buildings through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program.  Currently, these projects are underway or have recently been completed.  Some of the projects are listed below.  

Read more... 


  Are You a Bucket Filler?  

bucket 2

Summer is a great time for reading for both children and adults. We see lists of recommended "summer reading" books in the newspapers, hear them on the radio and even some television shows. We know if a book was recommended by Oprah, you have a hit. At Victim Services, we do a tremendous amount of reading, to keep up with research studies, curricula for our prevention programs, and best practices for working with adult and child survivors of trauma.   rn with an invisible bucket. That bucket represents our mental and emotional health. As adults, the parents and caregivers of children, it is our responsibility to fill a child's bucket. When we nurture, feed, touch, sing, play with and provide safety and care, we "fill" the bucket. When we respond to the children in uncaring, unsafe ways, we "dip" into the bucket, emptying it of the joy and pride they have in themselves.  Read more...  


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