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Volume 14 - Issue 1
Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council

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New Law is First Step to Eliminating Electronics in Illinois Landfills
Solid Waste Funds Are Empty
Taking Care of Mother Earth
No Shoe Collection in 2010
Electronics Recycling Disposal & You, 2010

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New Law is First Step to Eliminating Electronics in Illinois Landfills

A new law went into effect January 1 as a first step to eliminate electronics (e-waste) from Illinois landfills.

The law was enacted because residential e-waste generates toxicity and landfill space issues.  Additionally, its intention is, by acting locally, to globally inhibit the mismanagement of electronic recycling in third world counties.

As part of the plan to ban electronics from landfills, residents will now be able to recycle computers, monitors, printers and televisions free of charge at their area electronics collection sites. By diverting these types of electronics from landfills, the toxic plastics and heavy metals they contain will no longer be a threat to the environment and particularly to ground water.  Read more...

Paint Program Update

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Solid Waste Management Funds Are Empty

The collection of unused residential paint is still on hold. The fund sweep of June 2009 depleted all excess dollars in the state's Solid Waste Management Fund. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) is not sponsoring any 2010 solid waste programs previously funded from the Solid Waste Management Fund including: Partners for Waste Paint Solutions; one day Household Hazardous Waste collections; I-RID (Illinois Removes Illegal Dumping); and the Delegated County Agreements (where a county does the work of local inspections for the IEPA).  Read more..,

Being Responsible When Times Are Tough
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Taking Care of Mother Earth

When Buying Paint

Try to estimate as closely as possible the area that you need to paint. If you have paint remaining, repaint over the high traffic areas (around doors and light switches).  If you have a lot of extra paint, give it school art classes, shop classes, and local organizations that have tight budgets and cannot afford to buy paint. If it is new and not contaminated, it can be combined with other paints to make a one-of-a-kind color for a large project or as an undercoat.  Read more...

reuse a shoe Many times you don't know what you have until it is gone.  Due to lack of funds, the annual and successful Reuse-A-Shoe Collection will not be conducted this year.
The Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council (TCR&WMC) represents and meets the solid waste management needs of incorporated and unincorporated communities in McDonough, Mercer, and Warren counties.  The council's Solid Waste Coordinator provides a comprehensive approach to solid waste issues.  For more information about the TCR&WMC, call 309/836-5926.
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APRIL 7, 2010
Protecting the Planet While Creating a Green Economy

For more information, check out the website today!

WIU Environmental Summit Website
APRIL 22, 2010
Earth Day is Celebrating its 40th Anniversary!

Start planning your Earth Day 2010 event or action now, and join The Green Generation!

Earth Day Website
You can now drop off your CFL bulbs at health departments in Knox, Warren and McDonough counties.
Make sure you put the bulb in a plastic bag
when transporting it to a drop-off site!

Click here for more drop-off sites in Illinois

Click here to view CFL disposal video



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