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Volume 13 - Issue 4
Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council

Providing recycling news for communities, businesses, and schools

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Paint Program to End?
Electronic Program Continues
Increase in Recycled Paint Sales
Unwanted Medication Disposalst
Can-Do 2009 Results
Conservation Days
The TCR&WMC Regional Collection Facility has...

-Collected over one half MILLION  pounds of paint in four years.

-Removed over 600 - fifty five gallon drums of waste paint from the environment with your help and the

-Served close to 15,000 households and 700 businesses between the  
paint and electronics programs.


IEPA Notified TCR&WMC - Regional Collection Facility's Paint Program to END!

Due to
budget restraints and fund sweeps, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) has notified the Regional Collection Facility that the Partners for Paint Solutions Program will end this 2009 year.  The Regional Facility ended its paint collection in October, 2009 BUT continues to look for a solution for collecting paint during the winter months.  The results for finding alternatives for the collection of unused residential paint will be announced in spring of 2010.  Read more
Electronics Program to

Program Continues With Some Changes

The electronics component of the Regional Collection Facility will continue operating.  However, some modifications have been made.  As of January 1, 2010, all residential computers (CPUs), printers, monitors (CRTs) and TVs will be accepted at the drop-off locations FREE of charge!

There will be a charge by the pound for all
non-residential electronic equipment.  It is advised to call ahead for pricing.
Achievement Industries
Sees Increased Interest
in Recycled Paint

As interest do sales.

2009 saw success in the recycling of unwanted residential paint.  Achievement Industries in Monmouth received shipments of paint throughout the fall from the Regional Collection Facility that it then turned into a sellable product.  At $30 a gallon (plus tax) for five gallons or $20 for two gallons, it proved itself to be a real bargain for the "best paint in the world."  So touted because it contains everyone's secret ingredient.  Read more

WANTED, Your UNWANTED Medications!
Close to 225 pounds of unwanted medications were collected from Warren and McDonough counties.
They were shipped out for incineration in October and the disposal was paid for by the IEPA.

ALL unwanted medications can be dropped off at your local health department in Fulton, Hancock, Henderson, Henry, McDonough, Mercer and Warren counties.  Read more
Can-Do 2009 -
West Prairie South and St. Paul School Win
Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry!
In Total, 8,100 Pounds of Cans Recycled - Way To Go!

Both West Prairie South in Colchester and St. Paul Elementary School in Macomb 4th graders have won the TCR&WMC sponsored aluminum can collecting contest grand prize, by exceeding the can collection goal of 2,500 pounds.  Read more
Conservation Days 2009
dash 2
Nine years later and the game is still a hit.

In mid-September, the McDonough and Warren Counties' Conservation Days included a solid waste education game called Dash for Trash.  Solid Waste Educator Anne Dixon enjoyed working with the area 5th and 6th graders as they learned the recycling dos and don'ts and how easy it is to save these natural resources on a daily basis.  Read more
The Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council (TCR&WMC) represents and meets the solid waste management needs of incorporated and unincorporated communities in McDonough, Mercer, and Warren counties.  The council's Solid Waste Coordinator provides a comprehensive approach to solid waste issues.  For more information about the TCR&WMC, call 309/837-3941.
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November 20
January 25
Warren County Courthouse/Monmouth
7:00 pm
McDonough Co. Law & Legal Committee
November 2
December 7
January 4
February 1
McDonough Co.
Courthouse/ Macomb
7:00 pm
Mercer Co. Board
November 3
December 1
January 5
February 2
Mercer County
Mercer Co.
Recycling Board

January 14
CES Office/Aledo
7:00 pm
Warren Co. Board
November 18
December 16
February 18
Warren County
9:30 am


Walnut Grove & Sciota
-800 lbs.pounds of paint
-600 lbs electronics
-16,000 lbs. various metals
-8 tons of materials went to the landfill

Mercer, Perryton & Duncan
-2,500 lbs. of paint
-1,200 lbs. of electronics
-28,000 various metals
-22 tons went to the landfill

Ellison, Greenbush and Swan
-2,650 lbs. of paint
-1,690 lbs of electronics
-13,000 lbs various metals
-9 tons went to the landfill

Here are a few ways to commemorate America Recycles Day.

-Recycle or compost whenever possible

-Purchase items that are recyclable or are made from recycled materials

-Reuse items and repair them instead of immediately replacing them

-Purchase items with less packaging and in larger "economy" sizes

-Donate unwanted items to charitable organizations

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