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Duncan Receives EDFP
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TCR&WMC Reuse-a-Shoe
During May, the WIRC-Community Action Agency awarded six scholarships through its 2009 Regionwide Scholarship Program.  Each recipient received a $1,500 award based on scholarship potential, commitment to civic and public affairs, and career goals.  Funding for the program was provided by the Community Services Block Grant Program of the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.  The recipients were:
Tyiesha Johnson, Alyssa Morrison, and Stefany Myers of Macomb; Belinda Young of Prairie City; Jay Henshaw of Oquawka; and Jose Rosado of Monmouth.

Donate Cell Phones to Victim Services
Victim Services collects used cell phones to help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Refurbished phones and chargers are provided to individuals needing a 9-1-1 phone.  Along with hundreds of other domestic violence agencies around the country, Victim Services also recycles the unused cell phones as a fundraising effort. 
Shelter Alliance, a program of GRC Wireless Recycling of Miramar, Florida, works with domestic violence agencies across the country to responsibly recycle cell phones.  Victim Services collects the phones, packs and ships them to Shelter Alliance where they are sorted and either reused or refined through an environmentally responsible process.  In addition to paying for the shipping, Shelter Alliance pays for the phones on a pro-rated basis from 50 cents to $30 depending on the make and model of the phone. 
Victim Services then uses the funds for purchasing items for use by adult and child survivors such as personal care items, school supplies, bus tickets, and meals.

Duncan Receives
Recently, Shannon Duncan, WIRC Planning Coordinator, received certification as an Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) from the National Development Council (NDC).  Certification is a designation given to individuals who successfully complete an intensive economic development finance training series that is conducted by NDC.  The courses provide individuals working in the field of economic development with training in credit analysis, real estate financing, loan packaging, deal structuring and negotiating and the creation and implementation of development programs. Read more...
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TopNetWIRC Newsletter - Volume 20/Issue 3

DIRECTIONS - Suzan Nash, Executive Director

These last three months have been a mixture of the best of times and the worst of times.  In my nearly 30 years with this Agency, I don't remember anything quite like it.  Let me explain.
With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Stimulus bill, two of the major programs of this agency are receiving significant increases.  The two specific programs are the Community Services Block Grant program (CSBG) and the Illinois Home Weatherization Assistance Program (IHWAP). Read more...

Home Weatherization Program & Stimulus Package
The Goal is Saving Residential Energy & More
Tim Manock, WIRC-CAA Weatherization & Housing Coordinator, inspects window installation.

Most everyone has heard the news of the great expansion of the Department of Energy's Home Weatherization Program. The stimulus package has allocated nationally five billion dollars for this energy program.  President Obama has put a great emphasis on this program to create jobs and significant residential energy savings. It is the hope of the administration to average 30% energy savings in residential structures.        

This will be a both a challenge and an opportunity for the WIRC-CAA.  The agency has hired two new employees and they have begun an approximate six week training period to prepare them for their job duties. The WIRC-CAA has successfully administered this program since 1982 and it is ready for the challenge. Read more...

State & Federal Funding Sources Now Available
Quinn signing
Governor Quinn signed legislation approving funds for capital construction projects.

On July 13, Governor Patrick Quinn signed legislation that will provide for $31 billion in statewide capital construction projects.  Overall, the plan is titled "Illinois Jobs Now!," and it is anticipated that over 429,000 jobs will be created or retained in Illinois as a result of this funding.

Funding allocations can be found on the website at:
Thorough review of the document will show a wide range and variety of project types.  As an active community member/leader, please take the time to peruse the bill and remember that every community has projects that need completion. Read more...

Victim Services Asks: Are You Teaching Your Son to Respect Women?
father and son rev
"AWAITING INSTRUCTIONS."  I saw this on a poster.  The words were on a simple orange hooded sweatshirt worn by a young boy.  Printed next to the photo were the words "Teach your son to respect women.  He's waiting.  He's watching.  He'll listen."  On a second poster, a young boy is holding a basketball in a uniform with the same message.  Printed next to this image were the words "Eat your vegetables.  Don't play with matches.  Finish your homework.  Respect women." Read more...

Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council
Reuse-a-Shoe News!     

The TCR&WMC wrapped up its annual shoe collection at the end of May.  At last count, individuals, schools and businesses filled up two gaylords (semi shipping boxes) totaling 4,000 shoes!  The TCR&WMC would like to thank the following for their marvelous efforts and support of Reuse-a-Shoe 2009: Read more...

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