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Talkin' Trash Newsletter
Volume 13 - Issue 2
Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council

Providing recycling news for communities, businesses, and schools

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CFL Bulbs: The Good, Bad & Ugly
Regional Collection Facility Sells Paint!
Local Waste Contract Results
Reuse-a-Shoe Begins April 1
Earth Day is April 22
New Resources in TCR&WMC Library
Summertime Story Hours Coming Up!

 CFL Bulbs: The Good, 
 Bad and Ugly

The Good
According to the EPA Energy Star Program, even though fluorescent bulbs contain mercury, using them contributes less mercury to the environment than using regular incandescent bulbs.  That's because they use less electricity, and coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of mercury emissions in the air.

According to the federal government, if every American home replaced just one light bulb with an Energy Star approved compact fluorescent light (CFL), the U. S. could save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars. Read more...

Regional Collection Facility Sells Paint!

The Tri-County Regional Collection Facility in Macomb has been busy the first quarter of 2009, serving 500 households and 32 businesses, and now has five gallon buckets of reformulated paint for sale.  Achievement Industries of Monmouth has produced over ten colors of reformulated interior latex paint.  You can call 309/734-8331 in Monmouth or 309/331-4781 in Macomb to arrange pick-up for your spring painting needs.  You can get five gallons of paint for $32.18 including tax!  Read more...

Local Waste Contract Results
FamilyThe Village of Reynolds extended its waste contract for another five years with Spencer Brothers of New Windsor and their recycling contract with Eagle Enterprises Recycling, Inc. of Galva.  Read more...

reuse a shoe
The TCR&WMC is kicking off its 5th year of collecting and recycling athletic shoes with its Reuse-a-Shoe collection.   While spring cleaning your closets and school lockers, save any athletic footwear that DO NOT HAVE METAL PARTS!  Bag them up and bring them to your local participating schools and businesses in McDonough, Mercer and Warren counties.  Read more...

Earth Day is April 22!
Try a few small changes to
make a big difference

Want to live "greener"  but you are not sure how to begin?
Why not celebrate Earth Day by switching your toxic cleaning supplies for natural, eco-friendly products?  Read more...

New Resources in TCR&WMC Library
FamilyWould your eco-friendly little folks enjoy a recycling storybook?  Do you have an interest in a less stressful, more sustainable lifestyle?  The TCR&WMC resource library has new books and DVDs for all ages!  Read more...

Summer Story Hours Coming Up!

Calling all community libraries and summer day camps who want Anne for a recycling story hour or solid waste game! Now is the time to make your reservation.  Read more...

The Tri-County Resource & Waste Management Council (TCR&WMC) represents and meets the solid waste management needs of incorporated and unincorporated communities in McDonough, Mercer, and Warren counties.  The council's Solid Waste Coordinator and Educator provide a comprehensive approach to solid waste issues and education.  For more information about the TCR&WMC, call 309/837-3941.
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May 18
Warren Co. Courthouse/Monmouth
7:00 pm
McDonough Co. Environmental Committee
April 6
May 4
June 1
McDonough Co.
Courthouse/ Macomb
7:00 pm
Mercer Co. Board
April 7
May 5
June 2
Mercer Co. Courthouse/Aledo
7:00 pm
Mercer Co.
Recycling Board

May 28
CES Office/Aledo
7:00 pm
Warren Co. Board
April 15
June 17
9:30 am

June 13
East Peoria Festival Bldg.
Call Tazwell County Health Department for details!


Look for the TCR&WMC at these township clean-ups!

April 3 & 4
Richland Grove
Fri. 8 am - 3 pm
Sat. 8 - 11 am

April 18
Swan 8-11 am

April 24 & 25

Fri. 8 am - 3 pm
Sat. 8 am - Noon

May 1 & 2
New Salem
Fri. 8 am - 3 pm
Sat. 8 am - Noon

May 16
7:30 am - Noon

June 20
7:30 am - 2 pm


May 8 & 9

June 5 & 6

June 26 & 27
anne display


April 2
 Recycling presentations at Lincoln Elementary 3rd grade classes

April 3 
Recycling presentations at Lincoln Elementary 4th grade classes

April 7
 Recycling For Your Health exhibition table at WIU-REC Center Health and Fitness Fair,
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

April 8
 TCR&WMC special collection services exhibition table at the WIU
Environmental Summit, University Union Grand Ballroom