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April 1, 2012
Press Release
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Ike and Harry 2012
Divided by Politics - United by Principle.

Abilene, Kan. - April 1, 2012 -
Take a ride on the campaign trail with Ike and Harry 2012! Thanks to a partnership between the Eisenhower and Truman Presidential Libraries, we can catch a glimpse of what might have been if an Eisenhower/Truman ticket would have come to fruition.


Records show Harry Truman approached Dwight Eisenhower on at least two occasions about running for the presidency prior to the 1948 election. During a jeep ride in 1945, Truman reportedly told him, "General, there is nothing that you may want that I won't try to help you get. That definitely and specifically includes the presidency in 1948." With a hearty laugh, Eisenhower responded, "Mr. President, I don't know who will be your opponent for the presidency, but it will not be I."

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Truman took a different tact two years later. His diary entry of July 25, 1947, shows he suggested Eisenhower run for President and that he would gladly run as his Vice-President. Ike again declined his offer.


But what if Eisenhower and Truman had teamed up on the same ticket? Let's find out and have some fun along their campaign trail!


"This partnership is the perfect opportunity to drive home the importance of citizenship. We are able to use the rich holdings from both Presidential Libraries to create a fun and engaging teaching opportunity," states Eisenhower Library Director Karl Weissenbach.


"Our goal is to reach out to Americans by encouraging them to vote and learn about the vast history of our nation," adds Truman Library Director Mike Devine.  


For more information, visit www.IKEandHARRY2012.org. You can also follow along on twitter (@IkeandHarry2012).

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