PlanCheckNCLA Meets this Saturday

September Program Meeting - Saturday, September 11, 2010 - 10:00 a.m.
Michael LoGrande
Historic Downtown Outreach Center
114 W 5th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: Michael LoGrande, (new) L.A. City Planning Director



Neighborhood Council Case Tracking System

Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committees have matured over the past several years.   It has evolved from one meeting every couple of months with only one or two projects on the agenda to now responding to the demands of a Pilot Planning Program between Neighborhood Councils and the City Planning Department, negotiated by PlanCheckNC-LA, to respond to every permit issued within each NC's geographic region. 


Along with these growing responsibilities, the workload of the average NC's land use committee has increased from one or two projects being calendared every few months to the present level of hearing one to five projects twice a month. 


In a nutshell, this proposed Case Tracking system will automate the flow of information through the Neighborhood Council in a consistent, easy to understand format, while relieving a lot of the tedious tasks volunteers must perform at present. Join us this Saturday, September 11 at PlanCheckNCLA for the Neighborhood Council Case Tracking System Kick-off meeting and to hear more about this new system developed by volunteers for volunteers.  Thank you to Challis MacPherson from the Venice Neighborhood Council for her leadership and outreach with PlanCheckNCLA.


Maggi Fajnor Pic
The Core Zoning Code case that is going before the Planning Commission on October 14, 2010, is the first of the six components of the Core Zoning Code Simplification work program that was laid out to PlanCheckNC at our June meeting.  The original work program flyer is attached.  This flyer identifies the six components.  As you will note the schedule has been modified.  In July were told that it would be late September or early October when the first of the six components would go before the Planning Commission.

The first component has now been scheduled for the October 14, 2010, Planning Commission Meeting.  The staff report is attached for your review.  This was originally scheduled for July 2010.

Multiple Entitlements/Approvals: Synchronize the expiration periods for projects with two or more discretionary land use approvals
Core Findings: Eliminate redundancy and update core findings to provide a better framework for analyzing the merits of proposed development projects
Alan Bell will be at PlanCheckNC on September 11 to present a status update and answer questions.

As we know from experience, the actual language of the changes can be critically important.  We have been told that it is Planning Department policy to not release the actual document until it is given to the Planning Commission.  Speakers at this meeting should request time to review the actual text as presented, in order to provide comment prior to the Commission vote.  Also, attached is a resolution prepared by Jeff Jacobberger that provides a sample for requesting additional time to review the materials.

In terms of reviewing the content, Alan Bell will be invited to attend PlanCheckNC Programs through this work program and NCs may want to develop their own positions as well.  Attached is a chart prepared by Sharon Commins that will provide some guidance in researching these issues.

PlanCheckNC will meet twice before the October Planning Commission meeting.  There is also time to get this issue on the agenda's of individual NCs.  Hopefully many of you have already begun the discussions regarding this work program and have a start on how to approach potential changes.  We still have no assurances of when we will have the details of what is being proposed.  The critical issue is getting time to review and react to the actual changes as proposed to the code.  Sixty days should be requested.  The clock on the review should not start until the proposed changes are available.  There is no time to follow-up on the issues of review and comment if this moves through the system too quickly.

Also, in addition to sending a copy of your resolution/comments to Alan Bell, be sure to include copy to your Council Person and the Planning Deputy, PlanCheckNC ( and any other alliances or groups you are working with on this issue.

Maggi Fajnor, Chair

The Urban Design Guidelines for Residential (Multi-Family), Commercial and Industrial are on the LA City Planning website at  -- Click on What's New!
Zoning Code Findings Report (without CEQA)

For a complete copy with CEQA, go to the LA City Planning website at and click on What's New!

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Maggi Fajnor, Chair
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