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Post-Nuptial Agreements- Now Enforceable
Pre-Nups: Myths v. Truth
How to Ask Your Soon to be Spouse for a Pre-Nup


Post-Nuptial Agreements- Now Enforceable  




Post-Nuptial Agreements are entered into after a couple is married. They were considered invalid in the United States at one time and the present case law in Massachusetts has been uncertain as to the current validity until recently. Based on a July 16, 2010 case, entitled Ansin v. Cravin-Ansin, a Mass. Supreme Judicial Court case, the court for the first time enforced a post-nuptial agreement. Therefore, it is now possible for a couple to remain married yet prepare an agreement regarding how their assets are to be divided in the event of a divorce. This agreement could be helpful for parties who are thinking of getting a divorce or are afraid of losing additional assets if the marriage were to be extended.


Dear Clients and Friends,  



Are you or someone you know considering the option of having a Pre-Nuptial Agreement prepared? Have you been asked to sign one?  




Are you already married without a Pre-Nup, wishing you had one? 


Keep reading to learn more about Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements.  



Pre-Nups: Myths v. Truth 


There are several myths regarding Pre-Nuptial Agreements that prevent many couples from broaching the topic. Keep reading to find if a Pre-Nup is right for you!






How to Ask Your Soon to be Spouse for a Pre-Nup


For many people, falling in love and preparing for marriage is a process that is so wonderful that they lose sight of the harsh reality that anything can happen and marriages often end. Therefore, the idea of a Pre-Nup is many times not spoken of, as it implies that there is a possibility that the soon to be marriage could potentially result in divorce one day. If you have assets, it is in your best interest to have a Pre-Nup prepared, but initiating a conversation with your spouse regarding the same is not always easy. The following are a few tips to assist you in asking your spouse for a Pre-Nup, while decreasing the chances of bringing turbulence to your relationship...




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