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Peacable Kingdom by Edward Hicks

BACS 36th Annual Conference

The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

4-6 April 2011

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SEMINAR: "Stop being just a housewife:" Gender, health and women's magazines in 1950s Canada


Dr Kaitlynn Mendes, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, De Montfort University


15 February 2011, 5pm 


Venue: G32, Senate House, London, ground floor


While the second-wave feminist movement is generally agreed to have begun in the late 1960s onwards, this paper explores the circulation of feminist discourses regarding women's health advice in one of Canada's longest running women's magazines, Chatelaine, in the mid-to-late 1950s. The articles, written by one of Canada's top (female) doctors, Marion Hilliard, reflect many of the paradoxes facing Canadian women during this period of great social change:  women were told to stay at home and be housewives, but that they could have an identity of their own; that women too were sexual beings, but their sexuality was confined within heterosexual, monogamous limits. Hilliard's articles are important because they not only demonstrate the extent to which patriarchy defined women's roles, nature and sexuality, but how the mass media at times provides opportunities to challenge these dominant ideologies.


Kaitlynn Mendes is a Senior Lecturer in Journalism at De Montfort University, where she specialises in research regarding, gender, news and feminism. Her most recent work can be found in international publications including: Feminist Media Studies (forthcoming), Canadian Journal of Communication (2011); Social Movement Studies (2011); Sociology Compass (2008), The International Encyclopaedia of Communication (2008), Routledge's Companion to News and Journalism Studies (2009), and The International Journal of Cultural Studies (forthcoming). Her first book titled Feminism in the News is due to be published in 2011. Kaitlynn is an active member of the academic community and is: the co-editor of Feminist Media Studies' 'Commentary and Criticism' section; Vice-Chair of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR); on the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association (MeCCSA) Women's Network executive committee; and is the immediate past Chair of the MeCCSA post-graduate network.



Company crown and colony

Company, Crown and Colony: The Hudson's Bay Company and Territorial Endeavour in Western Canada
Stephen Royle (author)

The Hudson's Bay Company was one of the great merchant companies. Granted sole trading rights to a huge part what is now Canada they were coerced in the mid nineteenth century to set up a colonial administration on Vancouver Island to protect British interests at a time of growing expansionism from America to the south and possible threats from a Russian Alaska to the north. 'Company, Crown and Colony' tells the story of the challenges they faced. Drawing on rich archival resources the author provides a detailed account of this turbulent period, revealing the difficulties faced by a leading merchant company as they sought to resolve their conflicting interests of commerce and settlement in a complex situation, and providing fresh and lively insights into the emergence of a region of North America that is today one of the principal commercial centres of Canada.

I.B.Tauris & Co Ltd, 2010; 320pp; ISBN: 9781848851320

To order at the special price of £38.15 (RRP £54.50) go to and quote code Ref. No: 5AQ. Offer ends 31 May 2011.
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Prix du Quebec 2011


The Prix du Québec consists of two awards of £1,000 (each) offered by the Québec Government Office in London and administered by BACS. It is designed to assist researchers based in the UK to carry out research related to Québec by facilitating a research visit to Québec. Projects that incorporate Québec in a comparative approach (at least 50 % of the focus must be on Québec) are also eligible.All applications are welcome, including those from applicants unsuccessful in recent previous competitions. 

One award will be given in each of the following categories:

     Masters and doctoral students
     Researchers and academic staff (including postdoctoral researchers)


The award is not intended to be used to cover tuition fees for postgraduate study. Applicants are expected to be members of the British Association for Canadian Studies (they may join at time of application) but need not have an institutional affiliation.

The awards will be presented during the Annual Conference of the British Association for Canadian Studies in March, and successful applicants will be expected to present a paper on the outcome of their research at the next BACS annual conference. It is expected that the award will be acknowledged in any subsequent publication(s).

Application procedure

Applicants should provide a brief outline of their proposed research (including methodology, contextual background, plan and outcomes). Successful applications will have the following characteristics: (i) investigate issues concerning Quebec (includes comparative research where the focus on Quebec is at least 50%); (ii) constitute an excellent research proposal (originality, coherence of arguments and methodology); (iii) display applicant's abilities to deliver research (previous relevant background, experience, publications, etc); (iv) is of value to potential users outside or within the research community. A brief (one-page max.) CV should be included.

Deadline: 15 February of each year (decision within 28 days).

Maximum Length: 1000 words.

A letter of recommendation, on headed paper, from an appropriate referee is also required and should be sent with the application.Referees should address the merits of the proposal and the ability of the applicant to successfully carry out the research. The referee's letter may be sent by email as an attachment. Any Award will be paid through the Research Office of the applicant's institution.

Applications should be sent by email, please, to:


If further information is required, please contact Jodie Robson, Administrator, British Association for Canadian Studies,  tel: 020 7862 8687 / 01289 387331 / mobile 07967 374554; email:

Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award

The Canadian Politics section of the American Political Science Association announces the creation of the Seymour Martin Lipset Best Book Award

The award will recognize and honour:

"a significant contemporary contribution to the scholarship on Canadian politics, or Canada in comparative perspective, or a comparative analysis of Canada with other countries, particularly the United States"

Eligibility: Scholarly monographs published during 2004 - 2008 (no editions)

Nominations accepted until April 15, 2011

Prize Awarded at APSA annual meeting  Sept 2011

Award Committee:

R. Kenneth CARTY
Antonia MAIONI
Jeffrey AYERS
Christine ROTHMAYR

Nominations can be sent to the Chair or any member of the committee until April 15, 2011
Ferron outside Quebec



Textes réunis par / Edited by  Betty Bednarski et Ray Ellenwood


Ce livre vise à faire connaître une dimension encore peu étudiée de l'univers du grand écrivain québécois, Jacques Ferron (1921-1985). Conçu dans le contexte de l'Année-hommage à Jacques Ferron, 2005-2006, il rassemble  textes et documents issus pour la plupart d'événements se déroulant cette année-là (entre autres, deux importants colloques, tenus, l'un à Toronto, l'autre à Halifax, et une riche exposition itinérante organisée par la Société des amis de Jacques Ferron). Il explore le "hors-Quebec" tant canadien qu'international de cet écrivain : "hors-Québec" de la biographie - voyages, correspondances, relations humaines ; "hors-Québec" des espaces de l'œuvre elle-même, et de ses intertextualités ; "hors-Québec" des prises de position politiques ; "hors-Québec" des réverbérations de l'œuvre à l'extérieur du Québec.


Jacques Ferron (1921-1985), undoubtedly one of French Canada's greatest writers, was celebrated in 2005-2006 by the Société des amis de Jacques Ferron with a year-long series of events mostly in Quebec, but also including conferences/exhibitions in Toronto and Halifax.


This collection of essays in French and English, stimulated by the year of   celebration, has a unique perspective on Ferron, the well-known polemicist for Québec sovereignty, looking outside, and seen from outside, Québec. The articles cover a wide range of topics from personal reflections on the author through analyses of his fiction to political studies including a note on the Rhinoceros Party in Toronto.  The book is richly illustrated with photographs of Ferron-related documents.


Textes de / Textes by: Betty Bednarski, Herménégilde Chiasson, Ray Ellenwood, Yves Frenette, Luc Gauvreau, John Grube, Annette Hayward, Jane Koustas, Alexis Lachaine, Pierre L'Hérault, Jean Morency, Susan Murphy


Toronto, Editions du GREF, coll Lieux-dits, 4, 2010     326 pages, illustr.


ISBN  978-1-897018-46-0


NB Canadian/Quebec Studies centres can obtain a copy for their collections free of charge, courtesy of the Association internationale d'études québécoises. Email

Ferron Tales

Jacques Ferron, Tales from the Uncertain Country and Other Stories, translated and with an afterword by Betty Bednarski. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart (New Canadian Library), 2010. ISBN 978-0-7710-9404-0


Montreal family doctor Jacques Ferron (1921-1985) was one of the major writers of 20th century Quebec and without a doubt Canada's greatest physician writer. Betty Bednarski (BACS member and Professor Emerita of French at Dalhousie University) has published a revised an expanded collection of her translations of Ferron's short stories - forty-one "tales" that are among the most celebrated works in modern Quebec fiction. Ferron writes metaphysical fables, fantastic tall tales, doctor stories, political satire, portraits of men and women in all walks of life, with great originality and a profound sympathy for the human condition. Long a classic in French, the collection of stories now takes its place in English in the New Canadian Library of Canadian classics.

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Canada Day

Re-presenting Canada: Issues and Challenge

Interdisciplinary Canadian Studies Conference

15-16 April 2011 Kristianstad University, Sweden


Announcement and Call for Papers 


Keynote speaker: Professor Aritha van Herk (University of Calgary, Canada)


For more information regarding Canada Day , visit the conference website