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Retired Seniors to Make More $$$

The Social Security Administration has announced that the Maximum Taxable Earnings or Social Security Wage Base would increase from $106,800 in 2011 to $110,000 in 2012.



Social Security Increases Based on CPI Change

Since there was a 3.6% increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) from the third quarter of 2010 to the third quarter of 2011, the Social Security Wage Base will also increase by 3.6%. This is the first increase in the Social Security Wage base since 2009. Wages are scheduled to be taxed at 6.2%, so the maximum tax to be paid by each employee at that rate would be $6,826.20. There are proposals to keep the current rate of 4.2% for employees or to reduce it to 3.1%, but none has passed at this time. About 7% of workers who pay Social Security Tax are expected to reach the maximum in 2012...


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Vision Trivia Question


Where does the phrase "Often a bridesmaid, but never a bride" originate from?



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Did You Know... 

Bill Bowerman, founder of the company Nike, got his first shoe idea after staring at a waffle iron. This gave him the idea of using squared spikes to make the shoes lighter. 


Client Spotlight: Lidio's Restaurant  


Lidio's Restaurant has been a Leominster family favorite for over 16 years!


Chef Marcus DiNardo and his wife Tasha established this restaurant in 1995. Their lunch & dinner menus feature Italian-American cuisine which offers many pastas, poultry, veal, beef, vegetarian and seafood specialties as well as a kids menu. All meals are prepared to order using the freshest ingredients available! They also are fortunate to have their own in house pastry chef, Tracy Sladen.


Having a holiday party?


Lidio's has a private function room that can seat up to 30 guests, perfect for meetings, showers, rehearsal dinners & birthday parties! You can also order pans of food to go of your favorite dish for your home or office party. All of their meals are available to go!

Lidio's offers a full wine list and because everyone has different tastes in wine, all of their wines are available by the glass. They offer a great bottled & draught beer selection including microbrewers on special as well as a full liquor selection with a large Lidiotinis list.
Most of their staff has been working at Lidio's for over 10 years so you'll find a very friendly and professional service staff!



 Enjoy Life & Eat at Lidio's Often!


  Lidios Restaurant & Lounge 

1045 Central Street

Leominster, Ma 01453



Vision Trivia Answer 


 The phrase originates from an advertisement for Listerine mouthwash from 1924.




Vision Payroll

14 Manning Ave Ste 500
Leominster MA 01453-5768



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New National Labor Relations Board Notice Requirement Puts Businesses Nationwide on Alert!

New NLRB Notice Requirement Puts Businesses Nationwide on Notice 

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We have employees who worked overtime this past week and received bonuses.  


Do we need to include bonuses in overtime calculations?



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