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Vision Payroll Wins Prestigious National Award for the Second Consecutive Year!

For the second straight year, Vision Payroll has been selected as an Outstanding Achievement Award winner by Payroll Associates, the leading payroll software provider in the country. The platinum level award, the highest honor given, was announced at the annual users' conference held recently in Charlotte, North Carolina.
"To receive a platinum-level award and be one of only four companies from among hundreds of eligible companies to win in consecutive years proves that we at Vision Payroll make customer service our top priority every day." - Anne Leader 

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How long was the longest Monopoly game ever played?

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Featured Product
Are you paying too much for labor? It's time to stop paying thousands in unnecessary wages! 

Automated timekeeping saves your company time and money by eliminating manual time card preparation, wasted labor minutes, and human error. 

Types of Automated Timekeeping:

  • Web Clock: Log into your computer to clock in and out
  • Swipe/Proximity Clock: Badge or numeric code
  • Bio-Metric: Fingerprint and numeric code



For more information and an estimated savings calculator click here!

Did You Know... 

Napoleon was terrified of cats.
Client Spotlight
Curves of Leominster
Curves Celebrates 10 Years in Leominster!

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Curves will be hosting several FREE events from October 10th-15th for the public to enjoy. The health and wellness events include:


         Mini massages


         Self defense demos


         And more!




For more information:

Call 978-534-4600, or click here  



Vision Trivia Answer 


It was 1,680 hours long, that's 70 straight days!




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IRS set to audit employers issuing 1099s

 Don't wait until it's too late!


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 Allan Asks...
How do I apply for the VCSP (Voluntary Classification Settlement Program)?
Client Feedback
"I have been working with Vision Payroll for several years. Their customer support has always been nothing short of superb! Whenever I have a question or problem, the turnaround time for my answer is almost immediate. It's a great comfort to know they are there for me whenever I need them. Vision Payroll is the best!!"

 - Lynne

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