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Bank Tellering Technical
Bank Tellering Technical
Saturday 16 August 2008; 10.30amInterviews
Ascendant Job Centre, 20 Syke Street, Freetown  -
Congratulations to all those who have successfully completed the excellence in bank tellering course.  As an immediate follow up to the course the Bank Tellering Technical will hold in the Job Cnetre on Saturday, 16 August 2008 at 10.30am.
In the tehnical series, you will learn how to differentiate between credit and debit items, apply the debit-credit principle, explain the purpose of balancing, complete the cash balancing process, list the seven most common balancing errors, find a cash difference and use three techniques to avoid making balancing errors.
After this you will begin to learn the purpose of balancing, differentiate between cash-in and cash-out tickets, complete the cash balancing process, identify the balancing equation, apply the balancing equation successfully, list the seven most common balancing errors, identify a cash difference as being either "over" or "short", find a cash difference, use three techniques to avoid making balancing errors, organize your workstation and arrange your cash drawer effectively.
As usual the training course is challenging, but rewarding.
This module is offered free to members who have successfully completed the first and second modules.  Non members and those who have not taken part in the first and second courses will pay 
Venue:   Ascendant Job Centre, 20 Syke Street, Freetown
Date:     Saturday, 2 August 2008
Time:     10.00am
Fee:       Free for registered members; Le 30,000 per person for non-members.
To register for the course, please call or send an email to Or call 030-328744.
To Register as a job centre member, please call for forms at the centre on 20 Syke Street, Freetown:  Samuella - 030-328744
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FIB Osusu
First International Bank, Sierra Leone is extending micro-credit and mobilizing savings at the grassroots for the ordinary citizen.  This plan, the FIB Osusu plan is designed to link Osusu, the heartbeat of the informal sector savings in Sierra Leone, to the banking system. It fulfills one of the Bank's objectives by tapping into the informal sector to economically empower small businesses in the communities in which it operates. The scheme is tailored to extend instant micro-credit facilities to the lower tier of the market, while encouraging the saving habits among the Osusu members.
To benefit, you should open an account with FIB today,  have a minimum saving account deposit of Le50,000.00.  A maximum of 10 and minimum of 7 joint account holders can access loans on this scheme.
Interest is earned on daily basis on your savings account and you can withdraw your money at any time without having to give notice.  This encourages teamwork by socially coherent Osusu members, which nwill be headed by a "Mammy Queen" or "De Pa".  

Easy access to loan facility for FIB Osusu members.
Attractive  interest rate on savings.
Binds small businesses together to share resources for growth
Allows payment to Osusu members on-line, real-time
Access to foreign exchange requirements
Access to Saturday Banking service
Free financial and business advice to Osusu members.
Learn More about FIB ...First International BankFIBLogo 

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